Summary of The Hindu 7th MARCH 2024

Trees in Corbett fell prey to nexus of greed , says SC

·         The Supreme Court on Wednesday condemned the illegal felling of more than 6,000 trees to construct a building for “ eco- tourism “ in Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand .

·         The court cited it as a classic case of “ nexus “ between politicians and officials working to ransack the environment for short term commercial  ends.

·         What is the case all about ?

A petition was filed by an environment activist challenging the Uttarakhand’s govt proposal to have a tiger Safari and a specialized zoo to have caged animals  at the national park .

     What the judgment says :

Ø  The  court said that it was “ amazed at the audacity “  of former Uttarakhand ministers and officials . The court has ordered a CBI enquiry in the case and has directed the agency to submit its report within three months .

Ø  The court said that the cost of restoration of the forest will be incurred from errant politicians and officials .

Ø  The court has. Proposed to form a panel and the panel of the representatives of NTCA , Wildlife Institute of India ( WII) ,central empowered committee and a joint secretary .

Ø  The committee  will recommend whether Wild Safaris should be allowed in specialized wildlife conservation zones .

Ø  In case the committee allows Safaris in these zones . The committee will have to recommend guidelines for their operation . The guidelines would be applied on a Pan India basis.

Ensure Pakistan does not use loans to foot defense bills , India to IMF

·         India in a review meeting  of IMF on Pakistan loan batted for “ stringent monitoring “ of the funds given . India stressed that such funds must not be used for defense bills or repayment of loans from other countries .

·         India in earlier review meetings had abstained to participate and vote . This is the first time India took part in a review meeting on Pakistani Loans.

·         IMF loans to Pakistan :

Following Floods and external shocks Pakistan economy was on verge of collapsing , when it requested loans from IMF .The IMF in July last year  okayed a 3 billion dollar stand by Arrangement ( SBA )  that is going to expire next month . Pakistan has requested a 1.2 billion dollar additional loan from the IMF .

PM launches India’s first underwater line Metro line in Kolkata

·         Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday inaugurated Kolkata Metro’s Esplanade Howrah maidan section  .

·         The Metro line passes through the country’s first underwater tunnel below Hooghly Rover .The 4.8 km long section was made at a cost of Rs. 4,965 crore .


Navy commissions INS Jatayu MH 60 R helicopter squadron

·         The Indian Navy on Wednesday commissioned INS Jatayu on Minicoy island in Lakshadweep . This is the second base in Lakshadweep after INS Dweeprakshak in Kavaratti .

·         Minicoy island is at the nine degree equator line and at a very important strategic position . It separates Maldives and India .

·         Looking at increased closeness of Maldives and  China this has become even more important .


Don’t promote betting , govt tells media celebrities

·         The Central Consumer Protection Authority in an advisory has warned manufacturers , advertisers ,social media platforms , and broadcasters against promoting illegal acts such as  Gambling or betting  .

·         The advisory noticed that betting platforms were introducing celebrities to advertise their products . This gives a “ false impression that indulging in these activities is acceptable “.

·         It warned that stringent action of guidelines is violated .

·         Currently there is no law in India that bans betting and Gambling .

·         However states like Sikkim , Telangana , Tamil Nadu , Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have banned these betting and gambling by  making their own laws .


Take Rs.13,608 crore on offer , SC advises Kerala

·         The Supreme Court ( SC )  advised Kerala govt to accept Rs.13,608 crore being offered by center  and accept the conditions put by center,except  withdrawing the suit.

·         SC also asked the center  if it was  fair to put a precondition that the Petition filed by Kerala be withdrawn for release of funds .

·         Justice Suryakant Mishra said “ we want to find a structured solution to it . If you both can resolve the immediate emergency . There will be time to hear the suit .” .

·         About the case :

Ø  Kerala govt is facing financial emergency .

Ø  It is unable to pay pension and salaries to its staff .

Ø  Kerala had filed suit in the Supreme Court alleging the center was violating federal structure and causing economic harm by limiting borrowing powers of states .

Ø  Center accused Kerala of financial mismanagement .Center agreed to offer Rs.13,608 immediate release to Kerala on preconditioning that Kerala withdraw its case .

Ø  Kerala Earlier in a meeting with the Central govt rejected the offer .Kerala had sought Rs.26,226 crore to  clear its “ unmet arrears and immediate obligations “ .

Human wildlife conflict a state specific disaster : Kerala

Ø  The Kerala cabinet on Wednesday declared human wildlife conflict a state specific disaster .

Ø  The government also decided to form a committee to look into the matter .

Ø  The decision comes after increasing death of civilians , damage to crops .

Ø  Wayanad district of Kerala is among the most affected by it .

Fresh complaint filed against Delhi CM for skipping ED summons

Ø  The Enforcement Directorate ( ED ) has field a fresh Petition in Rouse Avenue court in Delhi against Arvind Kejriwal for non compliance with its summons .

Ø  Arvind Kejriwal skipped the eighth summon by ED on March 4 .



Healey Concedes as Trump , Biden win big in primaries

Ø  On “ Super Tuesday “ , the day on which elections of primaries and Caucuses were held for 15 US states ,  Nikkie Healy went out of the contest .

Ø  Nikkie Healy was able to win only one state. The remaining 14 were won by Donald Trump .

Ø  There were no participants against Joe Biden , so he got all the votes .

Ø  With this it has become very good that the US Presidential Contest in November will be between Trump and Biden .

‘US is using Philippines as pawn in South China sea , says Beijing

Ø  China on Wednesday accused the US of using the Philippines as a “ pawn “ in the South China sea .

Ø  Replying to the incident of collision between Chinese and Philippines vessel in South China sea . Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said  ,China “ took control measures’ ‘ against Philippine ships ‘ “ illegal intrusion “ into water it claims .

Ø  “ China urges the United States not to use the Philippines as a pawn to stir up trouble in the South China Sea . “. she said .

Ø  The US earlier had condemned China’s action as “ provocative “ .

Ø  The US and Philippines have historically strong relations . The US has many Naval and Airforce bases in the Philippines .

With 8,565 dead , UN says 2023 was the deadliest year in a decade for migrants

Ø  UN’s International Organization for Migration ( IOM ) on Wednesday released data on Migrants death in 2023 .

Ø  At least 8565 people died on Migration routs in 2023 . This is 20%  more than total death in 2022 .

Ø   The Mediterranean route remained the deadliest with 3129 deaths .

Ø  People from South West Asian countries and North African countries try to migrate to Europe .

Ø  Those from South America try to move to North American countries . Many also died illegally migrating from Myanmar .

China says it’s economy off to a strong start in 2024 , set to attain growth goals

·         Exports rose by  10 % in the first two years of the month and the priority will be on supporting scientific innovation and integrated development of Urban and Rural regions , China’s top planning official Jheng Shinje told .

·         China assumes a  GDP growth of 5% this year .






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