Summary of The Hindu 21th OCTOBER 2023

Did not violate diplomatic norms , India tells Canada

India did not violate the Vienna Conventions of diplomatic relations by asking 41 Canada Diplomats to be repatriated the ministry of external affairs ( MEA ) told on Friday .

Earlier Canadian Foreign Minister Melanine Joly had accused India of violating diplomatic norms by seeking a reduction in diplomats posted in India .

Ms Joly in a statement had announced that due to reduced number of officials , Canada was forced to stop in person services at its consulates in Chandigarh , Mumbai , and Bengaluru . Such services now will be available in the Canadian High Commissioner in Delhi .

Canada’s ‘interference’

” We have been engaged with the Canadian side on this over the last month in order to work out details and modalities of its implementation our  actions in implementing this parity are fully consistent with article 11.1  of Vienna Conventions of Diplomatic relations. ” . The reduction was necessitated to reduce Canada’s” continued interference ” in India’s internal affairs .

Israel says it won’t control civilians in Gaza post ‘war’

Israel bombarded the Gaza early Friday , hitting areas where Palestinians have been told to seek safety .It began to evacuate it’s villages at the border with lebanon.

Amid the fighting , Israeli Defence Minister Yoah Gallant said the country did not have plans to maintain control over civilians in Gaza after its war with Hamas ends.

The Israeli military said that it had struck more than 100 targets across Gaza linked to the territory’s Hamas rulers , including a tunnel and arms depot .

Palestinians reported heavy strike in Khan Younis city .

UN officials said that with the bombings across Gaza .

More than 200 trucks and some three thousand aid was still waiting in Fatah , Egyptian the town at the border of Gaza ..

UN secretary General visited the site on Friday asked for  quick movement of humanitarian material to the city .

Govt delay disturbs judicial seniority : SC

The Supreme Court on Friday said that it was both ” troublesome ” and ” very disturbing ” that the govt delays some judicial appointments and transfer in high courts while certain ” picked and chosen names were cleared in hours .

The bench said that govt’s selective segregation of names has distributed judicial seniority .

PM flags of Country’s first Regional Rapid Transit System ‘Namo Bharat ‘

Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged of country’s first Regional Rapid Transit System ( RRTS ) on Friday . The train called Namo Bharat train a glimpse of India’s promising future .The ride was opened for 17 km , Sahibabad to Duhai Depot in Uttar Pradesh . The 82 km Delhi Ghaziabad Meerut corridor is scheduled to be functional by 2025.

” Delhi Meerut stretch is just the beginning , as the first phase will see many areas of Delhi , Rajsthathan being connected .

” A similar system will be created in other parts of the country to improve connectivity and create new avenues of employment ” , PM Modi said .

The RRTS is a new railway based , semi high speed , high frequency commuter transit system . With a design speed of 180 kmph ,it is a regional development initiative , which is designed to provide high speed trains for intercity commuting every 15 minutes , going up to frequency every five minutes when required . Developed at cost of 30,000 crore it will allow a commuter to travel between Delhi and Meerut in less than an hour .

A total of eight RRTS corridors have been identified for Delhi NCR .


Map of RRTS routes to be built .

Gaganyaan Mission : ISRO is set for first test flight today

Today’s test will be of Crew Module as part of Ganganyaan programme .

 Crew Module ( CM ) will be lifted till 17 km above earth surface . Crew Escape System ( CES ) will get separated from CM . CM will land in sea 10 km from Sriharkota with help of Parachutes .The entire duration from separation of separation of. CES and touchdown is sea is right and half minutes .

Next year one unmanned programme will carry humanoid named Vyommitra

Crew Module is where astronauts will be sit and live during flight . Crew Escape System is used when any  complication mid flight occurs .During complication Crew can board from CM to CES and that will return them to earth .


Crew Module.    Gaganyaan mission

Gujrat village gets UNWTO recognition , PM hails tourism

Dhordo village in Gujarat made it to the World Tourism Organisation’s best  village list , PM Narendra Modi on Friday said .

Dhordo village is in Kutch district of Gujarat .


No political strings attached in our support : Xi to Sri Lanka

Chinese President Xi Jinping Xi Jinping and Srilankan PM Ranil Wickramsinghe met on Thursday . Xi said China will continue to assist Srilanka without any ” political strings attached ” . Mr. Xi said China would work with Srilanka to ” jointly promote high quality of Belt and Road Cooperati9on ” and push for ” new progress in ” developing China Srilanka strategy cooperation partnership .

Some major points of 19 point joint statement is ;

     China will continue to support its financial institutions in conducting ” friendly consultation with Srilanka to reach an early agreement ” .

     The Chinese side will work with relevant countries and International Financial Institutions to keep playing positive role in helping Sri Lanka address its current difficulties , alleviate debt burden , and realize sustainable development .

     Srilanka firmly supports and participates in Global Development Initiative ( GDI ) , Gloabal security Initiative ( GSI ) , and Global Civilization Initiative ( GCI ) proposed by China.


Srilanka must finalize a debt treatment plan with China and other creditors to become eligible for the next tranche of the extended fund facility put forward by the IMF .

Biden pressed for 105 billion dollar funding for Israel ,Ukraine

The White house on Friday relaesed a sweeping set of proposal to bolster Israel and Ukraine in the midst of Israel Hamas , and Russia  Ukraine war .The total cost of funding was supplemented at just over 105 billion dollar .US president Joe Biden said that Congress will move urgently on the legislation .

Pakistan PM makes a rare visit to China’s Xinjiang

Pakistan caretaker PM Mr. Kakar is in China , he took part in Belt and Road Initiative meeting.

On Friday he visited China’s Xinjiang Province and offered prayers in a Mosque .

Islamabad refused to acknowledge evidence of mass incarceration of Muslims by its key economic ally in a region that borders Pakistan .


China has been under accusation that imit has sent more than 1 million Muslims under detention facilities in Xinjiang.

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