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THE HINDU  28/05/2023
A new house again in red sandstone

                           Old parliament Building                                                    New parliament Building

Build and designed by Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker                       4 story building build by                                                  TATA PROJECRT LTD
It has Lok Sabha with  capacity of 888 person                                     it contained Lok Sabha,              Rajya Sabha, joint siting room,
 and central library Dome over
 central  library

Rajya Sabha Capacity—384

No separate  room for Joint Sitting
Joint siting will be held in Lok sabha
With capacity —-1272
Some features  of new parliament building dome has been put away. Lion capital will be over central part.

  • Peacock motifs on ceiling and carpet of Lok Sbha
  • Lotus Motif in the Rajya Sabha .
  • Sengol will be installed behind Lok Sabha Speakers chair.

22 party has told  that they would not participate  in inauguration ceremony.

PM Modi calls upon CM’s to work as “ Team India”

PM Modi while addressing  eight governing council meeting of NITI AAYOG on Saturday  said the center and state  would have to work as “Team India “ to realize the objective of a “Visits Bharat (Developed India)” in 2047.
The meeting was chaired by PM Modi CM’s and L-G of 19 states  and  6 UT,s participated in it .
The CM’s of states including 10 non –BJP states did not participate , citing various reasons.
PM said NITI AAYOG could play a critical role in helping the states to develop  their strategies for the next 25 years and align the  same with national development agenda PM Modi cited Aspirational District programme (ADP) and Aspirational Block Programe (ABP) as an example of cooperative federalism CM’s called ares like adopting green strategies need for zone wise planning , tourism , urban planning agriculture, quality of workmanship and congestion being some major areas where centre and state can work together.
Request turned down
The opposition leaders blamed the centre for not being  flexible in accommodating their requests.

  • Mamta Banarjee told that she had asked to send representative but it was turned down.
  • Nitish kumar too cited same reason for not attending .
  • KCR, Bhagwat Mann and Arvind Kejriwal were participating in a meeting in Hyderabad .
  • Odisha CM cited prior commitments
  • K. Stalin was away on official tour to japan and Singapore
  • Pinarayi Vijayan did not cite any reason
  • Ashok Gahlot gave Sidhramaiya could not participated because of oath talking ceremony.

IS Terror cell busted, three arrested in M.P says NIA.
A Terror module linked to Islamic  state (IS) Was busted with arrest of three person following overnight raids at 13 location in Jabalpur ; the NIA said on Saturday . the joint operation was led by anti terrorism squad (ATS) of madhtya Pradesh. Police.
Sengol a symbol of transfer of power but it didn’t get due respect until now , says PM.
Pm Modi said that “THE SENGOL”  which was the symbol of transfer of power should have got its due respect after impendence but it was kept on a “walking stick” in museum of Prayagraj.
PM Modi told these after receiving a “Sengol” from Tamil Nadu Adheenamas   (heads of Hindu Monasteries) at residence  on the eve of inauguration of new parliament building.
In 1947 Sengol was creates by  Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam Lord Mountbutten gave it to Jawahar Lal Nehru as symbol of  power  transfer. Congress on Friday claimed that there  was no democracy evidence of lord mountbatten,Rajgopalachari and Jawaharlal Nehru describing the SENGOL.
Museum failed to identify SENGOL because no one could  translate text engraved  in Tamil.   
“SENGOL used in 1947 as a symbol to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru “ Language barrier was one of the main reason as those who bought SENGOL these were not equipped with Tamil language and writing on SENGOL is  in Tamil  later it was identified  by jewelry company owner who could readv lamguage over it  , and published it.
Right grops demand question on disability should remain in MFHS-6.
It is being speculated that national family  health survey-6 (NFHS-6) MAY commence from July sources has confirmed  that govt. is dropping questionnaire related to disability under NFHS-6.
NFHS is a large scale multi round survey by ministry of health and family welfare. Its purpose is to collect  data regarding emerging health and family welfare issue .
Activists working for disable are demanding from govt to  restore  questionaries’ related to disability . otherwise it contradicts principle “leaves no one behind”

Boycott of NITI meeting by CM’s an irresponsible act :- BJP

Army chief begins two day visit to MNIPUR  to asses gro ground situation.

Ukrainian drones attack Russian oil pipelines stations

A Russian newspaper Kommersant has claimed that Ukraine stack oil pipeline installation  deep inside Russia on Saturday with a series of drone attack including  on a station serving the vast Druzhba  oil pipeline  that send western Siberian  crude to Europe.
Ukraine has not publicly acknowledge launching any attack.
Iraq  unveils $ 17 billion project linking Europe
Iraq on  Saturday presented an ambition plan to turn itself into a regional transportation hub by developing its road and rail infrastructure linking  Europe with the middle east.
The project named “route of development “ would span the length of country , stretching 1200 kms from the northern border with turkey  to the gulf of south.
Iraqi PM Mohammed Shia-al-sudani announced the project  during a conference with transport ministry representative of Iran ,Jordan, Kuwait ,Oman , Qatar, Saudi Arabia ,Syria, Turkey  and the UAE.
We see this project AS a piller  of sustainable non oil economy , a link that serves Iraq’s neighbors and the region , “Mr Sudani said the project could be complete in 3 to 5 years.
Ukraine asks Germany for long range missiles.
Ukraine has asked Germany for Taurus cruise missile as air launched with a range of 500 km a defence spokesperson of berlin told that on Saturday . however  the spokesperson  declined to comment on chances of Berlin to supply the missiles.
Thus far UK  is the only country which supplying cruise missiles to Ukraine .
US has so far declined to supply Ukraine with the   297 km range Army Tactical missiles system (ATACMS) missiles  amid concern that Ukraine can use them against Russia
Two killed as afghan ,Iran forces clash near border
The two sides clashed over argument over water rights . Both Taliban and  Iranian sides   has confirmed the incident.
A spokesperson from Taliban’s side has told that leaders   has been notified about it and it is under control  now.

Race for US debt deal on talks go to wire

Both Joe Biden  govt and legislation are holding talk to increase the debt ceiling . if the law is not amended by 5 june , US may default on its borrowings.
On  Friday Joe Biden gave strongest sign get when he told that an agreement was “very close”
Serbian President Aleksandra Vucic quits  as head of ruling party.
Recently  two    mass shooting took place in Serbia ;president is accused of corruption and man protest was going on in Serbia after two shootings .coming under huge pressure he stepped down.
Twitter decides to have European unions disinformation code is a voluntary obligation , it contains 3 dozens pledges such as corporation with fact checks and not promoting actors distributing disinformation.

Three Chinese  warships pan through Taiwan strait, says Taipei




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