Summary of The Hindu 9th APRIL 2024

Households debt surge to a new high by Dec 2023

A research report by Motilal Oswal on household income and shaving has following findings

     India’s household debt level are reckoned to have touched an all time high of 40% of Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) , by December 2023  .

     Net financial savings had likely dropped to their lowest level at around 5% of GDP .

Though it shows signs of distress , the other side of the argument is that households are buying more and more assets like houses , cars on loan that increases their debt but they pay it later .

States being compelled to move courts against center : Supreme Court

 The Supreme Court said on Wednesday that a steady stream of states were compelled to approach it against the center . The court cautioned the Union government against  entering into any. “  contest “ with Karnataka which is the petitioner .

Karnataka in its petition has said that it’s request for financial relief from the center to tide over a “ grave humanitarian crisis “ has hit a wall .

The state sought ₹18, 171.44 crore under the National Disaster Response Fund  six months ago . The total estimated loss is ₹35, 162 crore due to crop damage .

Recently the Tamil Nadu Government has also field a petition against the center for not releasing about ₹38,000 crore for disaster relief for Cyclone Michaung and unprecedented floods following that.

Congress ,NC announce J&K , Ladakh poll plan

Congress and National Conference (NC ) has announced seat sharing for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls .

Jammu and Kashmir has five Lok Sabha Seats . Congress will fight from two Lok Sabha seats in Jammu that is  Udhampur and Jammu . Congress will also fight from sole Lok sabha seats from Ladakh .

The National Conference will fight from remaining 3 Lok Sabha seats from Kashmir that means Srinagar , Baramulla and Anantnag .

PDP has been left out from the seat sharing arrangement .

Right against climate change a fundamental right , says SC

The Supreme Court in a judgement to the case connected to the death of the Great Indian bustard has made following observations on Climate Change and Fundamental Rights .

     The court has advocated to put right to clean environment separately as a fundamental right .

Right to clean environment is generally put with Right to Equality ( Article 14 ) and Right to Life ( Article 21 )

     The right to life and equality can not be realised without clean , stable energy environment .

      The Judgement emphasises on the role of solar energy in arresting the ills of climate change .

The court has formed a committee to look into death of The Great India Bustard in Kuchh region . The death is because of the birds colliding with High end power cables .

Cochin Shipyard signs ship repair agreement with the U.S. Navy

Cochin Shipyard Limited has become the third Indian Shipyard to enter into Master Shipyard Repair Agreement ( MRSA )  with the US .

The other two such companies are Larson and Toubro  ( L&T ) and Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) .

The MSRA is a non Finacial agreement and is effective from April 5 , 2024 .

L&T shipyard in Kattupalli near Chennai was the first Indian Shipyard to sign an agreement , in July last year .

Last Month, a UK Naval ship had arrived for the first time at Kattulalli .

In a joint address India PM Modi and US President Joe Biden had recommitted to advancing India’s “ emergence as a hub for emergence as a hub for maintainance and repair .”

Congress moves EC against Modi’s manifesto remarks

PM Modi in a recent election rally in had pointed the said that Congress manifesto carried the imprint of Muslim League with “  every page reeking of breaking India “ .

Congress has raised the complaints against Modi’s comment  with the  Election Commission .

Why have madarsas been in the spotlight on Uttar Pradesh ?

This past week , the Supreme Court ( SC ) , stayed a ruling of Allahabad High court , on UP Madarsa Board Education Act ,2004 calling it an infringement to findamental right guaranteed under the constitution .

High Court ruling .

Earlier , Allahabad High Court had dubbed the UP board of Madarsa Education Act “ unconstitutional “ , and asked the immediate closer of Madarsha .It called for relocation and integration of Madarsa students with Regular students .

The Supreme Court called the High Court ruling “ not warranted “ .and imposed a stay on this .

Condition of Madarsa

Uttar Pradesh has around 25,000 Madarsas of which 16,500 are recognised by UP Madarsa board  . Only 560 gets grant from the government .

In 2022 , UP government had ordered survey of Madarsha to find out number of illegal Madarshas . The finding of Survey however was not made public .


Truce talks to continue in Cairo after IDF withdrawal from from Southern Gaza

A day after Israel confirmed withdrawal of it’s troops from Southern Gaza , Egyptian officials claimed progress in fresh rounds of ceasefire rounds in Cairo .

Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that Hamas had ceased to exist as a terrorist entity in Khan Younis , and that Israel is at an “ opportune moment “ for hostage deal but this will require “ difficult decisions “ .

Currently Hamas has 129 hostages with it .

South Korea has said that second spy satellite has been placed in the orbit

Trump says states should be allowed to decide on abortion

Former US President Donald Trump said he believes abortion limits should be left with states , in a video released on Monday declining to endorse a national ban after months of mixed messages .

In US different states has different laws regarding abortion.

Republicans  generally are in favor of abortion ban , while Democrats are in favor of permitting abortion .

Ahead of Eid , Saudi Arabia and Pakistan call for the resolution of Kashmir dispute

Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif is in Mecca , he met Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman on Monday .

A joint statement was released which stresses  the importance of dialogue for the resolution of Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan .

The joint statement also called for halt of Israeli operation in Gaza and to facilitate the unhindered humanitarian aid .

Vatican slams gender – affirming surgery , surrogacy and gender theory .

The Vatican on Monday released “ Infinite Dignity “ , a 20 page declaration that was in work for over five years .

In the document Vatican has declared  declared gender affirming surgery – surrogacy , as grave violation of human dignity , putting them on par with abortion and Euthansia .

as practices that rejects God’s plan for human life .

In recent times the Pope Francis of has welcomed LGBTQ+ community in Church .

The church however has come heavily against “ gender ideologies “ . Those who do  sex surgeries , etc .

Vatican City is where Pope who is head of Raman Catholic Church resides .

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