Summary of The Hindu 31th DECEMBER 2023

Ayodhya Airport takes off ahead of Jan 22

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on on Saturday launched 45 projects worth 15,700 crore in Ayodhya and inaugurated Mahrashi Valmiki International airport , and revamped Ayodhya Dham Jincy on and Railway  station .

PM Modi inaugurated Maharshi Valmiki International Airport and revamped Ayodhya Dham Railway station .

PM Modi on a days visit launched capacity upgrade for Amethi refinery , doubling of four section of Barabanki railway line projet , three roads in Ayodhya named Ram Path , Bakti Path ,and Dharama Path was also inaugurated.

PM Modi flagged of six Vande Bharat trains and two Amrit Bharat trains.

What PM said

“ The world is waiting for January 22, I am also  waiting for the Pran Pratishtha at the Ram temple “ PM Modi said .

PM suggested to light Shri Ram Jyoti on December 22 .

PM urged people to take a cleaniness drive across temple and pilgrimage sites between January 14 and January 22 .

PM also  visited 10 crore beneficiary of Ujjwala scheme in Ayodhya .

Census postponed agian ; to be delayed till at least October next year

The Additional Registrar General of India on Saturday told that authorities has further extended date of freezing of boundaries of district, tehsil ,assemblies , town to June 30 , 2024 .

The census can  start only after this date .

Once the exercise is completed , reservation in state election can be done through. Naro Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam ( Women Reservation. bill )  .

Canada based BKI declared terrorist group by center

The Union Home ministry has designated Lakhbir  Singh Landa a Canada based member of Babbar Khalsa International ( BKI ) , an “ individual terrorist “ under UAPA .

The Ministry said that Lakhbir Singh was involved in a grenade attack on Punjab police intelligence building in Mohali .He has also been involved in supply of IED , sophisticated weapons and explosives across border for terrorist activities in Punjab . The agency has pointed that he was  aided by a foreign intelligence agency .

UAPA – Unlawful Activities Prevention Act .

On January ,

Punjab police forms SIT to probe Nicaragua human trafficking case

The Punjab Police has set up a Special Investigation Team ( SIT ) ,on Saturday to probe anlge of suspected human trafficking case related to Legend Airlines case .

Recently a Romanian based Legend Aircraft which was flying from Dubai to Nicaragua was grounded at France’s Vatry airport fro four days .

Around half the passenger are  from Punjab Haryana  .  No case against abybhas been filed by any passenger till now . The police said that there is Consensus between agents and passengers in such cases , and passengers don’t reveal truth .

Nicaragua is used as a springboard for illegal migration to US and Canada . Every year many youths from Punjab try illegal migration to Canada and US .


Nadda releases commemorative stamp on Srilankan Tamils in SriLanka

BJP chief JP Nadda on Saturday released a commemorative stamp on 200 years of arrival of Indian Origin Tamils in SriLanka .

Stalin announces ₹1000 crore relief package for flood hit district in Tamil Nadu

CM M K Stalin of TamilNadu announced ₹1000 crore relief package for flood hit districts . It includes assistance for reconstruction and repair of houses , loans to help businesses and compensation for crop damage .

Draft norms look to make railways more disabled friendly

The Union govt has released draft guidelines on accessibility of railway station and facilites . The draft guldelies shows technology driven support system for disabled. Some of these are :

     Technology enabled accessibility such as text to speech and user friendly pictograms.

     A dedicated mobile app and a one click template for persons with dispbilyies displaying all the information and faculties available for them at stations as well as trians .

     Credible announcement regarding faculties to disabled persons , at train stations and platforms . This includes sign language , captioning and digital displays .

     Standardized illuminated signage across all stations , coupled with Braille signage .

     Low height ticket counters with accessibility help booths manned by Divyaang Sahayaaks .


Air Strike hit camp in central Gaza : as US clears new weapons to Israel

Israel Warplane struck two urban Refugee camps in in Central Gaza , the death toll has surpassed 21, 600 . More than 165 died in past 24 hours . About 70 % of those killed are some and Children .

