Summary of The Hindu 17th JANUARY 2024

Mathura mosque : SC stays HC decision on inspection panel

Supreme court on Tuesday stopped the execution of Allahabad High court decision to appoint a commission to inspect the premises of Shahi Idgah Mosque at Mathura .

A Bench of Justice  Sanjiv Khanna and Justice Dipankar Datta said that High Court order was passed on an “ Omnibus , vague “ application for inspection of the mosque premises .

“ You have to be very clear , very specific , why you need the appointment of a commission under Order 26 Rule 9 code of civil procedure ( CPC ) .. your prayer was vague …. You can not make a omnibus application for the commission “ . Justice Khanna observed .

The case is listed for further hearing on 23 January .

SC bench split on nod for graft charges against Naidu

Chandrababu Naidu has filed a case to quash criminal procedure against  him in the skill development scam case .A bench of Justice Bela. m Trivedi and Justice Aniruddha Bose gave split verdict in the case , to quash criminal proceedings against him in the skill development case .

The judges were divided in whether Section  17 A of corruption act was necessary , before levelling corruption charges against Mr. Naidu in this case .

Currently Mr Naidu is on bail .

Pannun issue threats to Mann ; tight security in place , say Police

Gurupatnawnt Singh Pannun  the chief of Sikh For Justice ( SFJ )  in Tuesday gave a veiled threat to Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann   ,as  he called your to join SFJ and stop these leaders to from attending next week’s Republic day Parade .


In one of the videos he dared PM Modi to  come without security on R Day , and told that he would take revenge of Nijjar .

He sent emails to few journalist with these messages and videos .

Pannun is based in San Fransisco , he is a designated terrorist in India . Currently US investigating a possible  plot by Indian authorities to assassinate him in USA .

These PM JANMAN beneficiaries make sure no one is left behind

PM on Monday released first installement for Pucca Ghar under PM JANMAN scheme , He also interacted with some of these beneficiaries , which included Manuwanwari Bai .

PM has neamed few among PVTGs as Janaman Sanghi ( volunteer ) , these JANMAN Sanghi are going from home to home to educate people about the schemes of the future .

PVTGs are considered most backward among STs . Currently there are about 36 lakh people .

 Under PM JANMaN  PVTGs will be provided with  basic facilities such as Pucca houses , Power and Water connections at 22,000 habitations where PVTGs reside .

Home Ministry cancels FCRA registration of Center for Policy Research ( CPR )

The Union Home Ministry has cancelled the Foreign Contribution Regulation Authority ( FCRA ) , of the Center for Policy Research ( CPR ) .

Earlier Home Ministry had suspended CPR ‘s registration on the ground of violation of CPR .

India’s KABIL acquires five Lithium blocks in Argentina

India has announced the acquition of five Lithium blocks in Argentina .

Khanij Bidesh India Limited ( KABIL ) , operating under ministry of mines , signed a agreement with CAYMEN based in Catamarca province of Argentina .

India’s Lithium requirements amount to about ₹24,000 crore and are met through imports , with bulk of supplies coming from China .

Often called ‘ white Gold ‘.  Lithium is key component of EV batteries , Mobile batteries , and other energy storage solutions .


Iran launches missile strike in Pakistan : targeting militants

Iran on Tuesday attacked inside Pakistan , targetting , what it describes as bases of for the militant group Jaish al Adl , state media reported .

Those reports were then suddenly removed without explanation .

Pakistan later has confirmed the attack and has told that 2 children were killed in the attack.


Iran says it attacked Israel’s ‘ spy HQ ‘ in Iraq , Syria ; vows more revenge

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards ( RG)  said they attacked “  the spy headquarter “ of Israel in the autonomous Kurdistan region  , state media reported late on Monday .

RG also said that it also struck in Syria on Islamic states .

“ In response to the recent atrocities of the Zionist regime , killing the commanders of the guards and the axis of the resistance …. One of the main Mossad headquarters in Iran’s Kurdistan region was destroyed with ballistic missiles “, the guard said in a statement .

Iraq condemned the attack and called it a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and security of the people , including filing a complaint at the UN Security Council .

Iran’s attack in Syria is the killing of Guard’s member in Syria  last month , including a senior guards commander , including who had served as military advisor .

The recent development concerns towards spill over of Gaza war in the region .

