Summary of The Hindu 10th APRIL 2024

Maha Vikas Aghadi seals poll pact in Maharashtra

The Maha Vikas Aghadi ( MVA ) in Maharashtra has reached a seat sharing agreement for upcoming Lok Sabha Polls on  Tuesday ..

This was the occasion of Gudi Padwa , the Marathi New Year .

Uddhav’s Thaxkrey ‘s Shiv Sena faction has won 21 seats , 17 goes to Congress and NCP ( SP ) gets 10 .

On Tuesday , Maharashtra celebrated  Gudi Padwa , the Marathi New Year . The Marathi New Year .

20 New companies bought poll bonds , punishable offense

Under Section 182 of the companies act ,firms that completed at least 3 years were only eligible to purchase electoral bonds .

However the data shows that 20 such incorporated firms purchased electoral bonds worth ₹103 crore .

12 firms that donated 75 % of this amount  , were incorporated by the Bharat Rashtra Samiti ( BRS ) . The rest were divided among Telugu Desam Party , the Congress and the BJP .

Kejriwal to remain in Tihar jail as Delhi High Court dismisses petition challenging ED arrest

The Delhi  High Court on Tuesday dismissed a petition by Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) national convener Arvind. Kejriwal challenged his arrest by ED  in case of money laundering act by ED .

Justice Swarna Kan Sharma , pronouncing the order said , the arrest can not be termed illegal .”Material which has been collected by ED reveals that Mr. Kejriwal conspired , and was actively involved in formulating excise policy . “ .

Mr Kejriwal had also contended the timing of arrest ,on the ground of elections  . The court refused to give  Me Kejriwal  any respite on this basis .

Candidates have right to votes from voters ,rules SC

The Supreme Court on Tuesday held that voters have right to privacy and need not lay out every scrap of his or her personal possession , past and present  , for electorate to examine .

Under Representation of People Act , 1951   , a person fighting election has to disclose his property before election commission .

India likely to record normal monsoon this year , says Skymet

Private rain forecasting  company Skymet said that India’s rainfall will be normal this Monsoon .

Skymet said that it will rain 102  % ( with an error of 5%)  of the Long Period average ( LPA ) .

Rainfall between 96 % to 104% of the LPA is considered normal .

Skymet predicts sufficiently good rain in  South ,West and Northwest region .

However eastern states of Bihar ,Jharkhand , Odissa and West Bengal are at risk of deficit railnall during the peak monsoon .

States.  , UTs asked to submit data on heatstroke cases

The states and Union Territories should submit data on heatstroke cases and death on the Integrated Health Information Portal  the National center for Disease Control said in an advisory.

The advisory also tells to avoid election campanigning activities between noon and 3 PM .and Check Overcrowding .


Israeli proposal for truce not meeting demands : Hamas

A truce in the Gaza war is going on between Israel and Hamas .

Hamas in a statement on Tuesday said that Israel was meeting none of its demands .

Hamas demands that Israeli military leave Gaza , military operation in Gaza be stopped , and also that dospeced people be allowed to return to their homes .

Israel want that hostage be freed by Hamas .

Israel is ready to reach a prisoner swap deal with Hamas .

Israel however was not ready to Hamas demand to stop military operations in Gaza .

Israel says that Rafah city in Gaza’s southern border with Egypt to be the last stronghold of  Hamas . Foreign Governments have urged Israel not to storm Rafah fearing large scale death of civilians .

Meanwhile  , Turkey has restricted export of  large number of items to Israel until a ceasefire in Gaza .

Taliban begin to restore properties of displaced Hindus , Sikhs in Afghanistan

 The ‘ Justice ministry ‘ of Taliban administration in Kabul has started the process of restoring property of displaced Hindu and Sikh communities , a senior Taliban offical has told  The Hindu.

Taliban govt has set up a commission to ensure the return of Hindus and Sikhs families to Afghanistan .

Properties of Hindus and Sikhs were usurped by Warlords during former regime .

UK foreign secretary meets  Donald Trump to discuss US aid to Ukraine

UK foreign secretary and former Prime Minister David Cameroon met with US president Donald Trump to discuss further US aid to Ukraine as it fights Russia .

US has committed 74 Billion dollar to Ukraine. , 184 billion dollar by EU , and 15 billion dollar by UK .


Health sector can not ignore green gains from Telemedicine ; study

A  study on the use of telemedicine and its impact has following findings

Use of telemedicine and telepathology saves travel time , spending on travel and reduces pollution which were caused by travel .

Vehicular emissions are a major contributor to local pollution and global warming in India.

In India about 88 % of the Carbon dioxide emission comes from traffic ,

E Shramjeevi is an Indian platform on telemedicine .

Text and Context

Can the judiciary be truly independent in Pakistan

In. In March 2024 , six judges of Islamabad High High Court ( IHC ) , wrote to Pakistan’s Supreme Judicial Council complaining about the intelligence agencies. intervention to establishment in certain Judicial cases .

On March 28. Chief Justice of Pakistan ( CJP ) met the Prime Minister and “ stated that interference by the executive and affairs of judicial working of judges will not be tolerated and under no circumstances independence of Judiciary will be allowed to be compromised . “

While the Pakistan’s military establishment reach has expanded to all organs of states and civil society . In recent years there have been pushback . For example ,Imran Khan stood against establishment and was hugely popular .

This reflects from the recent election results as well where Imran Khan’s supported groups emerged as a strong opposition in Pakistan National Assembly 

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