Summary of The Hindu 14th APRIL 2024

17 Indians abroad Israeli Cargo vessel seized by Iran

Iran’s  Revolutionary Guard seized a Israeli affiliated container vessel vessel MSC Aries in Gulf of Homruz on Saturday .

The container vessel is owned by London Headquartered Zodiac Maritime , which is owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer . The vessel was going from UAE to India .

There were a total 25 crew members on board the vessel that included 17 Indian , four Filipino , two Pakistani , One Russian and One Estonian .

Indian officials said that they were in touch with Iranian authorities, through diplomatic channels in Tehran and Delhi . Also that they were trying fro security , welfare and early release of their nationals.

Pirate Operation : Israel

Israel Foreign minister Israel Katz in a post on X termed the seizure a “ pirate operation “ , in violation of international law . He said “ I call for the European Union and Free world to immediately declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization and to sanction Iran now “ .

Meanwhile, the US has decided to send more troops to the region .

Iran Israel tension cloud future of Indians hired for Israeli construction site

Govt  of India and Israel govt has recently signed an agreement in November , the agreement was about to send Indian workers to work in the Construction sector in Israel .

Israel was facing shortage of workers after it stopped Palestinian to work in Israel after the October 7 Hamas attack .

The first batch of 64 workers were flown to Israel on April 2 .

It is expected that 6,000 Indian workers will fly on to Israel till April May.

Many are questioning govt move in such a distressed time .

After a rise in tension between  Iran and Israel , on Friday the Ministry of External Affairs issued an advisory to all Indians to not travel  Israel and Iran .

Kwatra meet with US officials reviews , reviews progress in strategic partnershi

Foreign  Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra is on a visit to the US , he held a wide range of meetings with US officials on Friday .

where he met with US Deputy secretary of defense Kathleen Hicks and discussed a wide range of issues concerning bilateral and military engagements .

The two sides discussed how to advance the coproduction of fighter jet engines and armored vehicles .

Continued success of India US Defense Acceleration Ecosystem ( INDUS  X ) was also discussed .

Regional issues such as Free and Open Indo Pacific was also discussed .

Entrepreneur and Pilot , Gopichand Thitakura  is aiming for a place in Indian space history

Gooichand Thoktura will be among six crew members of Blue Origin who will be part of commercial space flight . He will be second Indian in Space after Rakesh Sharma .

Rakesh Sharma has stayed in space for around a week on board Russian Soyuz .

Blue Origin is a company by Jeff Bezos  for space travel .

Karman line in space which is 80 km above earth’s sea level divides inner space and outer space . Any person crossing Karman line  is recognised as an astronaut .

The blue Origin capsule status for few hours at 100 km and then returns back .

The term “ Astronaut “ is generally used by US . While Russian use the word “ Cosmonaut “ , Chinese use the word “ taikonauts “ , and prospective Indians will be using “ vyomanauts “ of “ gaganauts “ .

Remove beverages from ‘ health drinks ‘ category

The government in a recent advisory has asked all the  ecommerce platforms including ‘ Bournvita ‘ to remove drinks and beverages including bournvita from their portals .

Under laws there is no category such as  ‘ health drink ‘  under FSSAI.


As Iran seizes container ship  , Israel warns of ‘consequences’ of escalation

Israel warned on Saturday that Iran would suffer the “ consequences “ for choosing to escalate the situation any further “.  The warning came after Iran seized a container vessel owned by a Israeli National .

On April 1 , Israeli air force attacked Iranian consulate in Damascus .

Two days ago Iran’s top military leader Ayatollah Khameini  talked of punishing Iran.

Since then speculation has been going on over a possible Iranian attack on Israel .

Germany to send additional Patriot system to Ukraine

Germany said on Saturday that it will send an additional Patriot air defense system to Ukraine to bolster the hard pressed military and help in finding an increased Russian aerial attack .

On Saturday German Chancellor Olaf Scholaz talked with Vladimir Zelensky reaffirming the his unwavering solidarity with Ukraine .

Terror attacks leaves 11 persons dead in Balochistan province of Pakistan

At least 11 persons , nine from Punjab Province were shot dead in two different incidents on Saturday in two separate incidents in Balochistan, Pakistan .

In the first incident nine passengers were killed in the Noshaki area of Balochistan .  The passengers’ Identity card was checked and those only from Punjab Province was killed .

In a separate incident two persons were killed on  a highway in the same are by gunmen. .

No organizations has claimed responsibility  .

