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THE HINDU 28/05/23
 India gets new Parliament House; PM Says it’s symbol of aspirations
New Parliament Building
Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha
No Central Hall like Present Parliament
 A grand constitution hall to showcase India’s democratic heritage
 Lounge for MP
 Library
 Multiple Committee rooms
 Dining area
 Ample Parking space
PM Modi dressed in Dhoti, Kurta offefloral tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.
Later amid Vedic chants he Performed Ganpati Moman. After
prostrating before sengol, he source blessings from high prirests of
variety Adhee names froms Tamilnadu. He then put sengol near
speakers chair amid a straight position. A multi-faith prayer
was also held to mark the occasion. He facilitated some of the workers
with shawls and soverniers.
MPs from 22 oppostion parties were absent. Former President
Ram Nath Kovid, SC Judges were Present among others.
Speaking on this occasion PM said “It is not only a building. It is
a reflection of the aspirations and dreams of 140 crore Indians. This is
the temple of our democracy giving the ménage of India’s determination
to the world.”
 Self glorifying event, says opposition
The congress led opposition parties boycotted the inauguration of the new
parliament building. The said it a “coronation” and “Self glorifying” event.
Among non BJP leaders which showed happiness were BSP, JD
 40 extremists killed in encounters, says Biren.
Manipur CM N.Biren Singh on Sunday said that about 40 extremists have
been killed in encounters with security forces following attack on unarmed
civilians on the periphery of the Imphal valley.
Currently Army Chief Manoj Pandey is on visit of Manipur.
CM Biren Singh told that in well planned attacks are being conducted by
terrorists. “The terrorists are shooting civilians using M-16 and AK-47
assault rifles and sniper guns besides bruning houses in many villages. We
have starteel taking very strong action against them with the help of army
and other security forces” CM N.Biren Singh said. He further said “ Govt.
will not allow the disintegration of Manipur and uproot there armed
terrorists from the state”
Eight Political Parties have demanded dismissal of BJP led
coalition government in the state for it’s alleged failure to control-law and
order situation.
 Centre fiercely nemtral in Manipur: says Assam CM Hemant Biswa
Sharma Wretlers detained during March to New Parliament’ 35-days
protest site cleared.
Amid the inauguration of New Parliament building on Sunday,
Wrestlers protesting at Jantar Mantar were detained by security personnals
as they tried to march to the venue.
On 21 May, khap Maha panchayat had decided to held Mahila.
Mahapanchayat in front of new Parliament building. Protesters were taken
to police custody and later released in evening. BJP MP and WFI President
Brij bhushan Singh was present on this event.
 India sees reduction in stunting; but wasting, obesity are concerns repart.
The Joint Malnutrition Estimates (JME) Shows India’s mixed response in
battling malnutrition.
 India saw 1.6 crore fewer stunted children under five in 2022
compared to 2012.
STUNTING ( lower height compared to age )
2012 2022
30% 25%
 Wasting remains an issue with a prevalence rate of 17.7% in 2022 in
Wasting – lower weight than age.
Wasting in India was 49% of global burden.
 Obesity has marginally increased.
2012 2022
2.2% 2.8%
 On Global level
Stunting declined from 26.3% in 2012 to 22.3% in 2022.
But Obesity increased from 5.5% to 5.6%.
JME report is prepared by UNICEF, WHO AND World Bank (WB).
JME Report says that there is insufficient progress to reach to 2025
World Health Assembly global nutrition targets and 2030 Sustainable
Development Goal ( SDG )2 targets.
SDG 2 – Calls for ending all form of malnutrition including stunting
and wasting by 2030.
 From Prevalence in eight states in 2001, dengue now a nationwide
In 2001 dengue was restricted to eight states only. In 2022, it reached last
UT Laddakh. Currently all Indian states/UTs face risk of Dengue.
Dengue cases has increased 11 times than 2001. Currently 41-45%
cases come from rural areas.
WHO has declared Dengue are endemic in more than 100 Countries.
ICMR says that rise is Dengue cases in due to climate change, increased
urbanization and increased travel among other factors.
