Summary of The Hindu 20th DECEMBER 2023

Suspension continues as 45 more MPs face action

On Tuesday 49 more MPs were suspended for “ unruly behavior “ , bringing total number of suspension of opposition lawmakers from both houses to 141 .

Congress called it “ murder “ of democracy .

In both houses opposition members were demanding presence of Home Minister Amit Shah  to reply of security breach in Parliament .

Dhankar Anguished

There was no suspension in Rajya Sabha  , but but Chairman. Jagdeep Dhankar was seen anguished over  Trinamool Congress MP was Kalayan Banerjee was seen mocking Rajya Sabha chairman which was filmed by Rahul Gandhi .

BJP’s woman MPs seek more time to discuss bills

Women MPs from BJP said they should be given more time to speak on the three criminal bills – taken up for considerations on Tuesday .

The home minister was expected to speak on bill in Lok Sabha .

T. N. minister convicted faces disqualification

The TamilNadu higher education minister , K

.Pomiddy suffered a major jolt on Tuesday , with Madras High court convicting him and his wife , P. Visalakshi in one of the disproportionate assets cases faced by him .

His request on appeal will be considered on. Thursday .

Mamta Proposes Mallikarjuna Kharge as India bloc’s prime Ministerial face

Fourth meeting of INDIA bloc is going in New Delhi . West Bengal CM projected Mallikarjuna Kharge as the India’s first Dalit PM .

Congress President told that he had never assertted his Dalit identity .

‘Religious character’  of palce of worship can only be decided in a trial ,says Allahabad High Court

Allahabad High court on Tuesday said that the palce of worship act 1991 , is not a “absolute bar “ on litigants from approaching courts to define “ religious character of any palce of worship “ .

The court was hearing a plea by Anjuma Intejamia Masjid Committee tl, which manages the Gyanvapi Mosque  against Hindu petitioners by claiming that such suits are prohibited by Places of Worship act 1991 .

Places of Worship Act , 1991 – The act mandates that the religious identity of a place of worship , as it existed in August 15 , 1947 should be retained .

The act however doesnt talk that how the “religious character “ of  a worshipping place can be defined

Netanyahu calls Modi to discuss maritime threat in Red sea

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjami Netanyahu held a telephonoc discussion on the escalating threat to security in the Red sea , because of action on Houthie militants of Yemen .

A statement from PMO said that Israeli side had initiated the telephone conversation .

“ Had a productive exchange of view with PM Netanyahu on the Israel Hamas conflict , including shared concern on the safety of maritime traffic , highlighted India’s consistent stand in favour of early restoration of peace and stability , with continued humanitarian assistance for the affected , “ Mr Modi said in a message .

Houthis are attacking ships is Red Sea crossing  from Yemen , and this is a matter of concern . Many Shipping companies have hold their ships from venturing into strait of Bab EL Mandeb .

States can borrow an extra ₹2 lakh crore this fiscal year

Center has allowed states to borrow an extra ₹2 lakh crore this fiscal year , The net borrowing if 61,000 crore for meeting Pension liabilities of their NPS contributions . States can also raise ₹1.43 crore for their power sector reforms .


US launched multinational push to protect Red sea from Houthie strike

US defense secretary Llyoud Austin on Tuesday announced the creation of multinational operation to safeguard commerce in red sea from Houthie’s attack .

Mr Austin is on trip to Bahrain , which is  US Navy’s headquarter in West Asia .He said participating countries including UK , Baharin , Canada , France , Italy , Netherland , Norway , Seychelles , and Spain will conduct a joint patrol in Red sea and Gulf of Aden .

In their response Houthis has told that they would not halt attack on Red sea shipping in solidarity with Gaza . “ Even if America succeeds in Mobilising the entire world , our military operations will not stop … no matter it’s sacrifices it cost us “ A senior Houthie official said .

Overnight earthquake in northwest China kills 126

A strong overnight earthquake rattled in a mountainous region of Northwestern China ,authorities said on Tuesday .

Bangladesh protesters set train on fire amid opposition strike on pressure govt

Protesters in Bangladesh set a train ablaze on Tuesday , killing four persons .  The demand of protesters is resignation of PM Sheikh Hasina , so that January 7 election be conducted in Neutral environment.


Laughing their way to the Bank

The IPL 2024 auctions in Dubai saw several players breach ₹20 crore mark for the first time ,

     Australia’s Mitchell Starc was sold to KKR with highest ever ₹24.75 crore . Pat Cummins was sold to Sunrisers Hyderabad at ₹20 crore . NewZeakanf’s Darryl Mitchell was sold to Chennai Super Kings at ₹14 crore .

     India’s Harshal Patel was the costliest Indian player , with Kings eleven Punjab buying at 11 .75 crore .

     72 players were sold , the ten teams collectively spent ₹230.45 crore .


Regulation of net world must act on privacy concern , simplify procedures

Recently govt has introduced telecommunication Bill , 2023 which inches closer to govt long standing aim of cosnolodatong law for wireless standing , aim for consilidating law for wireless network and internet service providers , the bill has following reforms :

     Govt will be able to cotrol telecom mechanism in case of emergency and critical situations

     User of Telecom services will have to give their biometric details. This will help in curbing spam

     Licensing process – It has been digitalised , and no bureaucratic hurdle is required .

     Dispite resolution in case of telecom companies putting their towers has been given to district and state authorities

     The bill also talks about Satellite Internet Industry , no spectrum allocation will be required for this .

Though the Industry has welcomed the bill , but there are some drawbacks that need to be addressed .

There is concern related to privacy , and govt needs to address it .

Trouble in South

India must ensure a better cohesion among agencies during disaster

The editorial is about heavy rain faced by Tamilnadu from December 14 to December 17 . The rain has caused heavy damage to infrastructure , The southern parts especially , Thoothukudi , Tirunelveli , Tenkasi and Kanyakumari districts faced most of damage .

Parts of Thoothukudi recorded a heavy rain as heavy as 95 CM while  eight other places recorded 50 CM or more .

The event raises concern about India’s rain forecasting system , which didn’t give the scale and coverage of the incident .

More precise and accurate forecasting with better coordination with different departments for govt is need of hour .


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