Summary of The Hindu 20th OCTOBER 2023 Current Affairs

Over two million trapped in Gaza as attacks continue

Israeli airstrike pounded Location across the Gaza strip on Thursday , including parts of South Gaza that Israel had declared ‘safe zone ‘. A residential building in Khan Younis , a city in southern Gaza where thousands of Pakestinins had sought shelter, was among the places hit .

Israel has allowed supply of food , water and other essential commodities through Egyptian border . Many in Gaza were living on one time food .

Mass Migration – More that a million Palestinians have fled  from Northern Gaza to southern Gaza .Most have taken shelter in UN run schools and shelters .

Israel had told citizens to evacuate North Gaza and move to South Gaza .

North and South Gaza in red and white resoectively

Modi promises aid for Palestine

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences to Mahmoud Abbas , President of Palestinian authority for the loss of palestinian lives in ongoing conflict with Israel . PM Narendra Modi spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and expressed India’s support to efforts to defeat him .

” Shared our deep concern at terrorism , violence and deteriorating security situation in the region . Reiterated India’s long standing principled  position on the Israel Palestine issue .”  Mr. Modi said in a post on X .

Mr. Abbas heads Palestinian authority , which is headquartered in West Bank city of Ramallah .The Gaza City however is controlled by the Hamas militant group .

Rift in INDIA blocs as Congress goes it alone in state polls

Congress is fielding all its candidates for upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh , Rajasthan , Chhattisgarh , Telangana and Mizoram on its own without colliding with INDIA bloc .

SP chief Akhilesh Yadav statement that Congress called SP leaders and discussed seat sharing but later when list came no seats for SP were left . These allegations has raised difficulties withing INDIA bloc .

Many telling that the Bloc has been only made for Lok Sabha elections.

Southwest monsoon withdraw from India.

The southwest Monsoon has ended and North East Monsoon may set in ” in the next 72 hours ” Indian Meteorological Department IMD told on Thursday .

The onset of the Northeastern Monsoon , also known as’ retreating monsoon ‘ , is likely to be ” weak ” said IMD .

Withdrawal of Southwest Monsoon began in September 25 newly a week after the normal time .India counts rain between June 1 and September 30 as monsoon rainfall .

Southwest Monsoon this year was 94 % of normal as against predicted by IMD which was 96% .

Northeast monsoon period is between October and December.  IMD has predicted north east monsoon to be ‘ Normal ‘  .

Tamil Nadu , Kerala , Karnataka and Parts of Andhra Pradesh gets significant amount of rain from North East Monsoon . Though it accounts for only 11% of total rainfall .


नॉर्थ ईस्ट मानसून

Gujarat HC sentences four policeman 14 days jail in Kheda flogging case

Chinese technician at Vizhinjam port get nod to come ashore

Chinese Tachnician has got govt nod to disembark from project cargo vessel Zhen Hua , 15 docked at Vizhinjam International Seaport in Kerala , and assist the staff deployed to unload cranes in Kerala .

Adani Vizhinjam port has contract with Shanghai Zhenhua port machinery limited for the design , manufacturing , supply and installation of port material . On 15 October Chinese technician reached Vizhinjam but we’re stuck on board due to bad whether .

SC issues notice to police on arrest of NewsClick founder under UAPA .

Supreme Court ( SC )  two judge bench has given notice to Delhi Police over arrest of NewsClick . The hearing of the case will be on 30 October .

Earlier Delhi High Court had rejected their petition for bail saying ” the offense which are alleged falls within the ambit of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act 1967 , and directly impact the stability , integrity and sovereignty of the country and are utmost since they would affect the national security ” .

Prosecutor has cited ” Procedural infirmity ” or violation of constitutional provisions in relation to arrest and remand order .


China to work with Egypt to help stabilise ‘West Asia ‘

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday met Egypt’s Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli in Wednesday.  Xi told Egypt’s Prime administer that their countries should to bring more stability in West Asia , as the Israel Hamas was brings ” more stability ” to West Asia .

Xi repaeted China’s support for a ” two state solution to ….to realise peaceful coexistence of Israel and Palestine ” .

Meanwhile after Joe Biden. , British PM Rishi Sunak reached Israel . Mr Sunak backed Israel action against Hamas . But he told that it was also important to Gaza people to provide food , water and medicine to blockades Gaza ‘s 2.4 million people .

He announced that Britain has increased  aid to palestinian territory .

China building it’s nuclear Arsenal faster than previous estimates : US

The Pentagon report on Chinese military power says Beijing is exceeding previous projections on how quickly it is building it’s nuclear weapon Arsenal , and is almost  certainly learning lessons from Russia Ukraine war .

The report also warned that China is building a new intercontinental missile system using conventional arms  , if fielded would allow Beijing ” to threaten conventional strikes against  targets in the continental United States and Hawaii ” .

US sees China as its main threat . China may lead to invasion of Taiwan , that US fears .

Masha Amini whose death led to protests , awarded EU human rights  prize

Masha Amini 22 year old Kurdish Iranian woman who died by in Police Custody in Iran has been posthumously chosen for European Union ( EU) Human Rights Award .

Masha Amini was arrested and assaulted by Iranian Police for not wearing Scarf .

This led widespread protest across Iran .

Endless woes

Israel must stop by bombing and find a solution to thre Palestinian question

The editorial is about Israel and Hamas war . On 7 October Hamas  infiltrated Israeli territory and killed around 1400 . While about 300 Israelis are still hostages .

About 3500 Pakestinians have died till now in airstrikes by Israel . The recent one is bombing on a hospital in which more than 500 have died . Both Israel and Palestinians are blaming each other over this attack . Israel blocking  food and water and forcing Pakestinians to leave for southern Gaza has created  increased misery for 2.4 million Palestinians . The aid provided till now is what Red cross called ” a drop in the ocean ” .

Strong countries like US is backing Israel , without looking at humanitarian consequences . Also the main question of two state solution of Israel and Palestine still  is not in the agenda of countries like US and UK .

Nihari Fiasco

Acquittal shows shock , sensation cannot make up for lack of sound evidence .

The editorial is about recent Acquittal of Maninder Singh Pandher and Surinder Koli from by Allahabad High Court in Nithari case .

High Court told that the problem was shoddy and only evidence against the accused were their own statement before magistrate . The court told that even the statement were invalid as they were made after putting more than 60 days in police custody . The angle of organ trade was not looked at .


The trial court had given life given death penalty to the two .

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