Summary of The Hindu 3rd JANUARY 2024

MHA seeks to pacify truckers protesting  new hit and run law

Transporters across the country is on strike over new punishment rules on Rash and Negligent driving in Bharatiya Nyaya Samhita ( BN S ) .

Transporters including bus and taxi is in a Nation wide hartal from January 1 to JANUARY 30 .

Section 106 of Bhartiya Nyay Samhita.( BNS ) , has following provisions :

     (1) Whoever causes death of any person , by rash and negligent driving , of vehicle not accounting for culpable homicide , shall be punished with fine and maximum 5 years jail .

     (2) whoever causes death to any person by Rash and Negligent driving and doesn’t report to police or magistrate will have to go through fine and a and a Punishment with maximum 10 years .

7u The fine In such cases will be 7 lakh .

The previous rule under IPC  was a fine of and punishment of maximum 2 0 has not been implemented as yet , Govt is talking talking to All India Transport Congress and a decision will be take only after that , home secretary said .

The Truckers are also on strike ,this has created panic for fuel buyers , long queues were seen at Petrol stations in many states.

Spell out details of steps taken to prevent rail mishaps : SC to center

The Supreme Court on Tuesday , sought to know from the center about protective measures taken , or to be implemented including automatic train protection system Kavach.  .

Stick to procedure in /counter terror operation : Shah

The Union Home minister Amit Shah on Tuesday ,said that all due procedures should be adopted while dealing with counter terror operation in Jammu and Kashmir. .

He underlined the importance of further strengthening the local intelligence network , a Ministry of Home Affairs ( MHA ) statement said .

Mr. Shah reviewed the security situation of Jammu and Kashmir , asked authorities and army to be to leave no stone unturned to counter terrorist .

Roll out schedule for three new criminal codes will be notified by January 26

The date of implementation of three Criminal codes that were passed by the parliament in Dec 2023 will be notified before January 26 .

a senior govt official said .

The implementation will take nine months to a year to complete . Pilot project will begin in Ahmedabad in next two months . Chandigarh will be first to see implementation oland integration of all reforms .

Free movement regime at Myanmar may end soon free entry will require VISA

Union govt may soon end Free Movement Regime ( FMR ) along the border with Myanmar ,  a senior govt officials said on Tuesday .

People living along India Myanmar border has familial tied , Movement along a portion of border is allowed under rules made  in 1970s .

The India Myanmar border is not fenced completely , 300 km of border will soon be fenced . A tender has been passed in this regard .

Under the FMR , every member of hill tribe who is either citizen of India or a citizen of Myanmar , residing within 16 km on either side of border , can cross the border on production of border pass , usually valid for a year , and can stay for upto two weeks per visit. .

The Manipur govt has suspended the FMR .

Woman staff can now nominate children over spouse for Pension

The center has amended the Central Civil Services ( 2021 ) , Women staff will now be able to nominate their Children over their spouse for Pension. , if at the time of their death any proceedings for divorce , domestic violence or dowry demands happens to be pending against the spouse .

Earlier Family Pension used to go to spouse , and children used to get it only of spouse be dead

India turns to Saudis as Russia oil buys fail

India increased Saudi oil imports in December as payment problems persists with  Russia , its Russian oil buys to an 11 months low .

India’s import from Russia dropped 16 to 22 % in December , while import from Saudi Arabia increased by 4% .

Seven security Personnel injured in Gunfight in Manipur Moreh




Gaza fight rages after Israel warns the fight will rage all years .

Israeli military said that it killed dozens of terrorist , including some carrying explosives and raided a weapons storage compound in Khan Younis in southern Gaza.  Palestinian toll has crossed 22, 000 with mostly women and Children among them .

Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas and warned the war may continue “ throughout 2024 “ .

Russian missile strike all Ukraine ‘s cities , kill four

Ukraine’s two largest cities came under attack from Russia’s Hypersonic ballistic missiles killing at least four and injuring around 100 .

100 of missiles were fired around Kyiv , Ukrainian authorities said that lives were saved by Patriot Missile defense system .

Russia however said that the targets were hit , and mission accomplished .

Jet bursts into collision with relief plane in tokyo ; five dead

Five people aboard a Japanese Coastguard aircraft died when the Japanese aircraft collided with a  Japanese Airlines ( JAL ) passenger aircraft . JAL aircraft had a total 379 passengers and crew onboard and all were safely evacuated.

CCTV camera footage showed the JAL aircraft colliding and moving along with yellow flame .

The coastguard aircraft was preparing to deliver supplies after New Year earthquake.

President Fumio Kishida  expressed regret over the deceased.

Monster quake in Japan leaves 48 dead ; rescuer scramble in search of survivors

The casualties in powerful  earth quake in  Japan is 48 till now .

The 7.5 magnitude earthquake rattled  Ishikawa prefecture on Main Island Honshu triggered Tsunami waves of more than one meter high . The waves triggered Tsunami waves more than one meter high and caused Tsunami waves more than a meter high which caused a major fire and tore apart rodes.

On the Noto Peninsula , the destruction included building damaged by fire , houses flattened , fishing boats sunk or washed ashore and highways hit by a landslide.

Warning of much larger waves seemed profound and Japanese ,

On the Noto Peninsula , the destruction included building damaged by fire , houses flattened , fishing boats sunk etc .

Thousand evacuated following volcano eruption in Indonesia

Mr Lewotobi Laki Laki spewed Volcanic ash upto 1.5 km on Monday , More than 2000 shelters have been evacuated to temporary shelters .

Ethiopia , Somaliland reach agreement on Port access

Ethiopia has struck a “ historic “ agreement to use the main port in Somalia’s breakaway region of Somaliland for shipping , officials said on Monday .

Turkey detains 33 accused of spying on behalf of Israel

Turliye on Thursday announced the detention of 33 people suspected of spying of behalf of Mossad Intelligence services . However it has not been made clear where those arrested were from Mossad or any other intelligence agency.

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