But Baloch nationals often carry such acts of violence against  people from Punjab . They allege that people from Punjab were involved in extracting mineral wealth from Balochistan .

Ecuador officials calls officials’ raid in Mexico embassy ‘ illegal ‘ and ‘ arbitrary ‘

Ecuador’s national court ruled on Friday that the seizure and arrest of former Vice President Jorge Glas from Mexico’s embassy in Quito was “ illegal and arbitrary “ .

But the high court announced that Mr Glas will remain behind bars .

Mexico had broken diplomatic ties with Ecuador following the arrest of Mr Gkas weeks ago . Mexico has moved to International Court of Justice to suspend Ecuador from the UN .

Several Latin American countries and western countries have condemned the embassy intrusion as a violation of the Vienna Convention ,1961 .

Five women among six killed in a knife attack in Sydney mall

Six person were killed and several others were injured when a knife wielding attacker rampaged through a busy Sydney mall . The attacker has not been identified .


How did the law of disclosure of assets evolve

The story so far :

There have been two recent development that focussed on disclosure by electoral candidates .

BJP Thiruvananthapuram candidate Rajiv Cha drashsekhar had allegedly failed to report all the assets he owns in an affidavit during electoral nominations .

The Supreme Court in a case noted that not every bit needs to be disclosed as candidate also has a right to privacy .

Law related to disclosure

Candidates need to disclose their assets and liabilities , including those of their spouses and their dependents . This was introduced through a landmark judgment of the Supreme Court .

Section 125 A of the RPA , 1951 prescribes a six month prison term , or a fine , or both , for any candidate’s failure to disclose the required information or conceding such information . Under section 100 of RPA ,1951  The election can also be declared void on charges of “ improper acceptance of any nomination “ or “ any non compliance with the provision of the constitution or of this act or rules made under this act “ .

Court can also prosecute the candidate over any omission or false information .

About the latest court ruling

The case concerned the election of Karikho kri, an independent candidate who won a seat in Arunachal Pradesh Assembly in 2019 .

His election was challenged by a Congress candidate on the ground that Mr Krishna had not disclosed some moveable assets in the name of his wife and children .

The Itangar bench of the High court of Assam. Nagaland , Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh declared Mr Kri’s election as void on the grounds that he had not disclosed three vehicles (sold some years ago but still in his name ) .

The Supreme Court set aside the High Court’s judgment on the ground that non disclosure was not of a substantial nature .

The court said that It was not necessary to declare every item of movable property .unless it is of such value to be sizeable in itself .

However the court said that what omission is substantial or not will depend on facts of each case .

Why is there WHO alert on rival Hepatitis

The story so far :

Recently WHO released the World Hepatities Report 2024 .

India accounted for 11.6% of total hepatitis disease globally in 2022 . India stands only after China in number of Hepatitis deaths .

Highlights of the report

     Second leading death causing infections disease with 1.3 millions deaths globally .

     83% of the death is caused by Hepatitis B while 17% by Hepatitis C .

     Half the burden of Hepatitis B and C isaming people between 30-54 . 12% of the disease is among the children .

What is Hepatitis ?

Hepatitis is the inflammation of liver that is caused by a range of infectious diseases .

There are five strains of Hepatitis virus A,B,C,,DAnd E . Type B and C reema is the most lethal that causes most of the deaths .

Hepatitis B can be cured from vaccination m while hepatitis C can be cured through medicines .

In India vaccination for Hepatitis B is included in childhood immunization programmes .

The trend in Climate Change Jurisprudence

The story so far :

In a recent judgment ,the Supreme Court observed that citizens have a “  right against adverse effect of climate change “ . The court was giving a verdict in a case of deaths of Great Indian Bustard due to solar power transmission lines.

What is the context

The Great Indian Bustard , is an endangered species found in Kutch Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan . Their numbers were declinkg due to death by collision with Solar Power lines in the area .

The demand of the petitioners were to underground the power lines . But power distributing companies said it to be costly affairs that will undermine India’s energy security and will also hamper India’s commitment to become a net zero nation .

The court formed a committee in 2021 to look into which power lines is required to  be underground .

What does the Judgement say on human rights and climate change ?

The court noted that the Indian government has formed multiple agencies to combat the problem of climate change . Currently Rights regarding climate Change is out under Article 14 and Article 21 , which talks about right to equality and  Right to life respectively .

Court however said that as the problems related to climate change is increasing , there is need to put “ Right against adverse effect of climate change “ under a different Rights category .

The court highlighted the need of solar power for energy security .

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