Summary of The Hindu 11th – 12th FEBRUARY 2024


Parliament hails temple consecration in a resolution

Saturday was last working day if the parliament ,  Parliament passed a resolution that termed construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya as “ ushering in a new era of  governance and public welfare “ .

Prime Minister in his validictory remark said the resolution by both houses would give “ constitutional power for generations to come to be proud of our values ,”

EPFO set to hike interest rates

Central Board of Trustees  ( CBT ) of EPFO has recommended a interest rate subvention of 8.25% on provident fund to be episited for 2023-24 . The current interest rate is 8.15 %.

EPFO collects fund from governmental and Non Governmental employees , gives a interest on the fund collected and on retirement the fund is returned .

A period for reform , perform and Transform

PM. Narendra Modi in his valedictory speech said  described 17 th Lok Sabha term as a “ period of reform , perform and Transform “ that propelled country for big changes at fast pace .  “ The country will keep blessing 17 th Lok Sabha “ he added .

Some Key Moments from 17 th Lok Sabha

     Abrogation of J&K special status  – Abrogation of Article 370 . And manking J&K and Laddakh separate UTs was a key decision of government .

     Triple Talaaq Ban

     Functioning under CoVID 19 protocols – The Monsoon session in Lok Sabha was the delayed due to pandemic . Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha had separate sitting

     Three farm Laws – In September ,2020 ,  Parliament passed three farm Laws . Farmers from Punjab , Haryana and Uttar  Pradesh began protest  , forcing govt to roll it back in November 2021 .

     New Home to Parliament –  Parliament’s new building was inaugurated on May 28 , A sengol  was installed right next to speaker’s chair in Lok Sabha  .

     Women’s reservation law –  On September 20, 2023 passed a bill to amend constitution and provide  one third reservation to women in Lok Sabha and state assemblies .

     End of Colonial era Criminal Laws – Parliament passed  Bhartiya Nyay  ( second ) Samhita  , Bhartiya Nagrik Suraksha ( second ) Samhita , the Bhartiya Sakshya ( Second  ) Samhita to replace Indian Penal Code , Criminal Procedure Code and Indian Evidence Act , respectively .

     Record suspension in a single day – The winter session of Parliament saw as many as 146 opposition MPs being suspended  from both houses .

AAP to contest Lok Sabha polls alone in Punjab

AAP on Friday announced that it will contest all 15 Lok Sabha seats in Punjab on its own . AAP accussed Congress of stalling seat sharing talks about LoknSabha elections .

Earlier Trinamool Congress ( TMC ) had decided to go all alone for Lok Sabha polls in West Bengal .

CSIR NAL flies test drone that can double up a ‘ pseudo satellite ‘

Scientists at CSIR – National Aeronautical Laboratory ( NAL ) successfully tested Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ( UAV ) , called High Altitude Pseudo Satellite ( HAPS ) at Challakare , Karnataka .

HAPS is like drones , except that they are expected to be in the stratosphere well above commercial aircrafts fly .It can be powered by solar cells and battery system ,to be able to hover for days on end .

A fully working. HAPS can be used for variety of purposes from surveillance to beaming , 5G waves .

The HAPS used is a scaled down version . However a series of drones is planned and it is expected that India will have a full bodied HAPS by 2027 .

Features of HAPS are :

     It is unmanned and must fly days and nights above stratosphere . They are powered by thin solar panels .

     HAPS can be used for Wheather Forecasting , Oceanography , Earth Imaging , border security , maritime patrol , anti Piracy operation , disaster response and Agriculture operations .

JSW to establish ₹40,000 crore EV industrial complex in Odisha

JSW group has signed a MoU with Odisha govt to set up an integrated Electric Vehicle ( EV ) and EV battery manufacturing project in Cuttack and Paradip in Odisha with an investment of ₹40,000 crore and above.


