Summary of The Hindu 30th DECEMBER 2023

Center Assam Sign Peace pact with ULFA faction

The Union Home Ministry and Assam Government signed a Moratorium with ULFA ( United Liberation Front of Assam ) on Friday . Home Minister said it a Golden day . He said that Groo’s cadre has have surrendered arms , vacate their camps and engage in democratic process.

Key Points of the Agreement

     97 out of 126 seats in Assam Assembly will be reserved for Indigenous people , and future delimitation process will follow this principle

     ₹1.5 lakh crore of investment has been promised in the peace accord .

     Constitution safeguard would be edited by protecting land rights and putting restriction on Migration from one Constituency to other .


ULFA was formed after unrest related to Migration from West Bengal and Bangladesh , in the conflict spanning decades more than 10,000 people were killed . Peace Negotiations started in 2011 .

ISRO all set to launch XPoSat.  , 10 other payloads on Jan 1

ISRO will launch , XPoSat and 10 other payloads from Sriharikota on January 1 at 9:30 AM .

XPoSat is the first dedicated scientific satellite from ISRO , it will measure X ray  polarisation from celestial bodies .

It will be put in an orbit at 350 km from.  It will carry two satellites

POLIX ( Polarimeter Instrument in X ray. ) , and XSPECT ( X ray spectroscopy and Timing ).

India requests LeT founder Hafiz Saeed’s extradition from Pak

India has asked Pakistan to extradite  Lashkar E Taiba  founder Hafiz Saeed .

Hafiz Saeed is 2008 Mumbai attack mastermind and a UN Proscribed terrorist , who is wanted by Indian Investigating agency .

The govt has also take note of to reports of Saeed’s son Talha  Saeed standing for elections in Pakistan .

Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that the request fot extradition along with certain focime ys was recently sent to Pakistan .

India Hong Kong bust synthetic diamond trading syndicate ;8 held

The Indian customs and it’s Hong Kong counterpart have unearthed a major case of trade based money laundering ( TBML ) involving Hongkong exporters and Indian Importer .

Ablut 75 million dollar was laundered by synthetic through import of

Indian Navy unveils new apauletes for admirals

The Indian Navy has unveiled new design of epaulets for admirals .

The new design is drawn from the Naval ensign and inspired by Rajmidra of Chhatrapati Shivaji..

The Navy said that the new design is true teflecton of “ of our rich maritime heritage “ and reiterates the resolve for to do away with Ghulami ki Mansikta “ .

On December 4 during Navy day celebration , PM Modi had announced that Navy epaulttees  will be changed .

Old and new rank signs


Israel bombs South Gaza as officials due in Cairo for talks

UN Humanitarian office has said that over 1lakh , more displaced people had arrived in already seething southern border city of Rafah in recent days following heavy bombardment around Deir Al Balah and Khan Younis .

Trump blocked from Republican Presidential primary in Maine

US state of Maine has blocked former President Donald Trump from its Republican president primary ballot , US became second state after Colorado to disqualify him over his role in January 2021 incident .

Trump’s campaign has called it as “ a hostile assault on America’s democracy “ .

Primary Election is a voting  in which voters elect the presidential candidate from respective parties .

China names former baby chief as new defense chief

China has named  Navy Chief Dong Jun as new Defense Minister .

Li Shagfu the Previous defense minister was removed without any official reason released .

122 missiles fired in Russia’s biggest aerial barrage on Ukriane

Russia launched 122 missiles and dozens of drones against Ukrainian targets  , officials said on Friday.

This was by far the biggest attack by Russia .

24 person has been killed in the attack .

The Ukrianian air Force intercepted most of the ballistic and cruise missiles and drones .

The previous biggest strike was 96 missiles launched in November 2022 .

Missile Trespassing

Polish Army had said that  few missiles entered Polish airspace . The missile was in Polish air space for 3 mins before entering Ukriane .

Javier Milie write BRICS leaders , rejects invite for Argentina to join the grouping .

Argentina President Xavier Milei has sent letters to BRICS leaders to reject Argentina’s decision to join BRICS .

Argentina was among the new members included in BRiCS . It was to be formalised from . The new members to be included were Argentina , Ethiopia , Iran , Saudi Arabia , Egypt and UAE .

Javier Milie in hai campaign had told that he will favor not Joining BRICS .Milie ‘ s foreign Policy differs from his predecessors . Milloe  is Pro US , and not a supporter to join such organisation.

The bloc made up of Brazil ,Russia. , India , China , South Africa .

Venezualian military exercise near Guyana border ‘ unjustified ‘ : UK

 Britain Condemned the “  Unjustified “ action of Venezuela , after Caracas ordered troops to participate ordered troops to participate in a military drill near border with Guyana. Venezuela has organised military drill in resoonese of UK sending a warship .

SpaceX launches secretive US aircraft on a research mission


SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket blasted back into space on Thursday night to ferry the US military’s secretive X 37 B drone for a research mission 

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