Summary of The Hindu 15th APRIL 2024

Need a strong Modi govt : Modi at BJP Manifesto launch

PM Modi on Sunday released BJP’s election manifesto named as “ sankalp patra “ .

The manifesto has the following salient points . The manifesto is entitled “ Modi ki Guarantee 2024 , committed to viksit Bharat 2047 “ , and terms section of foreign policy as “ Modi ki Guarantee as Vishwa Bandhu Bharat “ .

It states the Modi government has evacuated 1.5 crore India stuck in the conflict zone

PM Modi expressed concern over uncertainty and tension looming over world . PM Modi termed this was “ India’s time “ for external growth and on the international scene .

PM Modi further said that a “  strong government  with full majority was necessary “ .

The document has following main features :

     It aims to ensure quality of life , and employment generation through investment .

     Free health coverage of upto ₹5lakh for citizens above the age 70 . Mudra loan for small entrepreneurs will be raised to ₹20 lakh from current ₹10 lakh .

     Uniform civil Code and simultaneous elections for Union and states .

     Vowed to promote the work of Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar globally . “ We will build Thiruvalluvar cultural center all over the world .”

     Focus on GYAN – The manifesto focuses on GYAN communities : Gareeb ( poor )  , Yuva ( youth ) , Annadata ( farmers )  and Nari ( women )

     The BJP pledged to include every senior citizen above the age 70 years , regardless of their economic status in the ambit of Ayushman Bharat .

     It has promised to improve livelihood opportunities to SC and ST communities

BJP manifesto drops NRC , says CAA to give citizenship to all ‘ eligible persons ‘

NRC was one of the poll promises of BJP in 2019.

The pastries stand on this is that only CAA will be able to handle all citizenship issues.

 Center orders probe in foreigners receiving organs as number of transplants surges

The Union government has ordered an investigation into Organ transplants involving foreign nationals in India .

Recently number of implants to foreign nationals has increased  this was informed by  National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation ( NOTTO )  .

Ministry of Health and Family welfare has called for close monitoring of such transplants by authorities of state and Union territories .

In first rally for Lok Sabha campaign , Mayawati vows for statehood of western UP

In her first rally in Muzaffarnagar , Ms Mayawati accused both BJP and  INDIA bloc .

Bahujan Samaj Party ( BSP ) this time is fighting in more than 100 seats for the upcoming Lok Sabha election .

Ms Mayawati said that her party will take concrete steps to make western Uttar Pradesh a separate state of voted to power at the center.

India ‘seriously concerned ‘ over Iran Israel hostilities

India on Sunday said that it was “ seriously concerned “ by the recent escalation of hostilities in the Gulf region , and called for “ “ immediate  de-escalation “ .A MEA statement said .


Iran warns Israel retaliation will trigger ‘ large response ‘

Iran warned Israel and United States on Sunday of a “ much larger response “ if there is any retaliation to its mass drone missile attack on Israel.

By attacking Israel , Iran signals strategic patience is over

Iran launched a wave of drone and missile attacks on Sunday night in retaliation for April 1 air strike .

Iran knows it crossed the line when it became the first nation in West Asia to launch an attack on Israel  since the 1991 Gulf war  .

Israel can retaliate but if Israel does it can be an open war .

Iran is the strongest power in the region . But it had never attacked Israel directly before this attack .  On the other hand Israel is currently facing problems in Gaza . After six months of operation in Gaza , Israel still has not been able to eliminate Hamas .

World  leaders call for restraint following Iran’s attack on Israel

World leaders called for restraint on Sunday after Israel after it came  under an unprecedented attack by Iran .

US Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said “ We don’t want to see this escalate . We are not looking for a wider war with Iran . “

Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amir – Abdollahain said Tehran has notified neighbours states ahead of Saturday’s attack , stressing its aim was to punish Israeli regime “ .

NATO said it was “ vital that the conflict in the middle East ( West Asia ) does not spiral out of control “

British jets countered Iranian attack drones,  says Sunak

The UK’s Royal Air Force ( RAF ) participated in taking down drones from launched at Israel by Iran . Mr Sunak called for calm ahead of meeting . Mr Sunak also issued a statement on Saturday condemning Iran’s. “  reckless “ attack , said that if Tehran’s attack were successful “ the fallout of regional stability would be hard to state “ .

In other statement released by US president he confirmed the downing of several drones by US jets . The US and UK drones are in the region to counter Islamic State .

Text and Context

What is doxxing and what measures can you take if it happens to you ?

The act of digitally publishing anybody’s personal details is called doxxing.

It allows users and criminals who are thousands of miles away to target the victims by putting their personal details online for other s  to exploit .

Doxxers generally publish highly personal data. such as other people’s home address ,phone no , private email IDs , medical conditions , govt documents , social security number , live location , insurance information , private details .

The information obtained from illegal sources such as hacking or heft .

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