Summary of The Hindu 29th DECEMBER 2023

Qatar court drops death penalty for eight Indians

Qatar court of Appeal has committed death sentence to eight Navy Personals , convicted in espionage case  , the Ministry of External Affairs has confirmed this .

Indian Ambassador was present in court of Appeal .

Court has not dropped the espionage charges .

Families of Navy officials said that they will continue to fight to prove them innocent .

Eight Navy Officials working for Dahra Global Defense Services were sentenced to Death by Qatar court on charges of espionage .

Pegasus spyware found in Journalist phone after Apple alert , says Amnesty

Amnesty International on Thursday told that it has found Pegasus software installed in Mobile phones of Sidhharth Vardarajan and Anand Magnale .

Siddharth Vardarajan is editor in Chief of The Wire  digital media . The Wire generally publishes content that iis against govt .

Anand Magnale is South Asian Editor at the Organised Crime and Corruption report .


OCCRP had reported last month that Intelligence Bureau has received Pegasus .

About Pegasus

NSO group , the Pegasus Spyware developer sells it to only govts.

Pegasus allows attacker to extract data from even fully , updated phones , and may give access to real time mic and camera data .

Union govt has not denied that it bought Pegasus , some trade experts says that it was bought by Intelligence bureau earlier .

Report by Washington times

On October 30 , Opposition MPs and Journalists got alert from their Apple phones saying that their phones were being targeted by state sponsored attackers ,

Separately , the Washington Post reported that

government official put “ pressure “ on the tech giant to offer “  alternative “  explanations to the public on how  these warning s were sent to opposition leaders and journalists .

Modi to inaugurate Airport and redeveloped railway station in Ayodhya in tomorrow

PM Modi will inaugurate an Airport and newly developed Ayodhya railway station on Saturday .

The first phase of airport developed cost ₹ 1450 crore , it is spread over 6500 square feet and which has capacity to handle 10 lakh passengers annually .

The Railway station is redeveloped at cost of ₹240 crore  . The name of Railway station has been changed from Ayodhya to Ayodhya Dham


A new Superfast Amrit Bajrat Express will also be launched . The two Amrit Bharat Express trains will be Darbhanga – Ayodhya – Anand Vihar and Malda Town – Sir M Viswesaraiya ( Bengaluru .

Development projects worth about than 11,100 will also be put forward .

FIU slaps Binance and other Crypto exchange with

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU ) , has sent a notice to the Cryptocurrency exchange Binance  for “operating illegally “ in India through an offshore entity .Notices has been sent on countries like Seychelles , Cayman Island and Switzerland .

The other Cryptocurrency firms to which notices has been sent are Kucoin , Huobi , Kraken , , Bittrrex , Bitstamp , MEXC Global , Bitifinex .

FIU comes under ambit of Ministry of Finace’s Revenue department , the notices has been sent under Prevention of Money Laundering Act ( PMLA ) .In March 2023 , Virtual digital asset service providers ( Cryptocurrency firms ) were brought under PMLA .

Binance Is world’s largest Cryptocurrency trading platform . It does not operate in India .

Earlier govt had banned a crypto platform WazirX under money Laundering charges , Govt had alleged that WazirX was owned by Binance . Binance has denied govt allegations .

However chief of WazirX admitted that it was owned  to Binance.

AAP , BJP barb over republic day  tableaux .


Israel bombs Gaza , UN warned civilians are in ‘grave peril’

Israel forces on Thursday heavily bombed the besieged Gaza strip , The health ministry in Gaza reported more than 200 deaths in past 25 hours . The main battle field is Khan Younis currently .

French President in a call to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu voiced his “ deepest concern over the heavy civilian toll “ and stressed “ the need to work towards a lasting ceasefire “ .

Pakistan poll panel approves Sharif’s bid

Pakistan election commission has cleared the name of anawaj Sharif to file nomination for 2024 general elections .

Mr. Sharif still needs the removal of life ban on holidng any public office .

China asks citizens to leave district on Myanmar border

China’s embassy in Myanmar on Thursday asked its citizens to to leave Northern districts along countries shared border ,citing security risk posed by Ethnic wing attack on Army and Police .

Myanmar’s three ethnic groups has formed “ Three Brotherhood alliance “ a major alliance . The alliance has  occupied many towns in border areas witj China ..

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army ( MNDAA ) , one member of the brotherhood alliance has vowed to recapture Laukkai town . located in a district bordering China .

Spectre of civil war in Sudan as civilian search for arms fearing rival militias

In Sudan in the war between army and Paramilitary Rapid Support Fives ( RSF ) , RSF has captured most of Sudan’s South Al- Jazira state , including capital Wad Madani  and has begun to push to South into Sennar state .

RSF has called civilians to provide them Volunteers to fight to protect their ter ritory . They also has called civilans to keep arms .

This has increased the chances of a full out civil war in Sudan .

More than 12,000 has died in Sudanese conflict , UN data says that more than 7

1 million has been displaced .



China decries Taiwan for ‘hyping up ‘ military threat , sends warplanes

China accused Taiwan of deliberately “ hyping up “ a military threat form Beijing ahead of its election on 13 th January .

China has sent its fighter jets in Taiwan strait .

Russia NASA agree to continue joint ISS flights until 2025


Russian and US space agencies have agreed to continue the deliver crews to International Space Station ( ISS ) ,until 2025 . ROSCOSMOS , the Russian space agency said it in a press release . ISS is only a few area where Russia and US is cooperating .

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