Summary of The Hindu 13th APRIL 2024

NIA arrests Bengaluru cafe bomber and chief consuorator in Bengal

In a significant breakthrough , the National Investigation Agency  ( NIA ) arrestted the bomber and chief conspirator in Bengaluru’s Rameshwaram Cafe blast case .

The arrested persons were identified as Abdul Mathed Ahmad Tahaa and chief conspirator in the case , Mussavir Hussain Shazib .

The  IED blast in Rameshwaram cafe on March 1 had left nine person injured .

The duo came under Radar of security agencies in 2020 , when they were accused of making Al Hind module on lines of Islamic State (IS ) , to operate from Jungles of Tamilnadu and Karnataka .

They were also involved in Graffiti case in Mengaluru 2020 , IED blast case in Shivmoga and Cooker blast in Mangalore .

Inflation in India slowed , yet no relief in food bills .

In March India’s retail Inflation moderated to a 10 month low to a ten month low to 4.85% in March from 5.1% in Fabruary .

But food inflation remained sticky at 8.52% a little changed from 8.66% in Fabruary .

Within food basket Vegetable (28 % ) , pulses ( 17.7 %) , and eggs ( 10.33 %) remained in double digit zone , changing slightly from previous month .

Inflation for Urban Consumers eased significantly from 4.8% in fabruary to 4.14% in March .

Rural inflation in March (5.45 % ) was comparatively higher from Fabruary (5.34 % ).

Industrial output grew 5.7% on Fabruary .

India’s year on year Industrial output growth hit 5.7% , a four month high . Led by 8% growth in mining and 7.5% growth in electricity generation .

Index of Industrial Priloduction ( IIP ) slid a three month low at 147 .2 .

The IIP is an idex that indicates the performace of various indistrial sector in Indian economy .

It is calculated and published by Central Statistical Office ( CSO ) every month

Time is not far for J&K to get the statehood : Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi  in a rally in Udhampur on Friday accussed INDIA bloc leaders of “.Mughal mindset “ .

For the first time speaking on elections is Jammu and Kashmir PM said that time was not far from the elections . And soon people will be able to realise their dreams through full statehood of Jammu and Kashmir .

Ban on Shabir Shah’s outfit JKDFP upheld by UAPA tribunal

A tribunal has upheld the Union government’s decision to decalre Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Party (JKLFP ) founded by separatist leader Shabir Ahmad Shah , an “ unlawful association “ , under anti terror unlawful activities ( UAPA ) .

The ban is effective for five years .

The Tribunal quoted the NIA investigation in 2019 , which stated that in , 2016 the “ Pakistan government “ had sent ₹1.1 crore to Shah , to be distributed among the people who attacked the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir .

India welcomes steps by Taliban to restore asset of minorities

India has welcomed Taliban’s decision to restore property of Minority Hindus and Sikhs .

Recently Afghan ‘ Justice Ministry ‘ has initiated a large scale crackdown in major cities of ‘ property Mafia ‘ who had gained these properties illegally  earlier .

EAM Spokesperson commenting over this said that it was a “ positive development “ .

There are reports that some minority Sikhs has returned to  Afghanistan to claim their properties World

West Asia on edge amid fears of Iran’s  hit

On Friday west Asia was on edge amid fears of military confrontation between Israel and Iran .

After April 1 air strike by Israel on Iranian consulate in Damascus , that killed seven person including two senior military Personnals the two counties is facing tension .

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayotollah Ali Khmeini has vowed to Punish “ evil regime “ of Israel.

Israel has neither accepted not denied the attack .But it has cancelled all the leaves of  its military Personnals .

US , France  and many other countries has advised their citizens not to travel Israel .

India in its recent advisory has asked Indians not  to travel  to Israel and Iran .

In West Asia Iran is supposed to be the God Father of Organisations such as Hamas , Hezbollah,  Houthis , Islamic Union etc .

Iran provides them regular funding and support .

China urges US to ‘play constructive ‘  role in West Asia

China has urged the United States to play a constructive role in “ west Asia “ .

This comes after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked on Phone with Antony Blinken .

US urged China to use its influence in West Asia to prevent any attack by Iran on Israel .

Iran is particularly close to China .

While Israel and US are very close .

2022 draft documents can be used as starting point from the peace talks

The Kremlin said on Friday that a draft document during Russia Ukraine agreement negotiated in ,2022 , could be the starting point of the peace talk between the two countries.

In March 2022 , Russia and Ukraine had held meeting in Istanbul to sort out conflicting issues .

Russia’s demand back then was recondition of Crime as Russian territory by Ukriane , independence for Donbas and Luhansk etc .

This comes just after on Thursday Russian President Putin mocked Peace summit to be held in Switzerland .Putin warned that Russia would not accept any enforced peace plan.

Military trainers from Russia arrive in Niger

Russian Military trainers has reached Niger to train Niger military . This was shown in a video released earlier  by military personals .

Niger is facing civil war after its military leader earlier captured power from elected govt .

Niger is facing huge pressure from French , US and Western countries to restore the previous govt . Russia on the other side is helping military govt against West ..

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