Summary of The Hindu 19th OCTOBER 2023 Current Affairs

Israel Hamas trade blame over hospital blast

The Hamas militant group blamed Israel for the massive blast at al- Ahli Hospital saying nearly 5,00 died, while Israel blamed a rocket fired by other palestinian militants .

President Joe Biden landed in Israel in hopes in hopes of preventing a wider conflict in the region .He later said that the hospital attack was not Israel’s fault . ” Based on what I have seen , it appears as though it was done by other team , not you ,” .

Both sides resumed  their rocket attack on each other shortly after the arrival of Mr. Biden .

After the hospital blast , Jordan canceled a meeting. between Jordan King Abdullah 2 , Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and Egyptian President Abdel Fateh El sisi .


The Israeli military held a press briefing to describe why it is not responsible for hospital attack , it said that it was not firing in the area when the blast occurred and Palestinian militants were responsible .

Hamas called Tuesday’s hospital blast a ” massive massacre ” , saying it was caused by Israeli strike .

Modi expressed outrage over attack

PM Narendra Modi expressed his outrage

 at the hospital bombing at Gaza strip .

” ….civilian casualties in the ongoing conflict are a matter of serious and continuing concern .Those involved should be held responsible .” he posted on X .

Israeli ambassador in India issued a videotaped message accusing Islamic Jihad , a Palestine based organization for bombing .

Govt clears ₹15000 crore bonanza for staff

The Union cabinet on Wednesday approved ₹15000 crore bounty for Central govt employees , this includes extra installment for dearness allowance .

Panel hiked MSP for rabi crop

The cabinet Committee on economic Affairs (CCEA ) has increased has increased the Minimum Support Price (MSP ) for all rabi crops for financial year 2024-25.

The increase for wheat is by ₹150 , the new price for wheat is ₹2275 per quintal.

The Highest increase is for lentils ( masur ) at ₹425 per quintal ( new price : ₹6425 per quintal ) followed by rapeseed and mustard at ₹200 per quintal .

Farmers organizations have criticized telling that spending on fertilizers and other input cost has increased more than increase in MSP .

Probe Adani group for jacking up price of coal imports : Rahul

The electricity bill of consumers has gone up because of ” over invoicing ” of coal imports from Indonesia by the Adani group , former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi alleged on Wednesday , quoting a recent report from London based economic times .

Mr. Gandhi aksed PM to start a enquirie over this .

India will explore building ‘  large language models ‘

India will set up a ”  high powered committee ” to explore the development of Large Language models or LLMs. Tools that harness Artificial Intelligence. A official said .

Large language model are a cornerstone technology underlying several ” intelligent software ” and make possible applications n such as ChatGPT .


India likely to sign deal with US for 31 MQ- 9B drones by February 2024

The deal for 31 MQ- 9 B unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAVs)  with the US is expected to be concluded by february 2024 and delivery will begin from February 2027 ,defense sources have told .

In June defense ministry had cleared procurement of 31 MQ- 9 B (  UAVs ) from General Atomics ( GA) .

Ayodhya Ram temple trust receives FCRA license to accept foreign donations

The Ayodhya Ram Temple trust has received Foreign Contribution Regulation Act ( FCRA )  license . Now it can take donations from foreign sources .

Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust trust has already collected ₹3500 crore diantions given by people across India .

The trust maintained that Ram temple will be inaugurated between January 14 and January 24 , 2024 .

President launches fourth Krishi Road Map of Bihar

President Draupdi Murmu on Wednesday launched the fourth Krishi Road Map 2023-2028 ) of Bihar with an estimated cost of 1.62  lakh crore . The map focuses on increasing farm production. , while also focussing on increasing farmers income in five years .It focussed on storage , processing and expansion of seed and irrigation  ,along with crop diversification and improved agriculture marketing .


Israel to allow movement of aid to move from Gaza  from Egypt : Biden

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday reached Israel  . He said that Israel has agreed to move humanitarian support through Egypt to Gaza , but the necessary material distributed should not reach Hamas.

He said that an additional 100 million dollar would be delivered to West Bank and Gaza .

He further said that Hamas does not represent Palestinian and it has brought only suffering to them ,

Mr Biden overarching message was that US is firmly behind Israel .

Israeli President Netanyahu called US president visit ” deeply , deeply moving ” , adding ” I know I speak for all people of Israel , when I say thank you Mr. President  , thank you for standing for Israel today ,tomorrow and always “

European leaders  condemns killing of hundreds of civilians in attack on Gaza hospital attack

Prime Minister of UK Rishi Sunak  , President of France  Emanual Macron , Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz and , top diplomat of European Union Josep Borell were among those expressing grief over the Al ahil hospital blast in Gaza .

Though European Leaders were cautious about assigning blame , and no European leader has blamed Israel in their statement .

Speaking at House if Commons Rishi Sunak told ” any loss of innocent life is a dreadful tragedy ” . He further told that he has ordered independent investigation in this .

Xi vows open Market for ‘ Belt and Road Projects .

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised foreign companies greater access to China’s huge market. He also promised  more than 100 billion dollar in new financing for developing countries under Belt and Road Initiative ( BRI ) .

Under BRI China has given loan of more than 350 billion dollars  , for infrastructure projects in different countries .

More than 140 countries are part of it . All Indian neighbors except Bhutan has taken loan from China for infra projects .

World Conflict ‘strengthen’ ties with China , says Russia’s Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently in China , where he met Chinese President Xi Jinping . 

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