Summary of The Hindu 26th JANUARY 2024

SC seeks method to check ED – states tussle

 The Supreme Court on Thursday called for a “ “pan India mechanism “ to determine whether political vendetta or vindictiveness ia a motive behind the union govt unleashing the Enforcement Directorate ( ED ) on officials and Ministers in non BJP ruled states , and states then retaliating by central Agency’s local officers .

The court was hearing a petition filed by ED , complaint that TamilNadu govt was not sharing , details of its investigation of FIRs and complaint against ministers, and others in cases of corruption  .

The ED has also sought the tranfer of case of bribery on its officer Ankit Tiwari from TamilNadu   Vigilance to  CBI . TamilNadu Vigilance had allegedly caught Ankit Tiwari , accepting ₹20 lakh from a doctor .

ASI report says that a temple existed at Gyanvapi site

Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI )  report on Gyanvapi Masjid was made public in Thursday.

The report has following main point :

      The ASI report concluded that it can be said that  there existed a Hindu temple prior to the construction of existing Mosque .

     The western wall of Gyanvapi Mosque located in Varanasi , UP is the remaining part of a life existing Hindu temple .

     The Preexisiting structure appears to have been destroyed during 17 th century in the reign of Aurangzeb , and a part of it was modified and reused in the existing structure .

     Scueplute of the Hindu deities and carved architectural members were found buried in  Sellar S2 .

‘Census’  on  terror links foreign ties held in J&K

Security forces and Police in Jammu and Kashmir is conducting a “census “ , which besides the names and Phone Number of resident , also seeks to know whether a family member  has terror links , has visited a foreign country , latitude Longitude details of the property , if the premises has CCTV cameras installed , and whether any encounter had taken place in the house .

The govt sources told that it is being done to minimise damage of property and protect locals in the wake of any law and order situation emerges or encounter had taken place .

Padma Vibhushan for Padma Subramanian , Venkaiyah , Chiranjeevi , Vaijantheemala

For the Year 2024 , President has approved 132 Padam Awardees . 5 of them are Padma Vibhushan , 17 are Padma Bhusan and remaining 110 has been given Padma Shri .

Padma Vibhushan winners –

 Former President Venkaiyah Naidu  Actor – Chiranjeevi , and actor Byajanthi Bali ,  Former Bharatnatyam Dancer Padma Subramaniam , and Sulabh International founder Bindeshwar Pathak has been awarded for Padma. Vibhushan .

French PM Macron begins India visit from Jaipur ; Joins PM for Roadshow

French Presidsnt Emanual Macron is Chief guest for republic day 2024 parade . On Thursday he reached Jaipur . He held a “ Shobha Yatra “ with PM Modi .

He visited Jantar Mantar , Amer Fort and Hawa Mahal along with PM Modi .

Both Amer Fort and Jantar Mantar comes under UNESCO world heritage site .

He also visited iconic Hawa Mahal.


 The finer touch : when “ artificial skin “ is more sensitive than the original

Researchers is Austria has developed electronic skin ,  The skin senses change in temperature , humiditiy and pressure .

The synthetic skin project ,is an attempt to emaluate at least some of the functions that skin performs .

Text/ Context

Why is there no snowfall in Kashmir ?

January is usually the month when. Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh is blankwtwd with snow , The winter has however seen these regions extremely dry .

There were three major reasons behind the lack of snowfall , These were drastic fall in western disturbance ( WDs ) over North West India , during December and January ; prevailing EL Nino conditions and absence of strong jet streams .


French Court rejects several portion of new emigration laws

France’s constitutional council on Thursday rejected several measures of in a decisive new immigration law that critics call inhumane and contrary to French Values .

Among the measures rejected by French  Court are those making it harder for immigrants to bring their families to France  and limiting their access to social welfare .

The bill had also provisions that strengthen French govt to deport foreigners considered undesirable .

Pak military brought back Sharif back from U.K.

The daughter of former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif has acknowledged that Pakistan’s powerfule military establishment brought her father back from U.K , where he was  self imposed  in exile for four years . She told this while addressing a  election rally in Nanakana Sahib . The opponents of Nawaz Sharif has repeatedly claimed that he was brought by Pakistan Army .

Pakistan is going for elections on February 8 .

British museum to return royal treasure looted back from Ghana

The British museum and  Victoria and Albert Museum in London will give back Gold and Silver artefacts looted during ,colonial times , from Ghana’s Asante Royal Court ..

Myanmar ethnic minority fighters claimed to have seized the port town

The Arakan Army ( AA ) said on Monday Wednesday that it  “ completely controlled “ Pauktaw , a port town in Rakhine state with a population of 20,000 .


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