Time Management Tips for BPSC Prelims 2024

BPSC Prelims Tips for 2024: BPSC requires effective time management and strategies to cover the extensive syllabus comprehensively. To ease your preparation The Achiever’s IAS Academy, one of the best BPSC and UPSC coaching institutions in Patna, provides expert guidance on how to effectively manage your time to get good scores in examinations.

In this blog, you get to know some time management tips and tricks to crack the BPSC Prelims examination.

BPSC Prelims Examination 2024

The Bihar Public Service Commission is yet to announce the 70th BPSC preliminary examination of 2024. Candidates who are preparing for the state-level civil service examination in Bihar must utilise their time effectively by implementing smart time management strategies.

The Bihar Public Service Commission is responsible for recruiting candidates for various positions in the state administration of the Bihar government.

The BPSC examination is very prestigious and comprises three stages, i.e., preliminary, mains, and interview. Students who are preparing for the examination must qualify for each stage to get administrative and executive positions in the state government of Bihar.

The preliminary examination is the first step on the journey towards success in the BPSC selection process. After clearing the preliminary examination, students are eligible for the second round of the selection procedure, which is known as the main examination.

The BPSC preliminary examination consists of objective-type questions covering various topics across subjects like history, geography, politics, current affairs, and others.

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Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and analytical abilities. The number of questions asked in the BPSC prelims examination ranges anywhere from 100 to 150, usually depending on the examination year. Therefore, time management is essential to answer all the questions within the allocated period.

Time Management Tips for BPSC Prelims 2024

Earlier in the blog, we discussed why time management is necessary for the preliminary examination. Let’s discuss some of the time management tips and strategies that will help the candidates prepare for the preliminary examination.

  • Understand the syllabus

Competitive examinations like the BPSC have a very vast syllabus. That’s why it is important to familiarise yourself with the preliminary syllabus and divide your time accordingly.

Dividing your time among the sections according to your interests and priorities can help you cover every aspect of your syllabus. This strategy also helps you during examinations as you can prioritise the questions according to your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Make a study schedule

Develop a strong study schedule so that you can cover all the subjects before the examination and have enough time for revision.

Revising the matter you study is very crucial, as it helps you retain the information, figure out the mistakes, and also improve your overall performance in the preliminary examination. 

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  • Know the question pattern

Understanding the format, types, and mark distribution beforehand can aid in better preparation and approach to tackle the questions effectively.

You can refer to the previous year’s questions, which will help you understand better before going to the examination. Knowing the exam pattern will help you divide the time to solve the questions.

  • Practice regularly

Prelim examinations include multiple-choice questions; therefore, practising the previous year’s papers and mock tests can help you with effective time management during the examination. You can also practice on the OMR sheets to eliminate many mistakes in the examination. Sample sheets are easily available in the market; you can easily get one and practice before the preliminary exam.

  • Seek guidance

During preparation for the preliminary examination, do not hesitate to seek guidance from the experts and mentors. At The Achiever’s IAS Academy, you can get valuable support from professionals, ex-members of the BPSC, academicians, and retired officers.

These are some of the tips and strategies that will help you manage your time effectively for the preliminary examination.

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If you’re also preparing for the preliminary examination, these tips and tricks for time management will help you make the most of your study time and stay on track towards achieving your goals. Join The Achievers IAS Academy, one of the best BPSC coaching institutions in Patna, today to get comprehensive guidance and support throughout your journey.

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