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The Hindu 27/05/2023
 Only six religion options make it to next census form
The next census will count only Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, and
Jain as options. Nature worshipping Adivasis in Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and
Odisha have been campaigning to include their SARNA faith as a separate
Census will have some new queries and questions like :
 Do you consume “ packaged or bottled water” ?
 Queries about travel time in hours, whether one use metro.
 Causes of disability has been exponded to include “acid attack,
intellectual disability, chronic neurological diseases and bloo disorder.”
 Whether a person who lives in a rented no use owns a house
somewhere else or does not own any resident property.
 On question of availability of drinking water.
“near the premises “ means
100 m in urban 500 in rural
Areas areas
1. A code directory has also been added. It has codes in respect of
Relationship to Head, Mother Tongue, and other languages known,
occupation, nature of industry, Trade or service, Birth Place of last
residence and Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST)
Next Census will be first digital Census, it will allow citizens to participate
from the comfort of their home.
Manual Census will be conducted in two stages.
2. SC refuses ot hear plea against opening of Parliament by PM.
Supreme Court on Friday refused to entertain a petititon challenging the
inauguration of the new parliament building on Sunday by the PM and
not the President.
Petition urged that according to Article 79, President is head of state
court however told that there was no connection in Article 79 and
inauguration function and it won’t interview on a petition filed under
Article 32. On request of govt so that petitioner don’t move to any high
court Supreme Court quashed the petition.
Article 79 – “There shall be a parliament for the union, which will consist
of president and two houses called council of states (Rajya Sabha) and
the house of the People (Lok Sabha)”.
Article 32 – Right to Constitutional remedies. Undwe this one can go to
courts for the violation of rights by state.
 IMD retains its normal outlook for Mansoon.
IMD (Indian Metrological department) has said that rainfall this year will
be normal. IMD has predicted rain to be 96% of long period avg.
Normal Mansoon – Avg. rainfall of last 50 years ( say X )
X – long period Avg.
Below Normal Mansoon – Rainfall below 95% of X
Above Normal Mansoon – Rainfall above 105% of X
Rain 95% X < Normal Mansoon < 105% of X Rainfall
IMD has told that this year is going to be EI Nino year. Which will lower
the rainfall. However a positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) will compensate for
decreasing rainfall. So, el Nino effect will not be that heavy.
EL Nino – It is caused by differential heating of Pacific Ocean near equator.
El Nino years has less rain in India.
La Nina – La Nina is opposite to EL Nino. It cause more rain in India. It appears from
differential heating of Pacific Ocean as well.
El Nino occurs at an internal of 2 to 7 years.
Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) – It is causes by heating of Ocean waters in Indian Ocean
near Medagascar along African coast.
A positive IOD causes more rain while a negative. IOD causes less rain in India.
However its effects are not as strong as El Nino and La Nina.
IMD has told that Mansoon this year will reach Kerala on 4th June.
 India, Nepal may sign facts on energy and water during Prachanda’s
four day visit.
Sources have confirmed that Prachanda will come on four day India visit
on starting May 31.
The two sides will real multiple deals which include agreement on water
and agriculture co-operation.
 India water Treaty :- Centre advsies J&K to scale up efforts for ‘better
Union Food Minister Counters congress, says fortified rice is safe.
Congress has alleaged that distribution of fortified rice is being done despite warning
from exterts and institutions like NITI Aayog and FSSAI.
Union Food Minister countered there allegations. A spokesperson of
the Minister said that NITI Aayog its actively engaged in running the scheme. “There
is no basis in the stand that NITI Aayog took a stand against fortified rice.”
Minister maintained that consumption of fortified rice resulted in
significant improvement in hemoglobin levels and reduction in anemia.
Fortified Rice – Fortified rice has added minerals sucha as iron and other
vitamins in it.
Govt. uses fortified rice for distribution and Public distribution System (PDS) and Mid
day meals.
Darjeeling to Join the list of most polluted cities of west Bengal, reveals study.
A study published by Journal ‘Atmospheric environment’ has revealed that
Darjeeling, the queen of hills and a popular tourist destination may soon become
one of the most polluted cities of Bengal. It has cited increasing population as one of
the main reasons.
It has said that Darjeeling can soon become a non-attainment city of west
Bengal. Presently Asansol, Durgapur, Haldia, Kolkata, Howrah and Barrakpore are
non-attainment cities.
Non-Attainment city – One whose air has failed to fulfill National Ambient Air Quality
criteria for at least five years.
The Hindu 27/05/23
The research, spanning 2009-2021, focused on higher PM 10 levels in Darjeeing.
Navy, ISRO releases training plan for Gaganyann Crew.
The Indian Navy and ISRO released Gaganyaan Recovery Training Plan at the water
survival training facility (WSTF) at INS Garuda, Kochi.
Gaganyaan – India’s 1st human space flight mission under which India will send 3
astronauts to space for 5-7 days. The human space flight is seheduled to be launched
in fourth quarter of 2024.
