Summary of The Hindu 15th JANUARY 2024

Muizzue sets deadline for India to withdraw troops

Maldivian President Mohammad Muizzue has asked India to withdraw  it’s troops from the  island nation  by March 15 , a top official said on Monday . Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim , the Principal secretary of Abdullah public policy said on Sunday .

The announcement was made as India – Maldives high level core group made when PM Modi met President Muizzue had its first meeting. .

A statement by Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ) made no mention regarding withdrawal of troops . Instead it noted “ both sides discussed “ finding workable solution to enable continued operation of Indian aviation platform , that provide humanitarian and medvac ( medical Evacuation ) services to the people of Maldives “

According to the Maldives govt , India has 88 soldiers stationed in Maldives New Delhi has maintained that most of them are technical staff , maintained predominantly in maintaining aircraft gifted by India .

Muizzue’s election campaign was based on “ India out “ .

Rahul vows to restore peace as he starts Yatra in Manipur

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi started Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra on Sunday .

The 6713 km Yatra , covering much of the distance by bus , was flagged by Mallikarjuna Kharge at Thoubal , The Yatra will conclude in Mumbai on March 20 .

The Congress leader earmarked on the Yatra with a promise of bringing peace and harmony in the violence hit state .

Rising sea , shrinking sanda erodes the vibrancy of Ganga Sagar Mela

GangaSagar Mela is celebrated every year at Gangasagar coast  in West Bengal .

Gangasagar is a point at the  confluence of Ganga and Bay of Bengal  . The fair is held every year at KapilMuni’s Ashram on  14 and 15 January .

Gangasagar Mela is second largest Hindu fair ( after Kumbh Mela ) . In 2023 , 51 lakh devotees gathered in the Mela .

West Bengal govt is separately seeking a “ national fair “ status for the annual religious congregation .

The Mela is  facing challenges with regard to raising sea level , erosion in front of Kapil Muni Ashram . Erosion is a main concern here , tetrapods has been installed by the Ministry of irrigation to avert this , still work needs to be done to protect the auspicious fair .


Ban goes unneeded as rooster fight get huge patronage in Andhra Pradesh during Sankranti

Roosterfight or cockfight is generally part of Makar Sankranti celebration in East Godavari district .

The practice is widespread in coastal district of Andhra Pradesh including Krishna , Godavari , East Godavari and West Godavari despite being illegal in India .

The fight is banned by Supreme Court under Prevention of Cruelty against Animal Act .

Despite this ban it is  draws huge audience every year , with many from different districts visiting for this .


Israel strikes South Central Gaza , as war enters 100 th day .

Israel tanks and aircraft hit targets in central and southern Gaza on Sunday and there were fierce gun battles in some areas as. war reached 100 days since the October 7 attack .

Fighting was concentrated in the southern city of Khan. Younis .

Debmark’s king Frederick X , accessed to the throne on Sunday, ushering in a new era after his mother queen Margrehte Abdicated .

Taiwan tells China to ‘ face reality ‘ after election results

Taiwan tells China to “ face reality “  on Sunday as voters chose pro sovereign candidate Lai Ching Te as President , as Beijing issued the fresh warning .that a new independence , moves for island will be “harshly punished”  .

China’s Foreign minister Wang Yi , said  “ Of anyone on the island of Taiwan thinks of going for independence , they will be trying to split China , and will certainly  be harshly punished by both history and law “

N.Korea fires missile into sea , Foreign minister to visit Russia .

North Korea fired an apparent intermediate range missile into the South  China sea on Sunday . The missile fell outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone ,the Japanese  Foreign Ministry said .

Meanwhile North Korea’s Foreign Minister Chie shoe Hui will  visit , Russia from Monday to Wednesday .

.Frederick X ascends the throne of Denmark as queen abdicates after 52 weeks .


Indonesia’s Mount Merapi erupts more than 150 people evacuated .

Mount Merapi on the Indonesian Island Sumatra erupted again on Sunday morning. , promoting more than 150 people to evacuate .


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