A senior Hamas official told in Beirut that a permanent ceasefire has to be starting point for the release of Israeli and Foreign hostages .

Joe Biden informed US Congress that 147.7 million dollar have been approved for Israel .

Ukraine’s retaliatory strike kills 14 in Russia’s Belgorod

Shelling in the Russian border city of Belgorod killed 14 person and injured 108 on Saturday . Emergency services told . Russian official accused Kyiv of carrying out the attack .

Drone attack by Ukraine : – Early on Saturday , Moscow had reported shooting down 32 Ukrainian drones over countries Moscow , Bryansk , Oreos and Kursk region .

On Friday Russia. had launched 122 missiles and dozens of drones across Ukriane .

39 deaths have been reported , at least 160 people were wounded , and an unknown number were buried under rubble in the strike .

Bangladesh  PM alleges international Conspiracy to remove her from Power

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that people of the country would give a begotten ng reply , to attempts by international conspirators  to dislodge her from Power  in January 7 elections .

The opposition Bangladesh National Party ( BNP )led by Khaled Zia  has said to boycott the elections . In previous elections Sheikh Hasina has got 306 out of 350 seats .

Earlier in the Year Ms Sheikh Hasina  US and other western countries had called for dialogoe , but both sides  showed no interest to this request .

Terming BNP a “ terrorist party “ and Jammat e Islami as organistion of war criminals “ , Ms Hasina said that “ they have not capability to take country Forward “ .

Pakistan’s EC rejects Imaran Kham’s candidacy in general polls

Election officials  of Pakistan on Friday rejected Imran Khan’s candidature for the next parliamentary election .Imran Khan’s  lawyer has said that he will appeal .


Suspected strikes by Israel kill 19 , pro Iran fighters in Syria

A suspected Israeli air strike in Syria on  pro Iran goup has killed 19 .


How is the poll year shaping for , India and the US

India and US is considered as largest and biggest democracies in world . Both will go elections is 2024 . India will go for its 18 th Parliamentary election . While US will run for 60 th Presidential election.

Fundamental questions both democracies are grappling with

Both countries are grappling with fundamental questions regarding national security , tiles of judiciary , legislature and executive , welfare and redistribution , and relation with rest of the world . The other questions that are in debate are pedagogy , history , role of religion in public life , women rights , role of media and civil society are among some focal points .

In both countries opposition party is questioning electoral process. Opposition parties is making target of their leaders by investigating agencies a major issue .


What are visible trends in both countries ?

In India the Opposition parties has made a alliance named INDIA ( India National Development Inclusive Alliance ) , there are many issues with Opposition , their is large differences among them which emerged over and over . There is no confirmation till now about the leadership of the alliance . PM Modi looks all set from BJP side .

In US , the popularity of Joe Biden  is falling. At 81 he is the oldest president of US . From Republican side there are several contenders for Donald Trump , but Traump being the Republican candidate seems higher .



BJP hold is better in North Indian states , some states where it may find difficulty is TamilNadu , Telangana and Kerala . BJP’s Hindutava ideology is good for all the states .

In the US , the different states have different approaches with regard to different approaches towards gun control , abortion and immigration related laws.



What is the global fallout of two warfronts ?

The story so far

War is going in two regions in world , Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022 , while Israel declared war with Gaza after October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel .


About Russia – Ukraine war , How it started and current position. .

How the war started

Ukriane’s choice to join NATO , was the reason .  NATO is a military alliance that  was made to counter Soviet Union in Pre Cold war era . Even after disintegration of Soviet Union , NATO has kept it’s expansion and animosity agianst Russia.   Even after repeated warning. by Russia , Ukraine was willing to Join NATO .

How war has evolved ?


West and US broke ties with Russia . Economic sanction were imposed , Russia was banned from SWIFT payment system . Russia’s economy has suffered from these bans . West countries and US has been continuously supporting Ukraine  by providing money and ammunitions , missile , tanks drones etc .

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