Summary of The Hindu 8th MARCH 2024

Sena row : SC asks if speaker contradicted verdict

·         Maharashtra speaker Rahul Narwekar  recently had termed the Eknath Shinde faction as “ real “ Shiv Sena at the time when the faction had revolted .

·         Supreme Court in its verdict on May 11, 2023 had asked speaker to not be swayed away by number on deciding that who the real Shiv Sena was . SC had held that the structure of leadership outside the legislative assembly should be the criteria on deciding which party was “ real “ Shiv Sena then.

·         The speaker while granting the party “ real “ Shiv Sena had termed that it used Political majority in Parliament as the basis .

·         The SC asked that whether speakers decision not a violation of SC verdict ?Uddhav Thakcrey faction had filed petition against governor’s decision .

SC to consider contempt proceedings against SBI for seeking time

·         A content petition has been filed by Association of Democratic Reforms ( ADR ) and Common Cause  against SBI chairman Dibesh Kumar Khera for seeking more time to reveal details about electoral bond funds.

·         The Supreme Court( SC)  in its order had  asked SBI to give details on those who bought electoral bonds and the political parties which were funded by this . SC had asked SBI to give details regarding  electoral bonds to Election Commission ( EC ) by March 6 .  SC had asked EC to put the data obtained by SBI on its website by March 13 SBI has asked May 30 to be the date of submission .The petition has claimed that SBI asking more time is because it wants to skip upcoming elections .Congress and some other political parties has also slammed SBI over this .

Political parties got 60% of funds from unknown sources

·         Association of Democratic Reforms ( ADR ) has analyzed the data of Audit Report from six political parties . This puts following points forward :

     Almost 60% of the funds received by political parties cannot be traced and come  from “unknown “ sources .

Including electoral bonds .

At present political parties are not required to reveal names of individuals or organizations giving them less than ₹20,000 .

     The total declared funding in 2022-23 was ₹3046.78 crore , of this ₹ 1832.87 ( 59% ) came from unknown sources .A vast majority ( ₹1400.23 )  came from unknown sources . This accounts for 76.39% of the party’s income . The Congress came a distant second claiming 17.39%

Center ropes ISRO to provide Internet to 80 remote tribal villages

·         The tribal Affairs ministry is planning to collaborate with ISRO to deploy V- SAT ( Very Small Aperture Terminal ) stations on a pilot basis for around 80 tribal villages in Jharkhand Madhya Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra to bring internet services there .

·         Officials in the Tribal affairs ministry said that the project would be monitored and so that it could be scaled up to similar tribal villages , in other states as well .

·         Apart from this the Tribal Affairs ministry  is partnering with AIIMS New Delhi to conduct advanced research on tribal health with special emphasis on Sickle Cell Anemia .

·         India currently has more than 20 million cases of Sickle cell Anemia most of them are with Tribal population .

INS Kolkata  vessels hit in Gulf of Aden , rescues 21 crew members .

·         Indian Naval Destroyer INS Kolkata was involved in two major rescue operations near the Gulf of Aden this week .

·         On Wednesday , the warship rescued 21 crew members , including one member from Barbados flagged bulk carrier MV True Confidence after it was hit in the Gulf of Aden in attack by Houthis .

·         Two Filipino crew memeber died in this Houthi attack on True Confidence .

·         In another incident on March 4 , INS Kolkata responded to a request from MSC Sky 11, a Liberian flagged container vessel .



Kerala owned OTT platform launched

·         Kerala govt on Wednesday launched its own PTT platform named CSpace . CM said that the platform will give prominence to artistic and cultural space

Kerala comes with long short term measures to prevent man animal conflict

·         Kerala govt has promised a long and short term measures to prevent man animal conflict .

·         The proposal includes A smart elephant fence , The removal of undegrowth in private estates , Eradication of invasive plants and replace them with natural vegetation , improvement  of wildlife habitats  , charging fee to private vehicles entering wildlife areas etc .

·         The state has also initiated 17 short term measures that include deployment of drones , stopping ecotourism etc .Waynad is the most affected district from man animal conflict .



China calls conflict in Gaza ‘ a disgrace to civilization ‘

·         China on Thursday described the war in Gaza as a “ disgrace to civilization “  and called on Thursday for an immediate ceasefire .

·         “ It is a tragedy for humanity and disgrace for civilization that today , in 21 st century , this humanitarian disaster cannot be stopped . “

·         The Chinese foreign minister told in a news conference .

·         Historically China has been in favor of a separate Palestinian state . China from start on October 7 has been advocating for a ceasefire .

·         Currently mediators are struggling in Egypt for a ceasefire before Ramzan month starts .

·         The UN has warned of  malnutrition and famine in Northern Gaza as aid supply has been very limited .

·         The Health ministry of Gaza said that at least 20 people had died of dehydration and malnutrition of which at least half of them were children ..

Sweden officially Joins NATO after completing its accession process

·         Sweden on Thursday formally joined NATO as it’s 32 nd member .

·         The White House in a statement said that Sweden as a NATO ally “ will make the U.S and our allies even safer “ .

Russia warns US that it will expel diplomats

·         The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday it had summoned Lynn Tracey and the US ambassador in Russia to warn her that it would expel United state diplomats it deems to be interfering in its internal affairs .

·         Presidential elections in Russia will be held on 15 – 17 March .

·         Russia foreign ministry has accused US based NGOs in Russia of running “ anti Russian programmes “ in the country .

Former Srilanka President turns author defends regime

·         Former Srilankan President has announced a book The conspiracy to oust me from the presidency ‘  . Gotabaya Rakpaksha told that from the beginning of his office turm in office November 2019 , a camping was launched by certain foreign and local parties to remove him out of power .

·         In 2022 following economic crisis in Srilanka  ,Mr. Rakapaksh resigned . SriLankan Supreme Court held that Mr Rajpaksha along with his brothers and officials “ demosntrably contributed”  to the 2022 economic crisis .

Prachanda aims for a ‘ renewed  push ‘  for Nepal left as new govt gets going

·         Recently Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kumar Dahal Prachanda break alliance with Nepali Congress ( NC ) and Joined hands with Communist Party of Nepal ( CPN ) ( Unified Maoist  Leninist )   .  Prachanda has promised a renewed push for ‘ leftist movement ‘ .

·         On Monday Prachanda formed a new cabinet by inducting ministers from CPN .

·         275 memeber Nepal parliament has no party with Majority .

·         The Three major parties with their respective parliamentary strength are :

Ø  Nepali Congress ( NC ) by Sher Bahdir Deuba  – 88 seats

Ø  Communist Party of Nepal ( Unified Marxist Leninist ) CPN ( UML ) by  KP Sharma Oli – 78 seats

Ø  Communist Party of Nepal ( Maoist Center ). CPN ( MC ) by Pushpa Kumar Dahal ( Prachanda ) – 30 seats .

200 women mostly women and children abducted in Nigeria : UN

·         At least 200 people mostly women and children who were displaced from Northeastern Nigeria due to violence , were abducted by Islamic extremists , said UN.

UN security council raise alarm on ‘ critical situation ‘ in violence hit Haiti

·         Haiti is heading towards civil war . Armed groups are raiding govt establishments for their demands .

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