Summary of The Hindu 12th APRIL 2024

ADB projects India’s GDP growth at 7 % this year

Asian Development Bank recently released Asia Development Outlook report 2024 .

The report has forecasted India’s economic growth to be 7 % for 2023-24 , which is expected to increase to 7.2 % for the year 2025-26 .

The other major points in the report are :

     Inflation –  The report expects inflation to be 4.6% this year , which is expected to be 4.5 % in years to come .

     Export is likely to be muted this year however it will pick up in 2025-26 with higher industry and infrastructure investment .

Need a simpler tariff policy to boost manufacturing , says ADB

India needs to take efforts to simplify it’s tariff policy to enhance its trade competivetivenes and redress its. ‘ limited ‘ integration with global value chain ,the ADB said.

Apple charges hacking alert wording after India. ‘pressure ‘

Apple Inc.  has changed the words used for warning iPhone users about any cyber attack.

The attack now uses  words like “ state backed attackers “ , “ mercenary “ hackers etc in its email alerts .

Such alerts will come in 91 countries .

However no users in any country has reported receiving such alerts ..

Sound and stable sino Indian relations in the interest of both sides

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an interview with US based magazine Newsweek  commented on China after a very long time .

He called for the two sides to “ urgently address prolonged situation on our borders so that the abnormality in our bilateral interaction can be put behind us “ . “ I hope and believe that through positive and constructive bilateral engagement at diplomatic and military levels , we will be able to restore and sustain peace and tranquility  in our borders . “  the PM had added .

On Thursday Chinese MFA spokesperson Mao Ning said in a media briefing that Mr. Modi’s comment has been “noted “ and that “ sound and stable Serve the common interest of both sides and is conducive to peace and development of the region .”  Ms Mao added however that  the boundary question did not “ represent the entirety of China – India relations “ .

What did the PM’s opinion on China mean ?

Many has said that the PM’s comment on China as “ highly significant “ . It is being assumed that the PM is doing groundwork for a stable Indo China relation in his third term.

PM Modi  has avoided giving any comment on China for a long time . EAM S. Jaishankar generally comments on issues related to China . The recent one was in which China had called Arunachal Pradesh its own territory ..

In a first in 40 years , India film to compete for Cannes award

Indian Filmmaker Payal Kapadia’s All we imagine as a light  became the first Indian movie in 40  years to compete for Prestigious Palme d’Or award .

The film is about Prabha , a nurse who received a gift from her estranged husband that throws her life in disarray .

Cannes Film festivals is organized every year in Cannes ,France . Film and documentaries across the globe is nominated for award .

Palme d Or is the award given to best Film


Crafted at home , NexCAR19 takes India to next level of cancer care

NexCAR19 is a cancer drug used for the treatment of cancer using CAR T cell therapy .

The drug is developed by a startup Immune ACT .

The Indian drug regulator CDSCO gave its approval for the therapy in October 2023  . The drug will be produced in India .

Chimeric A

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell (CAR T )  involved genetically modifying patients’ T cell , to fight malignant tumor cells .

T cell are a type of white blood cell developed from the stem cell in the bone marrow and are a vital part of the immune system , defending the body from infections .

NexCAR19 is intended for the treatment of Lymphomas and Leukemia.One of the main features of it is its cost effectiveness .

It is expected to be 90 % cheaper than current alternatives .

ISRO’s. ‘zero orbital debris ‘ milestone

ISRO has said that it’s PSLV – C58 / XPoSAT mission has practically left zero debris in earth orbit .

PSLV used in the mission was transformed into a type of station called the PSLV Orbital Experimental Module 3 ( POEM 3 ) before it was left to enter earth’s atmosphere instead of orbit . Thus leaving no debris behind .

With the rise of number of satellites in the orbit around the earth , space debris has become a pressing issue .

Spece Debris


Israel on alert after Iranian threat as Gaza war grinds on

Israel was on alert on Thursday after Iran threatened its reprisal over a strike in Israel , this month that killed two Iranian generals.

US also warned of the risk of an attack by Iran or its allies group .

Joe Biden in a statement pledged “ Ironclad “ support for Israel .

Israel President Netanyahu in a statement said that he was preparing scenarios for military challenges from areas other than Gaza .

Russia called both sides for restraint . Russia also warned it’s citizens to refrain from traveling to Israel .

Lindy Cameroon, UK cyber security Czar , to be the next high commissioner to India

Head of UK cyber security center Lindy Cameroon has been appointed bas British High Commissioner to India , the UK government announced on April 11 .

Ms Lindy will replace Alex Ellis.

FTA talks

Her Portfolio will involve India – UK free trade agreement which has been canceled for now because of elections in India . It is expected that FTA negotiations will resume just after elections . The UK is also increasing its presence in the Indo -Pacific .

Biden to host Japan , Philippines leaders in bid to counter China

US President Joe Biden is bringing together the Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Junior and Japanese PM Fumio Kishida in Washington.

The three leaders for the first time in a trilateral summit will try to counter China’s military assertiveness in the South China Sea .

The leaders are expected to announce that their coastguard will hold joint petrol in Indo Pacific this year .

Japanese astronaut to be the first non American to set foot on moon

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is on a state visit to the USA .

On Wednesday in a press conference with Mr Kishida , US President Joe Biden announced that two Japanese astronaut will join Artemis mission and one will become first non American ever to land on moon .

Artemis 3  mission is set to be launched in 2026 . Under the mission astronauts will land on the moon for the first time since the Apollo mission by the US in 1969 .

China meanwhile has said that it seeks to put first human into space by 2030.

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