DENGUE – Spread by mosquitoes ( aedes virus )
Generally spread in mamoon season in India along with Malaria, Zika,
 Recep Tayyip Erdogam won re-election and reutrns at helm of Turkey.
Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan won re-election on Sunday, extending his
authoritarian rule for next 5 years. Mr. Erdogan got 52% votes while his
opponent Kemal Kiledargla got 48% votes.
After results he told “I thank each member of our nation for
entrusting me with the responsibility to govern this country once again for
five years”.
Turkey stands at the Cron road of Europe and Asia, it plays a key role in
 One killed as Russia launches largest drone attack on Kyiv.
Ukraine Capital was subjected to heavy drone attack by Russia on
Sunday. It was Kyiv day on Sunday, founding of Ukraine.
Russia lauched 54 drone missile in a window of five hours. 52 of
there were shot down by defence system. One Uprainian died in this.
Recently Russian bordering area also saw heavy attack by Ukraine.
 Biden, Republicans arrive at last minute agreements to raise debt ceiling.
Top Republic leader Kevin MC Carthy and President Joe Biden announced a
deal on Saturday to raise the debt ceiling.
US Currently has 31 trillions of foreign debt. It had met the ceiling
fixed by US Parliament. US needed more borrowing to pay interest and
other purposes. Had the deal for raising ceiling been not signed, US could
default on its borrowing and country could go in economic turmoil.
To Pan the bill he needed support of Republicans. Kevin MC carthy is
leader of Republican. On Wednesday US congress will note to extend the
ceiling. 5 June is the date before the formalities need to be completed
otherwise US will default.
Donald Trump – Republican
Joe Biden – Democrat
Joe Biden cancelled QUAD meeting that had to be held in SYDNEY
after G-7 due to same reason ( passing the bill to raise debt ceiling )
 Pak ruling coalition rejects Imran’s offer for talks
Pakistan ruling coalition rejected former PM’s Imran Khan offer for
dialogue, saying the talks were held with politicians and not terrorist.
Mr. Khan has made a seven member team to hold talk with
government for developing consensus on election dates.
As Army has started stern action against may 9 violence. Imran
Khan’s stand has softened.
 Justine Triet becomes only the third woman to win Palmed’or at cannes.
The PALME D’OR is the highest Prize awarded at CANNES Film Festival. It
was 76th annual comes film festival.
French director JUSTINE TRIET become only the 3rd woman ever to
win the award. She won it for “ANATONY OF A FALL” features German
actress Sandra Huller.
 China’s homegrown passenger jet makes maiden commercial flight.
It is a milestone event. China hopes the C919 commercial Jettinemer will
challenge foreign models.
Some big players in this field are Boing and Airbus.
 Somalia to introduce direct universal suffurage in 2024.
The move will end a complex indirect system in place since 1989.
 What the editorials is all about ?
Violence has again spreaded up in Churachand pur, Bishnupur and Imphal
areas of Manipur.
The ediorials finds reason behind current situation and it also taks about
what need to be done.
 What are some recent develoments in Manipur ?
Kuki-zomi tribes has started asking for a “separate administration” for
them. More precisely they are demanding for a separate state.
Few days ago 10 MLAs, including form BJP put this demand before HM Amit
Shah. Kuki-zomi community has accussed state govt being biased towards
 What led to current situation ?
 Crackdown on Poppu farming – To contain drug abuse state govt. has
come heavily after 2023 election results, against Poppy farming.
Most of those farmers belog to Kuki-zomi tribe. Thus they look state
govt against them.
 Manipur High Court order – Manipur High Court ordered govt to take
demand for meities to give them scheduled Tribe ( ST ) status. This
sparked the violence as Kuki-zomi tribes opposed this.
SC later told that HC doesn’t have authority recommending or truina
to amend ST list.
 Meitie are mostly Hindu while Kuki-zomi are Christians So religious
divide was these and a big reason fer-conflict.
 Way ahead
Union govt should increase patrolling relocate those displaced to their
homes and give them adequate security. State should initiate a
consciousness drive with help of civil society so that the differences
between Meitie and Kuki-zomi tribes be meted out and Nornaalay be



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