India Maldives will sort issues bilaterally

7 th Indian Ocean Conference ( IOC ) was organised in Perth between  9 – 10 fabruary . Delegates from 22 countries bordering Indian Ocean participated in it . From India EAM S. jaishankar participated .

The theme of this edition of conference is “ Towards a stable and sustainable Indian Ocean “

Sri Lankan President Rani Wickramshighe said that India and Maldives issue would be resolved “ bilaterally “ . On the issue of Maldives allowing a Chinese ship in Male , he said that no Chinese troops were allowed in .

On Friday EAM S. Jaishankar and Penny Wong both shared concern on increased militarisation of Indo Pacific .

Pak Army Chief pitches for coalition government

Pak Army chief Army Chief has urged countries leadership to form a “ unified government of all political forces “ ,as he backed Nawaz Sharif’s effort to form a Coalition government .

Independents backed by Imran Khan’s Tahreek E Insaaf won 102 seats in National Assembly in Thursday’s election . This was followed by PAkistan Muslim League’s ( PML – N ) 73 seats and Pakistan People party (PPP) ‘s 54 seats .

South Korea’s Yoon tells Marines to ‘ act first , report later ‘ if provoked

South Korean army Toon Suk Yeol has said his marine corps in Saturday to “ act first , report later “ if provoked .

North Korea recently has declared South Korea as it’s “ principal enemy “ and closed agencies and has threatened war over even .0001 mm of infringement ..

Israel plan for Rafah may lead to tens of thousands of deaths

Gaza’s Hamas rulers warned on Thursday Saturday that Israel’s planned army operation in overcrowded Rafah , could cause “ tens of thousands “ of casualties in the city .

Israeli PM Benjamin. Netanyahu has ordered it’s army to set its sight in Rafah .


Football :


Qatar became Asian Champion by beating Jordan ( 3 -1 ) in Doha .


Farmers March likely today in capital as talks over MSP collapse

·         Approximately one lakh farmers belonging to Smayukt Kisan Morcha ( Non Political ) started preparing for their March to Delhi on Tuesday . This comes after first round of talks with Union govt failed to result in farmers demand on MSP .

·         The farmers have a seven point charter of demands –

Ø  Guaranteed MSP as per MS Swaminathan formula ,

Ø   freedom from debt for farmers ;

Ø  hiked import duties on all Agriculture produce ;

Ø   Cancellation of all free trade agreements and other deals with World Trade Organisation ( WTO ) ;

Ø  No privatisation of electricity board ;

Ø   a ban on Foreign Direct Investment and Corporatisation in Agriculture ; and

Ø  a pension for farmers.

·         Direct tax kitty up by 20.25% by Fab 10 , as collections spike

·         Center’s  direct tax collection increased from ₹14.7 lakh crore by January 10 to ₹15.6 lakh crore by February 10.

·         Direct tax collection is 80.23 % of the revised tax estimates this year . Revised tax collecton for this year were ₹19.5 lakh crore .

·         Net Corporate Income Tax ( CIT ) has grown 13.57 % while Net Personal Income Tax ( PIT ) has grown 26.91% on year on year basis .

Uttarakhand seeks extra forces to stabilise Haldwani  : 25 more arrested .

·         The Uttrakhand Police has arrested  25 more people on Sunday on their alleged involvement in the violence. Uttarakhand adminstration has asked center for additional force to maintain law and order .

·         Violence had erupted when a mob attacked police station after a Mosque and Maadarsa building was demolished by administration.Five were killed in the incident .

Ahlan Modilarge turnout expected at PM’s diaspora event in UAE

·         PM Modi will be visiting UAE on 13-14 fabruary . He will inaugurate UAE’s largest Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi .

·         He will also participate in a diaspora event. ‘ Ahalan Modi ‘ , at least 6000 – 7000 Indian workers is expected to participate in this .

