Summary of The Hindu 9th MARCH 2024

Modi announces Rs. 100 cut off on LPG refill price

·         On the occasion of International Women’s day on Friday PM Modi announces reduction on LPG gas cylinder prices by Rs. 100 per cylinder .

·         This is the second reduction in recent times .

·         In August the prices were reduced by Rs.200 per cylinder .

·         With new reduction the 14.2 kg gas cylinder price will be Rs.803 which was earlier Rs.903 in Delhi .

Army officer abducted from home rescued in few hours

·         On Friday a serving junior commissioned officer was abducted from his home in Thoubal district .

·         The army was rescued the same evening after an hour-long rescue operation by security forces . This was the fourth such incident in recent times .

Rahul , Tharoor , Baghel in Congress first list of candidates

·         Congress has released its first list of candidates from 39 Lok Sabha seats  . Rahul Gandhi has been given ticket from Wayand again . Former Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel has been fielded from Rajnandangaon Chhattisgarh . Shashi Tharoor has been fielded from Thiruvananthapuram .

·         There are talks that Rahul Gandhi can also be fielded from Amethi  in UP , while Priyanka Gandhi may be fielded from Rar Bareli .

·         Rae Bareli used to be the seat from where Sonia Gandhi used to fight . Sonia Gandhi has decided not to fight the election this time .

 Congress promises right to apprenticeship for youth below 25 years

·         “Right to  Apprenticeship,” is among the major promises in Congress’s election manifesto .

·         The tagline for this promise says “ pehli naukari pakki “

·          Under this the Party proposes to organize a one year apprenticeship programme , with government , public sector , private organization with a stipend of Rs. 1 lakh crore a year , for all persons under 25 years of age , who are college graduates or hold a diploma .

INS Jatayu to keep watch over Arabian sea

·         INS Jatayu has been placed at Minicoy island in Lakshadweep . INS Jatayu is equipped with Radars , Jetties , Airfield and Brahmos missiles .

·         “ Jatayu will be the  ‘ watch – keeper ‘ for Bharat at the gateway of Arabian Ocean “ Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha said .

·         Minicoy island is the southernmost Island of Lakshadweep and separates India and Maldives .

·         It is near a nine degree line . So strategically it is very important .

·         Government is also involved in the expansion of Agatti Island Airfield . The govt plans to make a dual use airfield at Minicoy island .


IT tribunal rejects cong appeal against Rs. 210 crore penalty

·         Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ( ITAT ) has rejected the Congress Party’s appeal against the imposition of Penalty for discrepancies in tax payment .

·         Congress said that it is exploring all options including to move to the High Court .

·         Income Tax ( IT ) had imposed a penalty of Rs. 210 crore on Congress party over discrepancies in filing tax returns in 2018-19

Center warns against job offers from Russian army

·         Spokesperson of External Affairs Ministry Randhir Jaiswal told in his weekly press briefing that India has taken matters of Indians fighting for the Russian army to the Russian government for early discharge .

·         He further added that the government was taking strong action against agents and agencies who were involved in conning Indians to send to Russia . The CBI has been roped in for this . CBI has busted major human trafficking networks regarding the matter Government appealed to Indians not to get swayed away by agents offering jobs in the Russian Army .

Meghalay’s ‘ Byringhat’ most polluted ‘city ‘ in India

·         The Center for Research on Energy in Clean Air (CREA) on Friday released its data on polluted ‘ cities ‘ in India during February .

·         The study is based on the monthly average of Particulate matter (PM 2.5) concentration.

·         It had following findings

Ø  Most polluted cities – Meghalaya’s Byringhat was found to be most polluted . Bihar’s Araria and UP’s Hapur stopped second and third in most polluted cities .

Ø  Cleanest cities – Satna from MP is the cleanest city followed by , Sivasagar ( Assam ) and Silchar (Assam)

Ø  Increase pollution in North East a Concern – There has been a hazardous increase in pollution levels in the North East according to the data . The North East was otherwise considered one of the greenest parts of the country . Unregulated industries , rampant construction lacking efficient pollution control measures is said to be some of the reasons behind this .

·         Among the most polluted cities from North East Nalbari (5 th) , Afartalla (12 th) .CREA is an independent body involved in Pollution , green energy and other similar  research.

Center tweeks solar ‘free electricity’ scheme

·         The Government has tweaked the new PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojna  (Roof top : Solar Free electricity scheme).

·         The initial plan was to fully subsidize 1KW – 3 KW solar panels to be installed on one crore roofs .

·         Government now will contribute only 60 % of the cost

·         Households will have to pay a minimum Rs. 20,000 depending on power capacity of the installed system .

·         Only houses with a suitable roof and existing system of grid will be eligible for this scheme .

·         However the component that the household will be eligible to use 300 KW free electricity is still there .

·         Currently the price of a 1KW solar system is about Rs.50,000.



Expanding settlement in Palestine a ‘war crime’ : U.N.

·         The UN human rights office in a report published on Friday said that the establishment  and expansion of Israeli settlements in the west Bank and Jerusalem amounts to a war crime .

·         The report covers the period November 1 , 2022 and October 31 , 2023 when roughly 24,300 housing units in the West Bank were advanced by Israel .

·         The UN human rights chief said that illegal settlements by Israel “amounts to war crime under International law”.

·         Israel has been settling it’s citizens in West Bank for years . Much of the International community considers this illegal .


Nigeria sends troops to rescue over 250 kidnapped students

·         More than 250 pupils were kidnapped by gun man from Kurigo school in Kaduna state on Thursday .

·         Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmad Tinubu has sent troops to rescue them .

·          It is one of the largest mass abduction in three years .

·         And second in a week . Earlier this week more than 200 were abducted by Islamist groups from Northeast Nigeria .

·         The abductions show the challenge facing President Tinubu , who promised to make Nigeria safe .



Biden tears into Trump, GOP in the state of Union address

·         In his annual state of the Union address , US President Joe Biden came heavily on Donald Trump . He goaded Trump over his policies on immigration , taxes and more .He also criticized Trump for praising those involved in the Capitol Hill incident .

Afghan women stage rare , private protests on International Women’s Day

·         A handful of women in Afghanistan protested in different parts of the country on the eve of International Women’s day . The women demanded that the curbs on women be lifted.

·         Women in Afghanistan have been squeezed from public life . They are banned from certain  jobs , secondary schools , colleges , parks ,fairs and gyms.

·         They can travel only while accompanied with a male member .The UN hast termed it “gender apartheid”.

German GDP forecast downgraded

·         Germany Economic Minister Robert Habeck has announced that its economy is in “troubled waters”’ slashing the economic forecast for this year from 1.3% down to .2%.

Indonesian airline pilots fell asleep mid flight : agency

·         A recent investigation revealed that both pilot and co-pilot slept for about 28 minutes mid flight .  This came to the picture when both pilots and copilots failed to respond to the Air Traffic Controller ( ATC ) while the flight diverted from the required path.The incident was on 25 January . The Indonesian air safety agency has called for a better pilot fatigue mechanism .


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