The Importance of Current Affairs in the BPSC Exam

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The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is a government body that conducts examinations and recruits various candidates for different posts in the state of Bihar. BPSC exam preparation requires a thorough knowledge of its syllabus, effective time management, and staying updated with national, international, and regional happenings.

It is one of the reputed state-level civil service examinations done in three stages i.e.: preliminary, mains, and interview.

Current Affairs: An Overview

Current affairs are the latest social and political events and the ongoing issues and problems happening around the globe. The word ‘current ‘includes recent moments, incidents, and events that occur at the local, national, and international levels and include public interest. Then come the ‘affairs’, which means any events or happenings that have taken place or are going to happen in recent times. A current affair includes those topics that are relevant to all the world’s citizens and leave a great impact on them.

Why are current affairs important in the BPSC?

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Current affairs hold significant weight in all the competitive examinations, like UPSC, BPSC, and others. Any candidate appearing for the Bihar Public Service Commission’s (BPSC) exam should be aware of what’s going on around the globe and what upcoming events are going to happen.

It is essential for the candidates, as it gives them a real-life scenario of what’s happening around the world so that they can actively participate and make informed decisions. It also helps them form their opinion by knowing all the facts.

There are other reasons why current affairs are important for BPSC; let’s discuss the following:

  • Requirements in all three stages

BPSC conducts examinations in three stages: preliminary, mains, and interview. Current affairs is the most essential section in the state-level civil service examination, as it requires all the phases that can boost the overall score of the candidates.

  • Comprehensive understanding

Staying updated with current events and happenings can help the candidates have a better view and understanding of the state’s policies, international and national policies, and how they impact one’s life.

  • Help form opinions

The candidates of the BPSC examination must have a deeper understanding of the current events and their related terms to form an independent and unbiased opinion that will help in analysing the situation and forming opinions.

There are different online and offline sources from which candidates can easily access current affairs. Reading newspapers, magazines, and periodicals are some of the options through which aspirants can expand their knowledge of current events.  

How to prepare for the current affairs of the BPSC examination?

Let’s discuss some tips and strategies that can help you prepare for the current affairs of the Bihar Public Service Commission Examination (BPSC).

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  • Avoid wasting time searching for study materials online for current affairs. Sticking to one single source can help you in your preparation.
  • Reading newspapers daily will help you remember and recall what you read. It also helps you to cover various topics, as there are different sections of news listing national, regional, international, and others.
  • Start a daily practice and test series that can help you revise what you have covered.

Speed up your preparation with a comprehensive strategy

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