Summary of The Hindu 25th JANUARY 2024

Mamata rules out LS poll alliance with Congress

TMC chief Mamta Banerjee has said  that TMC would go alone in West Bengal in the upcoming Lok Sabha election . She said that the future of the INDIA alliance will be decided after elections  .  She also expressed her displeasure at Congress over not informing her about Bharat Nyay Jodo Yatra entering West Bengal .

Congress Communication Chief Jairam Ramesh has said that some way forward would emerge after discussion .

Earlier TMC had offered Congress two seats in 42 Lok Sabha seats . Congress demand was of 6 seats. 

Macron to attend ‘ shobha Yatra “ in Jaipur today

French President Emanual Macron is chief guest for the Republic day Parade  . 

He will reach Jaipur on Thursday , where he will visit the Amber Fort and the Jantar Mantar , both Iconic tourist destinations of Rajasthan .

He will participate in a “ Shobha Yatra “ or Public Procession in Jaipur with PM Modi .

The two leaders will then meet in the evening at Taj Rambagh palace .

Later he will arrive in New  Delhi to participate in Republic Day celebrations.

Center released three drug regimen for treating Leprosy

The Union govt has approved a new treatment regime for leprosy , aiming at stopping it’s transmission at sub national level by 2027 .

Earlier it used to be 2 drug regimen for six months . Under 3 drug regime the drug Tamir cin and Clofamizone is used for all Leprosy patients .

The World Health Organisation ( WHO) had agreed to supply the revised drug regime from April1 .

Odisha to set up Melanistic tiger Safari , first of its kind in the world

The Odisha govt on Friday announced that it will establish World’s first Melanistic tiger Safari .

The Safari will be established in Baripada in Mayir janj district at 200 hectares .

This is the world’s first Melanistic tiger Reserve .

Melanistic Tiger means tigers having very dark skin  color due to higher than normal level of pigment .

The Varanasi district court on Wednesday ordered that the report on the scientific survey of Gyanvapi Mosque , conducted by Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI ) be made public to allow Hindu and Muslim petitioners to access it .


Russian plane with 65 POWs crashes ; Moscow says Ukraine shot it down

Russia accuses Ukraine on Wednesday of deliberately shooting down  Ilyushin  2 transport aircraft that was carrying 65 captured Ukrainian Soldiers  for a prisoner exchange programme . A total of 76 were killed including 65 Ukrainian  ,and Russian crew members on board Ilyushin 2 . The transport aircraft was shot down in Belgorod region near Ukrainian border .

Russian   Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Russia has called an emergency UN Security Council session to discuss the incident.

 .He called the downing of aircraft on Wednesday a “ criminal “ act  by Ukriane.

He said that  Ukrainian side launched an air defense missile from Kharkov region that hit the plane . It targeted the airplane and was a fatal strike .

Ukraine categorically has not confirmed that it blew aircraft .

Trump wins New Hampshire , Haley vows to fight on South Carolina

Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Presidential Contest on Tuesday , he has moved close to be declared  as Presidential candidate from the Republican Party .

Nikkie Healey is the only contestant fighting against Mr. Trump .

“ This race is far from Over “ Nikkie Healey said .

Earlier Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron  DeSantis withdrew their contest  for being Presidential candidate from the Republican Party .

 In US elections , two major parties Republican and Democrats conduct  primaries and Caucuses  to  elect their Presidential candidates . Republican Party support of 1215 delegates is required to conduct their presidential candidacy , for now Trump has won   32 delegates , while his rival Nikkie ahealeu has won 17 .

The Schedule of  Presidential elections in US  is on November 5 , 2024 .

 Month long ceasefire in the works  between Israel , Hamas

Israel and Hamas have moved closer to an agreement on a 30 day ceasefire in Gaza , when Israeli  hostages and Palestinian prisoners would be released .

Qatar , US and Egypt are mediating talk between Israel and Hamas for this .

Currently heavy fighting is going on in Khan Younis . The death toll has crossed 25,490 .

Houthis fired missiles at two ships in Red Sea : US

Houthie rebels fired three missiles at  Merchant ships on Thursday .This was confirmed by US Navy . Despite being attacked by US and UK , Houthis have vowed to continue with their strike .

Gold mine collapses in Mali , killing more than 70 out of 200 inside

More than 70 people have been killed after a tunnel collapsed at a Malian Gold mining site last week , local sources said on Wednesday .

Mali , which is amongst the world’s poorest countries is one of the leading Gold Producer in the World .

Turliye ratifies Sweden’s NATO  membership after more than a year’s delay

Turliye’s Parliament on Tuesday , ratified Sweden’s NATO  Membership bid with 287 in favor of Sweden Joining NATO while 55 against.

Hungarian President Viktor Obran in a phone call with NATO chief Jens Stolenberg expressed “ support “ for Sweden’s Membership for NATO .

Currently there are 31 NATO member states . For becoming a NATO member , the  consent of all NATO members is required .  Turliye earlier was not in favor of Sweden ‘s membership  , this has delayed Sweden getting NATO membership over a year .

Sweden’s support to Kurdistan fighters that are declared terrorists in Turkey was the reason behind Turkey’s stand against Sweden .

Hungary, a NATO member, has a close relationship with Russia , and was earlier stalling Sweden ‘s membership as well .

Sweden will be 32 nd NATO member when elected .


Suryakumar Yadav has been named ICC T20 player of the year for 2023

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