70th BPSC 2024 Essay Writing: Tips and Strategies to Ace the Section

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70th BPSC Essay Writing

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) Exam is one of the prestigious examinations conducted at the state level for various positions in the Bihar government. Candidates who are preparing for the BPSC examination have to go through three rounds, i.e., preliminary, mains, and interview.

Essay writing is one of the essential aspects of the BPSC Exam, as it plays a vital role in assessing candidates’ ability to think and analyse any issue. Under this section, aspirants can showcase their critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and effective communication skills.

Therefore, candidates who are preparing to score well in competitive examinations like the 70th BPSC 2024 must have a deep understanding of topics like history, economics, politics, and current happenings around the state and the world. This can help them write the topic with facts and figures and indicate the necessary key points in that matter. To help you in preparation, we provide quality study materials that can help you perform well in the examination.

The 70th BPSC 2024 Examination includes three different stages in which essay writing is a part of the main examination under the General Study Paper. Under this category, candidates have to write an essay on different topics, including politics, history, or current affairs.

BPSC includes an essay-writing section in the examination to examine the student’s ability to communicate, as communication is a crucial skill that is required for any administrative position.

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Tips and Strategies for 70th BPSC Essay Writing

Writing well-structured essays for competitive examinations like the BPSC is essential for easy comprehension by the reader. Let’s look at some of the tips and strategies that can help make your writing exceptional and also improve your scores.

  • Stick to the time limit
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The word limit of an essay is around 1000 to 1200 words; therefore, you should plan your write-up and brainstorm about the topic in the allotted timeframe.

  • Understand the purpose

Before writing the essay, have a close look at the topic and identify the main question being asked by the examiner. Once you identify the topic, think about it and get the relevant data, facts, and examples that can support your essay. Mentioning credible sources can build and strengthen the credibility of the essay.

  • Structure effectively

Structure your thoughts in a way that can be easily understood and also gives a logical representation to the reader. Therefore, start your write-up with a clear introduction that briefly explains the topic itself and leaves a positive impression. When writing the body, you must consider writing paragraphs in detail with supporting facts, and lastly, conclude it in a manner that gives a strong finish to the essay.

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  • Use clear and concise language

Avoid complex words in your essay, as they may confuse your message. Using clear and concise language can effectively convey your ideas, arguments, and clarity to the reader.

  • Go through previous essay topics

Before appearing for the 70th BPSC examination, you must go through the previous question papers and practice them. Practising it can help you in several ways, like saving time in brainstorming, giving you a clear vision of the angle to write the essay, and, with prior preparation, completing your essay within the allotted timeframe.


The BPSC exam is one of the most prestigious examinations that require in-depth understanding, regular practice, and dedication. If you are also preparing for a competitive examination like the BPSC, you can join THE ACHIEVER’S IAS ACADEMY, one of the best BPSC coaching institutions in Patna, which can enhance your preparation and increase your chances of success.

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