Summary of The Hindu 14th JANUARY 2024

Kharge named INDIA chairperson , Nitish suggested as convener

Virtual  meeting of INDIA bloc members were held on Saturday.

Congress chief Mallikarjuna Kharge emerged to be the consensus choice to be the chairperson of INDIA bloc members .

Bihar Chief Minister and Janta Dal ( United ) chief Nitish Kumar , name was suggestted as the convener of the group by everyone present , but Nitish Kumar neither immediately  accepted nor  rejected the proposal .

A final call will be taken after consulting those leaders who skipped Saturday’s meeting , including TMC chief Mamta Banerjee , Shiv Sena ( UBT ) leader Uddhav Thakcrey and SP chief Akhilesh Yadav .

Jaishankar to visit Iran amid Israel tension

EAM S. jaishankar will be visiting Iran on Monday to

The Minaitrybahs announced that Mr. Jaishakar will meet his counterpart Hussain Amir Abdoulahian , to discuss “ bilateral, regional and global issues .

The visit comes at a time when the US is attacking Iran backed Houthis in Yemen .

NIA shares input with FBI on San Francisco attack

The National Investigation Agency ( NIA ) has shared its findings with US Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) , on the March 2023 attack on the Indian consulate in San Fransisco .

The findings were handed over during FBI chief’s visit to India  last month .

Mr. Wray had informed the officials that the FBI was aggressively  investigating the attack .

In March 2023 , the Indian Embassy was vandalized by Pro Khalistanis in San Francisco .

Army adopts Topa Pir as model village after civilian deaths

The army has rolled out fresh measures to reach out to the people of Pir Panjal valley , which has turned into the battleground recently . Topa Pir Village  has been adopted by the Army as a Model Village by the Army .

This is the same village where in Dera ki Gali area militants  killed four army men . Four civilians died while in custody of the Army. Investigation is going on regarding this .

Arrangement in place for Makaravilakku festival at Sabarimala

Makaravilakku Festival will be celebrated at Lord Ayyappa Sabarimala on Monday on Occasion of Makar Sankranti .

Abkut 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh pilgrims are expected to be present on the day .

Center planning to promote less known tourist sites

The Union tourism minsitry ,is creating awareness of less known tourist attraction in the country by holding special festivals and conventions at these places every three or four months . Center will collaborate with state govt for this , the places which are not popular with tourist but have the potential to emerge as tourist center will be foucsses under this .

This includes places such as Sultanpur in Haryana , places of Mythological significance such as Kurukshetra in Haryana , and culture heritage sites such as Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh .

On January 9 and 10 a conference in Kurukshtera hosted tour operators , opinion makers , and social media influencers across India .

Center yet to take call on beginning HPV vaccination campaign for girls

The Union health ministry said on Saturday that it was yet to take a decison on starting a vaccination campaign on human Polpillovirus( HPV ) .

The govt’s immunisation advisory group has already recommended vaccination for girls , as part of the universal immunization programme for girls under Universal Immunization Programme .

WHO has recommended that HPV vaccine is effective for prevention of HPV Serotype 16 and 18 .

HPV causes cervical cancer in girls .

India’s oldest living City found in Vadnagar

A joint study by five prominent institutions has found evidence  of cultural continuity  in Vadnagar in Present day Gujrat  , even after the collapse of Harappan civilization , thus making it likely that “ dark age “ was myth .

The study was conducted Jointly by Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI ) , IIT Khargpur , JNU and Deccan College has now found evidence of human settlement that is as old as 800 BCE  contemporary with Buddhist Mahajanapadas .

The study also shows that the rise and fall of different kingdoms , during the 3,000 year period of recurrent invasions of India by central Asian warriors, were driven by severe changes in climate like rainfall or drought .

Indus valley civilization is dated  from 3300 BC to 1300BC. The period between between 1300 to around 600 BC is called as “dark age “ .

Later in plains of Punjab Vedic civilization started  .  The remains of city like life in Vadnagar shows continuation of IVC .

Vadnagar – It is an important Buddhist site , Hiuen Tsang had visited and stayed here in 640 CE .


Versatile singer Prabha Atre passes away at 92 .


We may be small ,  but won’t be bullied says Maldives Muizzu following China visit

Maldives President Mohammad Muizzue returned Male after visit from China .

On his return he said that Maldives can be a small country but that does not allow others to “bully” the country .

He further noted in his media statement that the Indian Ocean “ does not belong to one particular country “ and that Maldives “ does not belong to one particular country “ and that the Maldives “ is not anyone’s backyard “ .

India and Maldives is not with good terms since Muizzue took power , he had declined to renew several projects by India in Maldives .

Recently after remarks by his three ministers on PM Modi , he suspended the three ministers .

Lai visit Taiwan polls as voters cheer for democracy

Lai Chang Te has won the Presidential election in Taiwan . Lai vowed to defend Taiwan from “ intimidation”  from  China  .

Beijing had earlier called Mr. Lai “ a “  severe danger “ and had urged voters to shun him .

Beijing on Saturday said that the result would not stop “ the inevitable trend of China’s reunification . “ .

In his victory speech Mr. Lai said he would maintain peace and stability in Taiwan strait .

‘US does not support Taiwan  independence ‘

US President Joe Biden said the U.S. does not support the independence of Taiwan , when asked for reaction to Saturday’s poll .

One China Policy says that there is only one China and Taiwan is part of China . Most of the countries around the world agree upon this .

China does not have any diplomatic relationship with any country which recognises Taiwan as an independent country . The US also follows the One China Policy .

The US is the most important International backer and Arms supplier to Taiwan despite lacking formal diplomatic ties .

Pakistan “ shuts ‘ key  crossing on Afghan border to truck drivers

Pakistan effectively closed a key northwestern border crossing , the Torkham border crossing for truck drivers in Saturday ,Taliban govt said .

Truckers for years were able to cross Tokharam border without any documents . In new arrangement Afghans will have to show Visas and Passports . Afghan Officials have also started looking for documents from Pakaitanis crossing the border .

Pakistani is concerned about increased attack by Talibani groups on Pakistan Military installments . The decison has been taken because of this mainly .


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