Summary of The Hindu 21th DECEMBER 2023

LS passes bills to replace British era criminal laws

The Lok Sabha on Wednesday passed three amended criminal bills .

The Bhartiya Nyay ( second ) Samhita Bill ( BNSS ) will replace the Indian Penal Code , 1860 ; The Bhartiya Sakshya bill (BSS )will replace Indian Evidence Act ( IEA ) 1872 ;

The Bhartiya Nyay Suraksha Samhita ( BNSS ) bill will replace Code of Criminal procedure ,1898 .

All three were passed over with a voice vote in the absence of opposition members .

Home Minister Amit Shah said that this is pure Indian law with no British imprint , the law is designed  for next 100 years .

Some important features in this law are :

     Terrorism has been defined and is included in a separate category in general crime law .

     Sedition ( Rajdroha)  has been dropped ,but a new Deshdroha has been included

     Mob lynching has been included and will invite death Penalty .

India will definitely look into Pannun assaination  bid : PM

In a interview withThe  Financial times ( A British Newspaper ) PM Modi for the first time speaking over Pannun case  said that India will “ definitely “  examine the attempt of assassination of Pro Khalistani terrorist , Gurupatwant Singh Pannun if adequate evidence is provided .

“ If someone gives us any information , we would definitely look into it . If a citizen of ours has done anything good or bad , we are ready to look into it . Our commitment is to the rule of law “ .

PM hit out at Khalistani group saying : “ These elements under the guise of freedom of expression , have engaged in intimidation and incited violence “ , PM said arguing that  “ few incident “ would not disrupt India – US relations

Govt issued an alert after 2 JN.1 cases

Union Home Minister on Monday held a virtual high level CoVId 19 level meeting after which an alert has been issued .

Till now 21 cases has been registered from Kerala , Maharashtra , Jharkhand and Karnataka . Government said that no ckusterig of cases , had been reported .

WHO classifies JN.1 as separate variant of interest from the parent lineage of BA 2.86 .

Health Ministry data says that 92.8 %of cases in India were isolated at home ; indicating mild illness .

Delhi Excise Policy Case : Kejriwal likely to skip summons again .

Sahitya Akademi announces award ; Requiem in Raga Janki ,best English work .

Sahitya Academy Award 2023 has been announced .

None books of poetry , six novels , five short story Collection , three essays and one literary study has won the award .

In English Language Neelum Sharan Gaus has been selected for her novel Requiem in Raga Janki .

In hindia Raha Sanjeev has been selected for his novel Mujhe Pahchano

Tamil author Rajshekharan ( Devi bjranti ) , Telugu writer T . Patanjali Sastry , and Malayalam writer S Ramakrishnan are among the writers who got the awards .

The award including a copper Plaque , and ₹1 lakh prize will be presented on March 12,  2024 .


Colorado court bars Trump from primary ballot in state

US Colorado Supreme Court on Friday , ruled :  Donald Trump is ineligible for US presidency because of his involvement in January 2021 assault on Capitol hill .

The Court hold the judgment with a majority of ( 4: 3 ) . The court used 14 th amendment of US constitution. , which bars from office anyone sworn to protect the country and later engaged in insurrection .

The court’s judgment was criticized by many Republicans .

Capitol Hill – It is US Congress . On January 6 , 2021 supporters of Donald Trump on call of Donald Trump had attacked Capitol Hill . 5 person died in clashed with police after police tried to restore the order . They were against win by Joe Biden .

Hamas leader visits Egypt , indicating talks on hostage swap , truce are picking up

Hamas chief Ismail Haneiyeh visited Gaza on Wednesday , for talks on a ceasefire with Israel mediated by Egypt and Qatar .

Israel and Hamas both have relaunched indirect talks mediated by Egypt and Qatar .

In earlier ceasefire for 5 days Israel had released 240 prisoners while Hamas had returned 100 hostages .

Still 129 hostages are with Hamas .Hamas has said no more hostages will be returned till war ends , and is expected to insist release of large number  of Palestinian  hostages .

Israel’s demand has this far been rejected .

More than 20,000 Palestinians has been killed thus far .

EU reached deal to reform bloc’s migration laws

EU countries and lawmakers reached an agreement of Wednesday on an overhaul of the bloc’s laws that deals with asylum seekers and migrants .

The reforms include , speedier cetti gof irregular arrivals , creating border detention centers , accelerated deportation of rejected asylum applicants , and a solidarity pressure to take pressure off southern countries , experiencing big inflows .

EU chief Ursula Van Der Layen said “ Migration is a common European Challenge – today’s decision will allow us to manage is together ..”

Migration is a major issue in EU countries . Political Parties in different countries such as Italy. Sweden , Netherland  has emerged that has hardline approach towards this .

Charitable Organizations such as Amnesty International and Oxfam has criticized the move saying in open letter that the package wild create a “ cruel system “ that is unworkable .

China’s strong Russia ties are a strategic ties

Russian Prime Minister


Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday that maintaining strong ties with Russia is a “ strategic choice “ , made by both sides based on fundamental interests of the two people , 

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