·         Ahalan in  Arabiac means ‘ Hello and Welcome ‘

                      Temple to be inaugurated

Over 3 lakhs ASHA apply for PM health cover

·         Government in its interim budget had  said about including ASHA workers , Anganwadi workers and helpers in PM Jan Arogya Yojna ( Ayushman Bharat ).

·         Health ministry has so far received Aadhar details of 23 lakh Anganwadi workers and helpers and over 3 lakhs ASHA workers from various states .

·         Health Ministry in a statement said that govt aims to get their card ready by end of this month .

Average annual sitting day in Lok Sabha down to 55

·         Average annual sitting days for 17 th Lok Sabha was 55 . For first Lok Sabha this average was 135 .

·         One of the reasons for this low number of sitting is Pandemic , where the period was further reduced .

Some other features of 17 th Lok Sabha were

     No Deputy Speaker – For the first time house functioned without a Deputy Speaker .

Article 93 says about electing a Deputy speaker as soon as  session starts . Government decision was backed by the fact that no party had strength to become opposition.

     Quick passing of bills –  58% of bills were passed withing 2 days of their introduction. Thirty five percent of bills were passed with less than an hour of discussion in Lok Sabha . The figure for Rajya Sabha for the same is 34% .

     Private Members Bill ( PMB ) – 729 bills were introduced which is higher than all the Lok Sabha ,however only two of them were discussed .

In Rajya Sabha 705 PMBs were introduced but only 14 were discussed .


Key Political parties step up efforts to form coalitions government in Pakistan

·         The three main political parties in Pakistan on Sunday intensified their effort  for formation of a coalition government , after it became clear that country is going  to face a hung parliament .

·         Independents backed by Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf ( PTI ) has got maximum 101 seats , PML- N has emerged as largest single party by winning 75 seats , Asif Zardari backed Pakistan People ‘s Party ( PPP ) has won 54 seats . Karanchi based Muttahsaida Quaumi Movement – Pakistan ( MQM – P ) got 17 seats .Other small parties won rest 12 seats .

·          The PML – N was leading to push to form the coalition government . Party supremo , Mr. Sharif has tasked his brother Shahnaz Sharif to talk to other parties over this. Shahbaz Sharif held meeting with MQM -P leader and he told that both has reached a “ principles agreement “ to work together in the upcoming government.

·         Mr Shahbaz Sharif also held meeting with PPP’s Bilawal Zardari . They announced political corporation between the two political parties .

·         Meanwhile ,Imran Khan’s party PTI on Sunday called for a nation wide strike as they said that election was rigged . Clashes were reported from Rawalpindi and Lahore .while dozens of other protesters were held for protest against poll rigging .

·          PTI has alleged that poll was rigged for not letting the party complete majority.

Israel Promises Rafah civilians safe passage

·         The threat of an Israeli incursion in Gaza’s southern most town Rafah persisted on Sunday.

·          In an interview on Sunday , Mr Netanyahu reiterated his intention to extend molitary perations in Rafah , but he promised “ safe passage of the civilians living  in the region. He said that he was working on a “ detailed plan “.It remains unclear whether the people residing in region can go .

Greeks protest against same sex marriage and adoption reforms

·         Thousands of Greeks gathered to protest against  same sex marriage adoption in Greece in Athens on Monday .

·         The Orthodosx Church of Greece is opposing to the bill that will be presented in Greece parliament . The bill will allow same sex marriage

Trump  hints at backing of Russian attack of NATO states

·         Donald Trump said on Saturday that he would “ encourage “ Russia to attack memenres of NATO who had not met their financial obligation . Trump is not that in favour of NATO alliance than Democrats . He is thought to be liberal towards Russia as well .


U 19 World Cup  South Africa , 2024

·         Australia beats India in final to become 4 th time U19 cricket world cup .

·         Kwena Mphaka ( South Africa ) was chosen player of the tournament .

Tennis : Chennai Open

·         Sumit Nangal of India defeated Luca Nardi in Final .Nanagal also entered Under 100 in ICC rankings .

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