Understanding the BPSC Interview Process: Dos and Don’ts

bpsc interview

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70th BPSC Interview

The Bihar Public Service Commission is a constitutional body that holds an examination named the BPSC exam to select candidates for various positions in the state administration of Bihar. It is a highly competitive state-level examination that includes three stages or rounds for the selection process.

The very first stage is prelims and then comes the second stage, the main examination, and the last is the interview round, where candidates are selected based on their knowledge and personalities.

The interview plays a very important role in competitive examinations such as the Bihar Public Service Examination. In BPSC, an interview carries 120 marks, and the duration of this varies from one to another as it depends on the interview panel and the candidate.

What comes under the 70th  BPSC interview process?

Those candidates who have cleared prelims and mains are only eligible for the interview round. Those who are qualified for the BPSC interview round receive a call letter with the mentioned date, time, and venue. The interview panel that conducts the interview process includes senior officials, academicians, and subject matter specialists. This stage includes no written examination, and only oral questions are asked by the members of the commission, who test the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and specific requisites for the job.

Therefore, you have to be well prepared and maintain your confidence during the interview.

After the interview process, a final merit list is made, which includes the total of the marks for the mains and the interview.

Dos of the 70th BPSC Interview

If you are preparing for the interview process, then you should be mindful of some preparation tips. Here are some of the dos and don’ts of the interview process that can help you perform well in the interview and also succeed in it.

1. Stay updated with current affairs

Current affairs are the most essential aspect of competitive examinations like the BPSC. This includes news and happenings at the national, international, and regional levels. For the interview round, you must be aware of the happenings around you and the world, as this will show your awareness during the interview.

2. Practice a mock interview

Mock interviews give candidates a better understanding of the questions that are going to be asked in the interview. It is a practice tool that helps the students prepare for the interview, avoid mistakes, and also give them a chance to improve their performance.

3. Maintain good body language

Good body language can boost your confidence and also have a positive impact on your performance. To stay calm during the interview, you can practice relaxation techniques like meditation and breathing exercises.

Don’ts of the BPSC interview

Below, we have mentioned some dos and don’ts of the BPSC interview that will help you in your preparation. Let’s understand some of the things that you have to avoid if you are preparing for the 70th BPSC interview.

1. Panic

During the interview process, you should stay calm and collected, as it may hurt your personality. Do not hesitate while giving answers, and always maintain eye contact with the interview panel while responding to them.

2. Stick to the syllabus

The interview round is not for written questions; here you will be asked personal questions related to your background, interests, and career aspirations; therefore, try to answer them honestly.

3. Overuse fillers

Overuse of fillers like “um,” or “yuh” during the conversation should be avoided. You must practice speaking clearly and confidently, which can have a positive impact on your performance.


Qualifying for competitive examinations like the BPSC requires effective preparation, strategy, and dedication. The interview round is the third and most important stage in the selection process of candidates for various positions in the state government.

The Achiever’s IAS Academy, one of the best BPSC coaching institutions in Patna, provides mock interviews and quality materials to their students that help them in preparation.

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