US strikes Houthi anti ship missiles

The US launched a new strike against the Yemen based Houthis on Tuesday , hitting Houthie with anti ship missiles .

Earlier Houthie claimed responsibility for a cruise missile attack against , the Malta flagged bulk carrier Zografia in Red sea . No one was injured in the strike .

Israel to wind down war operations in southern Gaza

Israel has said it’s operations against Hamas in southern Gaza , will soon enter a less intensive phase .

Currently Israel’s strikes are mainly focussed on Southern Gaza cities of  Khan Younis and Rafah . North Gaza has suffered heavily through Israeli strikes , Israel already  has diminished it’s operations in North Gaza .

The death toll in Gaza has crossed 24,000 , with 70 % of them Women , adolescent and children .

OpenAI to not allow AI for political campaigning and lobbying in elections

US based Artificial Intelligence research organisations , Open AI has said it will not allow its AI platform for political campaigning and continue to work to prevent “ Deepfakes “ and charbots impersonating  candidates .

OpenAI owns  platforms like ChatGPT , Dalle 3. Fake images can be generated with the help of Dalle 3 .

ChatGPT can be used for voice impersonation , it can be used to make deepfake videos for election campaigning .

China bids to win back Global elites at annual meet in Davos .

54 th Annual World Economic Forum ( WEF ) meet will commence between January 15 to January 19 in Davos ( Switzerland ) .

Leaders from across the globe has reached Davos . China has sent its Premier  Li Qiang ,while Ukrianian President Zelensky will participate first time after Russian attack on Ukriane .

Among other world leaders that will be participating is EU’s chairman Ursula Vander Leyen . From India Women and Child Welfare minister Smriti Irani will take part .

Problems and Issues confronting the world is generally discussed during WEF annual meet .

AI is going to be a major topic of discussion .

Chiense Premier calls for ‘red line ‘ on AI Development

Speakinga at WEF Davos , Chinese Premier said that “ AI mist be guided in a direction that is conducive to the progress of humanity “

“ So there should be a red line in AI development  , a red line that must not be crossed “ . Mr Li is participating with a large delegation

Trump wins big in Iowa ; Ramaswamy quits race

Former President Donald Trump won second win in Iowa caucuses .

Vivek Ramaswamy quit from the race , and vowed support for Trump . Nikkie Helley and Ron De Santis is still in the race .

In US to elect Presidential candidates from each parties , Primaries and Caucuses are fight  over to elect Presidential candidate from each party .

Pacific Island Nauru cuts relation with Taiwan , switches to China

The tiny South Pacific nation of Nauru has announced it was switching it’s diplomatic ties from Taiwan to China . There are only 12 countries now that recognises Taiwan as a nation . China does not hold diplomatic relation with any country that recognises Taiwan .

Text / Context

Understanding the 10 th schedule

 Recently Maharashtra Speaker refused to disqualify 40 MLAs of Maharashtra  calling it as real shiv Sena .He also did not disqualify 14 MLAs of the  Uddhav Balsahaheb Thaxkrey ( UBT ) Faction .

10 th Schedule

Was  introduced through  52nd Amendment , in 1969 to stop MLAs from changing parties .

Key Provision

A MP or MLA who voluntarily gives up membership of his policial party or votes against the instruction of party stands to be disqualified from house .

Each Party appoints a ‘ whip ‘ , who issues instruction about voting .

There are two exceptions under this

1– If  One third party spreading a memeber splitting to form a separate grouping  , then can not be disqualiied

2– Merger of their ‘political party ‘ with  another party approved by two third of candidates , then it cannot be disqualified .

What happened in Maharashtra –

In June 2022 , a faction of  Shiv Sena , headed by Justice Eknath Shinde , moved with 37 of 55 MLAs  and claimed to be the real Shiv Sena .

UBT faction however told that it was the real party .The two factions had appointed its own whip.

The speaker has now recognised that Eknath Shinde faction as the real Shiv Sena , the whip appointed by it as real . The speakers based on this refused to disaualfy 40 MLAs from from Shi de faction . He also refused to disqualify 14 MLAs from of UBT faction .

The allegations against PVR for the abuse dominant power


Recently Competition Commission of India ( CCI ) rejected a complaint allegeing that PVR had a used its market position by giving preferential treatment to films from larger production houses than those by independent film makers .

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