Summary of The Hindu 13th FEBRUARY 2024

7 Indians who faced death row in Qatar return home

Seven out of eight Indian prisoners in Qatar reached New Delhi on Monday   .

MInistry of External Affairs in a statement said that all eight prisoners have been released and they  will all be in the country soon .

PM to visit Qatar

The release of Prisoners followed an announcement by MEA that PM Modi will visit Qatar on Wednesday afternoon , after concluding his visit to UAE   . PM Modi will be on a two day visit to UAE on 13-14 February .

The whole episode :

     Eight Indian Navy veterans have been in Qatar custody since August 30 , 2022 .

     October 26 , 2023 – The men were given the death Penalty on charges of espionage and  sharing important documents about Nuclear Submarines to  other parties .

     December 28 , 2023 – Court of appeals in Doha stuck down the death penalty , but charges were not dropped .

     February 12 , 2023 – All  8 Navy Personal in prison were released .

NDA govt wins Bihar confidence vote ; opposition stages walkout

NDA govt led by Nitish Kumar won the trust vote in Bihar Assembly by getting 129 votes .

Three RJD MLAs voted in favor of NDA .

RJD , Congress and CPI(M ) , CPI were the major parties voting against . .

A party required 122 out of the total 243 seats to form the government .

Ahead of voting , the speaker Awadh Chaudhary was removed by 125 votes in favor of removing the speaker . Deputy speaker Maheshwari Hazari was then chaired as the Rajya sabha Chief .

T.N. governor Ravi refuses to read our customary address

T.N. Governor R.N.Ravi on Monday refused to read out the customary inaugural address of the legislative assembly 2024 .

Later in the evening , a Raj Bhawan   statement said  , the Governor “ with due regards to the constitutional priorities expressed his inability to read the document as it contained numerous passages with misleading claims and facts and reading them would have amounted to  Governor’s address becoming a constitutional travesty .”

After the governor refused to read the resolution , Speaker M Appavu read the prepared address in Tamil in the Governor’s presence . The resolution then was  unanimously adopted .

Previous year also R.N. Ravi has declined to read certain statements and  later it was read by the Speaker .

Retail inflation  eased 3 month low of 5.1% , food prices sticky

India’s retail  inflation eased to a three month low 5.1% in January 5.7% .

 Food price rise  cooled from 9.5% previous year to 8.3% previous year .

Talks with center breaks down , farmers set to march to Delhi

Second round of a meeting  between Union Minister Piyush Goyal and Samyukt Kisan Morcha Non Political ( SKM NP ) failed on Monday in Chandigarh . With this farmers has decided for ‘ Delhi Chalo ‘ protests as planned on Tuesday .

The major contention of the talk was an assurance in Guaranteed Minimum Support Price ( MSP ) ..

Delhi Police has imposed section 144 CrPC for a month.

Multi Layered barricading was put in place on Monday to seal the National Capital .


Bengal Governor visits Sandeshkhali , promises Justice for women victims

Sandeshkhali is in news throughout this week .On Wednesday Villagers started protesting against land grabbing and then making men work without pay . Women also alleged the MLA and TMC workers of harassing them .

On Monday West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose visited Sandeshkhali , where women alleged molestation by TMC workers including TMC MLA Sheikh Sahjahan .

Governor told the media that those involved in such acts will be brought to justice .

During the day , Police stopped 67 BJP MLAs led by Suvendu Adhikari to visit Sandeshkhali .

Days after the Protest Dhami says that police stations will be built on the land recovered in Haldwani .


Political parties in Pakistan wrangle over premiership

In Pakistan talks are going on PML- N and PPP on who will become the next PrimeMinister . PML – N is backing Shabaz Sharif while PPP is backing Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as PRIME Ministerial candidate for the coalition government they form .

67 Palestinians killed , two Israelis rescued in Gaza raid.

Israel intensified its operation in Rafah on Monday , two Israeli hostages were rescued by Israeli Forces , and 67 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli strike .

Rafah currently has 1.4 million out of 2.3 million Palestinians residing .

The Unionist party pushes back against the Irish Party referendum..

The leader of Democratic Union Party ( DUP ) has pushed back against any attempt to bring a referendum in Northern Ireland before 2030 .

In the recently held Election Sinn Fihn party won 27 seats while DUP won 25 seats . Sinn Fihn and the DUP emerged as two largest parties .

This is the first time that any Pro Ireland supporting party ( Sinn Fihn ) has won the maximum number of seats .  Under the Good Friday Agreement Northern Ireland can unite with Ireland if a referendum is passed in favor .

Rwanda army using surface to air Missile in East DR Congo , says UN

 A recent report of the UN’s Peacekeeping force  accessed by AFP shows that the Rwandan Army has given surface to air missiles to the M23 militant group .

Currently the M23 militant group is fighting with the DR Congo government .


Scientists plan to build even larger atom Smasher by 2040

Leaders at the European Organisation at Nuclet Research ( CERN )  said that planning is on. Trackt to build an even bigger collider .

CERN currently hosts Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) which was instrumental in search of Hoggs Boson .

The envisioned Future Circular Collider will cost almost 17.2 billion dollars and will probably start its first phase in 2040 .

The aim is to boost energy levels of Particle collisions to 100 TeV ( Trillion election Volt ) .

LHC operates at 13.7 TeV

Earth wide telescope confirms black hope’s shadow is real

The Event Horizon Telescope ( EHT ) in 2019 had produced the first image of Black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy .

The image was hailed at the time as “ astonishment and wonder “ for revealing a part of the universe that was “off limits “ .

A new paper published recently tells even more about its event horizon and.  “ shadow”  . Earlier it was thought that ‘ shadow ‘ can be because of some error .

 EHT is a world wide network of radio telescopes that work together to study a single object in space . Many countries jointly contribute to this .


Pakistan in Turmoil.

Instability will follow any attempt to subvert the mandate for Imran Khan

The editorial is about the political situation in Pakistan .

Before elections  Imran Khan was jailed , several of his supporters and important leaders were jailed , several either quit the party or joined another party  . Pakistan. Tehreek E Insaaf ( PTI ) was not allowed to use its election symbols in Poll , forcing PTI candidates to fight election as independent candidates. .

Pakistan’s Army facilitated the arrival of Nawaz Sharif to put him against Imran Khan .

After Election results

Total  Assembly seats in Pakistan is 265 . PTI backed independence won 101  seats , PML – N  whose chief is Nawaz Sharif won 75 seats , Asif Zardari’s PPP won 54 seats , Muttahida Qaumi Movement – Pakistan ( MQM – P ) .won 17 .  .

The Army Chief in a recent statement urged parties to form a coalition government , a clear indication that PML- N and PPP will form a coalition. 

PTI supporters are on streets complaining about rigging in election results .

The editorial says that any PTI’s challenge from the streets could begin another cycle of instability and chaos in Pakistan .

The real travesty

A governor who profoundly disagrees with state govt should not stay in office

The editorial is about T.N . governor skipping the readout at the start of the assembly session . The editorial criticizes such moves by the governor as not good for federalism .

Even in this case the government found  the content in the readout that was critical to the central government . He should have read it .

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