Summary of The Hindu 19th FEBRUARY 2024

Work hard third term crucial for nation’s progress : PM to BJP candidates

·         The BJP  National Council meeting is going on in Delhi . The PM called the BJP workers to keep their nose at the Grindstone for the next 100 days, to win the confidence of voters for the third successive term . He said that Next five years are going to be very crucial for the country .

·         He hailed the BJP govt bringing 25 crore people out of poverty . BJP on this occasion passed a resolution that hailed Ayodhya resolution called it establishment of “ Ram Rajya “

Army upgraded firepower near LAC in Arunachal

·         The Army has beefed up its security arrangements along the Line of Actual Control ( LAC ) in Arunachal Pradesh.

·         Chinook “ heavy lift “ helicopters have become a “ game changer “ . Indian Air Force has developed nine helipads along LAC in Arunachal Pradesh . All these helipads are capable of handling Chinook. Three more Helipads are being constructed at Lohit , Anjaw and Debang .

·         Chinook is a heavy lift helicopter , it can carry M777 howitzers , these are very crucial for operation at border areas .

Chinook carrying M777 howtizer

Talks with farmers inconclusive but positive says Goyal

·         The fourth meeting between farmer and government remained inconclusive , however the meeting was “ positive “ said Union minister Piyush Goyal .Meanwhile , Protesting farmers from the Punjab continued to camp near the interstate boundary in Haryana . They have been camping at Shambhu – Ambala and Khanauri – Jind stretch of the Haryana boundary since February 13 , as their ‘ Delhi Chalo ‘ March was stopped from entering Haryana .

·         Kisan Mazdoor Morcha and Samyukt Kisan Morcha Non Political ( SKM – NP ) were the two organizations who had given the call of ‘ Delhi Chalo ‘ March for the fulfillment of thor demands .

·         Haryana Police denied use of pellet guns – Haryana DGP denied use of pellet guns on farmer . Earlier farmer leaders had told that Haryana police used pellet guns to restrict movement of their protest to Delhi , they had claimed that eye vision of several suffered as the metal gun pierced their eyes .

·         Haryana framers Union and Khaps likely to join the agitation :  Bhartiya Kisan Union ( Charauni ) national president , Gurinam Singh Charauni on Sunday said that their Union and Khaps Panchayats of Haryana will put up a joint fight  if the farmers’ demands are not met .


Ukrainian troops holed up in coke factory in Ukraine , says Russia after capturing town of Avdiivka

·         Russia on Sunday claimed that they  captured Avdiivka but they said that  Ukrainian Soldiers were still holed up in a Vast Soviet Era coke plant  after one of the most intense  battles.

·         Avdiivka  has one of the largest coke factory in Europe . The current win is Russia’s most important win after capturing Bakhmut last year .

Lula accuses Israel of Genocide in Gaza

·         Brazilian President Lula De Silva currently is in Addis Ababa to attend African Union summit , talking to reporters here accused Israel of committing “ genocide “ against Palestinian civilians in Gaza and comapred it’s action to what Adolf Hitler did to exterminate Jews .

·         Lula told reporters that what was happening in Gaza strip “ isn’t a war , its a genocide “ “ It’s war between highly prepared army and women and children “ .

·         Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu in response called the comments “ shameful and grave “ and said that he had called the ambassador in protest against  this .

US to veto another resolution on ceasefire in Gaza

·         The US has said that it would veto another draft ceasefire resolution . 

·         Israel on Sunday passed a resolution saying Israel “ categorically rejects international edicts on a permanent arrangement  with the palestinian “  and opposes any unilateral recognition of Palestinian state , which it plsaid “ would grant a major prize of terror”. ”Countries across the world are calling for a ceasefire in Gaza . Many countries including India , US , China , Russia , European Union sees two state solution to Palestinian state the only solution to the problem .

·         Under two state solution boundaries of Israel and Palestine has to be reinstated to 1967 . Jerusalem has to be divided between Israel and Palestine . Israel has to remove its blockade on Gaza also .

·         Israel has captured vast swathes of Palestinian territories since 1967 . It has also settled it’s citizens in many parts of the West Bank .  It has also created military posts in the West Bank .

Afghan province asks officials not to click photos of ‘ living things ‘

·         Authorities in Kandahar ,ordered its officials not to take pictures of videos of “ living things “ . In a letter addressed to military officials , the provincial department of interior directed them to “ refrain from taking pictures of living things in your formal and informal gatherings , because it causes more  harm than good .“ Images of humans and Animals are generally avoided in Islamic Art .

Over 400 detained  while paying tribute to Navalny

·         Over 400 people were detained in Russia while paying tribute to opposition leader Alexei Navalny . who died at a remote Arctic colony .200 people has been arrested from St Petersburg alone .

·         US President  Joe Biden on Sunday said that Putin was responsible for Navalny’s death

Formula proposed by PML – N called for Sharing Pakistan PM term with PPP , says Bilawal Bhutto

·         Former Pakistan’s foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Sunday revealed that he wa on Sunday revealed the power sharing formula  that was proposed to him during the talks . He said that the power Sharing formula carried 3 year Prime Ministerial Term for PML – N ( Nawaz Sharif’s party )  and 2 year Prime Ministership for PPP  ( Bilawal Bhutto party ) .

What are the IPCC’s assessment reports ?

·         Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) is the major scientific community that studies climate change , global warming and its effects around the world . It’s reports are major guide for governments around the world for making policies .uptil now IPCC has prepared six assessment reports .

·         The sixth Assessment Report ( AR6 ) was published in 2021 -22 . It has warned that time to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degree celsius in the pre industrial era was running out .

Why Open AI ‘s new video generator is making a splash ?

·         Open AI is developing an AI based tool named ‘ Sora ‘ . Sora can convert text into one minute videos .

·         The videos generated by Sora are so realistic that it stuns anyone who looks at them for the first time .

·         Meta’s Make A Video and Google’s recently announced Lumeirie , Text to video tools are some of the similar tools that are being developed .

·         Sora has not been launched yet , Sam Altman CEO of Open AI recently shared Sora’s video making capability on a post on X .

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