7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in 70th BPSC 2024 Exam Preparation

Are you aiming to participate in the 70th BPSC 2024 examination? You must be well prepared for it, as clearing a competitive examination like the BPSC can change your life in numerous ways, including professional growth and better career opportunities. In this blog, you are going to learn about some of the mistakes you should avoid and prepare better for your examination.

70th BPSC 2024 Examination

The BPSC Examination is one of the most esteemed and state-level competitive examinations in Bihar and is conducted by the Bihar Public Service Commission. This constitutional body shortlists the candidates for various posts in the state administration of Bihar. The BPSC examination includes three different stages for selection, i.e., prelims, mains, and interviews.

Candidates who are appearing for the 70th BPSC 2024 examination will get notification about the exam dates, admit card, and exam pattern, most probably in the first quarter of the year 2024.

Therefore, you should start your preparation efficiently and effectively so that you can get enough time for revision and score well in the 70th BPSC 2024 examination. To help you out with the preparation, we are going to discuss some mistakes that you should avoid during the 70th BPSC exam preparation.

7 Mistakes to Avoid in the 70th BPSC 2024 Exam Preparation

01. Not referring to the syllabus

The very first mistake candidates make is ignoring the syllabus of the BPSC examination. In terms of reading, more students ignore the syllabus, which can lead to incomplete preparation.

The syllabus is the roadmap to comprehensive preparation and to scoring well in the examination. Therefore, if you are appearing for the 70th BPSC 2024 exam, you must go through the syllabus, which can help you cover essential topics for the examination.

02. Poor time management

Time management plays a very effective role in any competitive examination, like the BPSC. With effective time management, you can easily manage your time to prepare for different subjects.

Adequate time management can also help you during the examination to cover all the questions in different sections. It also provides you with enough time for revision.

03. Neglecting current affairs

Current affairs are an important section and hold weight in any competitive examination like the BPSC. That’s why avoiding current affairs should not be done if you’re appearing for BPSC 2024 exams. Current affairs are the current happenings around the globe that you must be aware of, and they also help you score well in the examination.

04. Not prioritising self-study

To conquer competitive examinations like the BPSC, relying entirely on coaching institutions is not a good choice. Self-study is crucial if you are going to appear for the BPSC 2024 examinations. Self-studying has various benefits, such as helping you develop your ability to think and write your answers to exams.

05. Not practising mock tests

Mock tests and practice can help you prepare well for the examination. By practising mock tests regularly, you can identify your weak and strong areas. It is advised to practice tests or mock exams before appearing for the examination, as it can assess your preparation level, and by knowing your weak points, you can work better on them.

06. Collecting excessive study materials

Study materials are a helping hand in any competitive exam preparation, like the BPSC 2024 examination. But if you are accumulating a lot of study materials, it can only kill your time. Therefore, if you want to stay focused on your preparations, choose quality study materials that can also help you during the revision phase.

07. Incomplete understanding

In terms of reading, candidates do not focus on a deeper understanding of the topic. However, having a thorough understanding is very essential if you are preparing for competitive examinations like the BPSC.

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You must have started your preparation, as the notification for the 70th BPSC 2024 exam is estimated to be released around the first quarter of the year 2024. By reading this blog, you can gain a better understanding of how to avoid such mistakes while preparing for competitive examinations. The Achiever’s IAS Academy is one of the best BPSC coaching institutions in Patna that offers quality study materials and expert guidance to BPSC aspirants.

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