“ SEBI to ease passive fund rules soon “
Market regulator SEBI will soon introduce a new light touch regulatory framework for
parively managed mutual funds, like Exchange Trade Fund and Index Funds which
has seen sharp rise in AUM (Asset Under Mangaement) in recent years.
“We are going to introduce new Mutual Fund regulations which we are calling
‘Mutual Fund Lite’ regulations for passives” SEBI while time member Ananta Barua
Share of ETFs and Index Funds has surged sharply from 6 % in 2019 to 16.5 % by
March 2023.
New regulations will reduce compliance requirement for these funds.
ETF (Exchange Trade Fund) – Are funds that track indexes such as CNX, Nifty or BIE
Congren kept a sacred symbol as ‘walking stick’ , says Shah.
HM Amit Shah, said congress why it hates Indian tradition so much. He accused
Congreren of putting the historic SENGOL in a museem like “walking stick”.
He denounced the claims by congren that there was no symbol “Sengol” being a
symbol of transfer of power.
The Sengol was made by ‘Thiruvavaduthurai’ Adheenam’, a shaivitemath in
Tamilnadu. It was given to lord Mount batten by C. Rajagopalchari, Mr Mountbatten
handed it to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as a mark of transfer of power.
Pro-Imran Protesters to be tried in military courts.
Thirsty-three supporters of Imran Khan have been handed over to army and they will
face trial in military courts on charges of attacking armed forces installations,
Pakistan interior minister Rana Sanaullah said on Friday.
Thousands have been detained for the violent protest but only those
who trespassed and vandalized military installation will be tried under military court.
Answering a question Rana Sanullah said that Imran Khan could also be
tried under military installation :”as far as our own assessment and evidence we have
this man is architect of all this mess and planning, so yes he comes under this
category, “ Rana sanaullah said.
Imran Khan was arrested on May 9 which followed by violent protest. Many entered
army offier vandalizing computers and other sensitive documents.
Bhutan, China claim progress in boundary expert group talks
Bhutan and China in a joint statement has said that they had made more progress in
implementing “there step roadmap” towards resolving their boundary disputes after
talks in Thimphu. The 12th Expert Group Meeting (EGM) that oversaw the actual
boundary talks was held in Thimphu just 4 months after 11th EGM meet.
11th EGM was held in January 2023 while 12th EGM was held between 24-23 May
The next EGM will be held in Beijing.
The two sides has also agreed to have more frequent EGM meet.
According to the Joint statement, the two sides “expressed satisfaction” on the
progress in implementing the “Three steps roadmap:”
Three step roadmap – During 10th EGM in April 2021, China and Bhutan had agreed
to “3 step roadmap” to solve their border disputes.
India’s Minister of External Affairs (MEA) declined to comment on the statement
after the latest round of EGM. India rarely comments on bilateral talks between
Bhutan and China. But it looks closely into the development.
1- Doklam Plateau
2- Jakarlung
3- Paramlung
Disputed territory
Bhutan and China has dispute over Deklam, Jakarlung and Pamarlung. India seen
presence of Chinese forces near Doklam as a security concern.
In Nepal, a fledging political organization gives traditional parties a run for their
 Musk’s Neuralink says cleared for human test of brain implants.
 Neuralink is Elan Musk startup. Elon Musk told that it has got clearance
form FDA of us for clinical trials. Neuralinks intends in let brain directly
communicate with computers.
 12 hospitalised after man opens plane door mid-air on asioned flight.
Alwar verdict falgs need for stern steps to ensure justice in lunching
 What the editorial is all about ?
The editorial is regarding a sessions court in Alwar district of Rajasthan
Judgement in a lunching case. The editorial talks about the incident
which is related to cow vigilitism.
 What was the case editorial is talking about ?
In July 2018 a muslim dairy forum was launced.
Rakbar Khan was transporting two cows along with his friend, when the
attack took place. He succumbed due to serious injuries.
The court has convicted four persons and have punished them with 7
years of Jail. It acquaitted Naval Kishore other accussed because of lack
of evidence.
The court charged the accussed of culpable homicide,had they been
charged of murder they would have given life imprisonment. The family
of the victim is not satisfied with the term, and they want them to be in
jail for life imprisonment.
 Way Ahead
This type of cow vigitalism has been seen in many other cases and both
preventive and punitive measures need to be taken in such cases.
Without Nadal, there is no clear favourite at Roland Garros
 What the editorial is all about ?
French open started on May 22, The editorial is talking about a change
of guard as new players are showing their mettle in absence and lack of
form of some old players.
 About French open
French open is played on Red soil in Paris.
Rafael Nadal has won this a record 14 times. He has cost only 3 games in
115 games he has played. But this year he will be absent due to hip
Novak Djokovic still looks Prime in his form. Apart from there, there are
some new players who will be seen closely like:
World No. 1 – Carlos Alcoras, Holger Rune, Andrey Rublev, Jannik Sinner,
and Alexander Zevrev.
In women’s the trilka of Iga Swaitek, Aryna Sabaleka and Elena Rybakina
seems more in control for this French open.
Currently, world No. 1 is Iga Swaitek All of this suggests there is no
clear favourite, but no dark horses either



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