Summary of The Hindu 22th DECEMBER 2023


Coming soon a ‘  cafeteria’ for oil spill hit birds at creek in T N.

Experts are planning to establish a feeding station for birds at Ennore Creek .

The recent Contamination  due to an oil spill by industries in Manali has brought down bird popularity drastically in the area .

Turbulent winter season ends day beofe schedule

The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha was adjourned sine die a day in advance .

Some of the highlights of this session were :

     Disqualt of TMC MP Mahua Moitra .

     Security breach in Lok Sabha

     Suspension of 146 MPs from parliament

     Passage of 18 bills , major among it are :

     Telecom Regulation bill , 2023 – Was passed on Thursday by  Rajya Sabha .

     CEC and EC appointment bill


     Post office bill , 2023 .

     Bhattiya Nyay ( Second ) Samhita Bill  and  Bhartiya Nagarik Suraksha ( Second ) Samhita bill , Bhartiya Sakshya ( Second Bill )  were passed by Rajya Sabha on Wednesday . The Bill will replace IPC , CrPC and IEC acts .

Got Consular access to Gupta in Czech custody thrice : MEA

Authorities in the Czech Republic has granted Consular access to Nikhil Gupta for at least three occasions , MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said .


Nikhil Gupta was arrested by Czech on June 30 , on direction of US authorities . The charge was that Nikhil Gupta had agreed to pay 1,00,000 dollar to a hired assassin , to kill Gurupatwant Singh Pannun in USA . USA is under process to extradite Nikhil Gupta .

Earlier PM Modi in an interview has told that India will “ definitely  look into “ allegations of provided adequate information .

Under new law , doctor face two years of imprisonment for death due to negligence

The amended Bhartiya Nyay  ( second ) Samhita Bill does not provide a blanket exemption to doctors in cases of death due to negligence . It has provision for maximum two year imprisonment and fine for doctors .

Section 106 (1) of Sanhita says  a provision has been made in this regard .

Under IPC doctors were exempted from  any punishment under such acts .

Center approves deployment of CISF in parliament complex

The Union Home Ministry has approved the deployment of  Central Industrial Security Force ( CISF ) in the parliament complex , according to govt order . The overall security inside parliament is administered by Lok Sabha secretariat .While responsibility of access control and frisking is over Delhi Police .

Delhi Police has suspended eight Delhi Police Personnel who were responsible for frisking and scanning baggages .

India receives price bid for 26 Rafale Jets and 3 submarines .

Price  bid was received by Ministry of Defense from Dassault Aviation .

26 Rafale deal was signed during PM Modi’s visit to France earlier this year . The rafales procured will be used in two Aircraft carriers Vikrant and Vikramaditya .

Bid for  3 scorpene class Submarines has also been received .

Scorpene class is indigenous to France .

Don’t use derogatory  terms for persons with disability

The Election Commission on Thursday asked political parties to not use “ableist “ terms like dumb ( gunga ) , deaf ( behra ) , and lame ( langda ) in political discourse . The EC has issued an  advisory  to all parties to this effect and urged them to abide by it in letter and spirit .

EC advisory said ; “ uses of such semantics in speech or campaign by a member of any political party , or their political party can be interpreted as affront to the persons with disabilities . Common example of ableist languages are words like “ dumb ( gunga ) , retarded ( pagal , sarfira) , blind ( Andhra , Kana ) , deaf ( behra ) , lame ( langda , Lula , apanij ) . It is necessary to avoid use of such derogatory language . “  EC wrote in the advisory .

WHO prequalifies a malaria vaccine by Serum Institute

The World Health Organisation ( WHO ) on Thursday added that  R21/ Matrix M Malaria vaccine developed by Oxford   Serum Institute and manufactured by Serum Institute of India .

Prequalification will bring larger access to Medicines vaccines .

Malaria is widely prevalent in African countries , in 2022. about 249 million malaria cases were registered in which about 608000 deaths was registered across 85 countries .

Kejriwal skips ED summon for second time


Israel bombs more Gaza targets as envoys seek truce

On Wednesday Israel bombed 239 targets . With total death surpassing 20,000 . The Palestinian militant groups ,visited Egypt to talk on a possible truce .

Talks about another ceasefire on the grounds of exchanging prisoners and hostages is going on , a decision in this regard may result soon .

At least 15 dead , dozens injured in mass shooting in Prague University

An armed man opened fire on Thursday killing at least 15 people , and woulding at least 24 , sowing widespread panic . Motive behind shooting has not been given by police .

China urges Phillipines to make “ rational choice “ over clashes

Chines foreign minister Wang Wenbin said on Thursday that “ Beijing hoped that Philippines can make a rational choice ….. and work with China to properly manage and handle current maritime situation .”

Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos hit back vowing not to succumb with “ coercion “ , insisting recent standoff showed his nation’s “courage “.

Philippines and China is facing frequent standoff in South China sea .

Chinese ship blasting water on Philippines boat and collision between vessels of the two countrie are among the recent incidents .

US Venezuela swap prisoners in a rare sweep

US. freed a close ally of Venezualian President Nicholas Maduro , in exchange for the relaese of 10 Americans , imprisoned in South America .

Joe Biden administration is trying to better it’s ties with Venezuela  .



North Korea Kim again threatens to launch nuclear attack on rivals

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his country has a policy not hesitating to attack through nuclear weapons if provoked .

North Korea on Monday conducted a Inter Continetal Ballistic Missile ( ICBM ) test in five months .

Upto 3,00, 000.  Sudanese fled their homes after RSF attack

Human rights group slams meta for systematic online censorship

Human rights watch accused Meta in Tuesday of  restricting Pro Palestinian content on Facebook and Instagram , decrying “ systematic online censorship “ since the onset of Israel Hamas war .HRW has pointed 1050 takedowns.

Text / Context

Analyzing the Post Office Bill , 2023

On December 18 , parliament passed post office bill 2023 , that seeks to replace these Post Office Act 1898 .

According to. Govt the bill is passed to ensure the effective functioning of postal department as a messenger of service and a provider of banking facilities .

 What are the key feature of the bill ?

     It allows interception of articles transmitted via post on grounds such as security , of states , friendly relations with foreign states , public order , emergency , public safety , or contravention of the provision of the bill

or any other law .

     The bill exempts post office from incurring any liability unless the officer has acted fraudulently , or willfully caused any loss , delay or mis delivery of the post .

In 1898 act offenses such as theft , misappropriation , or Destruction of postal article was punishable to a period of upto seven years . However Jan Vishwas ( Amendment of Provision act ) 2023 , already removed such punishments .


The bill has been criticized on ground of violation in privacy under Article 19 and Article 21 .

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