Summary of The Hindu 10th FEBRUARY 2024

Bharat Ratna for Swaminathan , Rao and Charan Singh

A Presidential Communique made an announcement on Friday that the Bharat Ratna will be conferred on P.V. Narsimha Rao , Chaudhary Charan Singh and MS Swaminathan .

P. V. Narsimha Rao – Died in 2004 , was Prime Minister of India between ( 1991 – 1996 ) , he is credited with steering liberalization in the Indian economy .

P v Narsimha Rao

Chaudhary Charan Singh – Was Prime Minister between ( 1979 – 1980 )  , Founder of Lok Dal is credited  as leader of Framers in North India

Chaudhary Charan Singh

M. S. Swaminathan –  Agriculture  scientist and Agronomist

Played a instrumental role in Green Revolution towards , food self sufficiency in India

He is also regarded as father of Green Revolution in India .

MS Swaminathan.

Anti encroachment drive sets off violence at Haldwani town in Uttarakhand , 5 dead

Five people were killed and 14 critically injured in a violence clash between Police and some members of Muslim Community in Haldwani on Thursday . The incident came after demolition of Madarsha and Masjid as part of a drive to remove illegal structures .

The district administration told that the violence was pre-planned by a group. However other side told that they attacked police and police station after provocation .

Can Preamble be amended keeping the date intact , asks SC The Supreme Court on Monday asked if the preamble of the constitution could have been amended without changing the date of its adoption.   Preamble was amended only once in December 1976 , by Indira Gandhi’s govt to introduce

Cabinet nod to spectrum right for railways without TRAI reply

A day  after Railways sought 5 MHZ spectrum from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI )  to use to carry real time data and passenger safety ,  government on Friday approved 5MHZ spectrum to railways .

Railway had told that the spectrum will be used in Advanced Railway control system , train Collision avoidance system , CCTV control , data analytics , Real time date disseminion and providing passenger with realtime fast data system .

India Saudi Arabia Joint military exercise ends

Sada Tansseq  a joint army exercise between Indian Army and Royal Saudi Land Force concluded in Jaipur on Friday .

Adani group in talks with Sri Lanka to run 3 airports amid resurgence in tourism

The Adani group is negotiating with Srilankan Authorities to manage three international airports in Sri Lanka . These airports are Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo , Ratmalana airport in Colombo and Mattala airport , which earned the tag of world’s emptiest airport seven years ago.

Foreign tourist arrival in Sri Lanka doubled to 1.48 million in 2023  year on year .

Adani group currently manages eight airpot in India .


Imran backed Independent leads as Pakistan stares at hing parliament

Results of 226 out of 265 seat Pakistan Assembly are out.   Imran Khan backed Independents and sprung a surprise by winning 92 out of 226 seats.

Nawaz Sharif’s party Pakistan Muslim League ( PML – N ) and Bilawal Zardari’s Pakistan People’s Party ( PPP ) has won 64 and 50 seats respectively . Smaller parties have won 12 seats .

A Party requires 133 seats to form a government .

For now it looks like a hung parliament .

Gauhar Khan the current head of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf ( PTI ) party  told that his party will not form any Coalition govt .

Imran Khan is currently in jail on several charges .

Meanwhile , PML – N chief Nawaz Sharif told parties to form a government as soon as possible . He urged the parties to form a stable govt as soon as possible.  The PML chief said that he respects the mandate and the country could not go for elections again and again . 

Possibility is that PML – N can form a coalition govt with PPP and  smaller Parties .

Till the recent news , the final seat count for the election is as follows.

PTI  ( Imran Khan ) – 99

PML – N ( Nawaz Sharif ) – 71

PPP    ( Bilawal Bhutto ) – 53

Smaller Parties – 17

Putin urges US to put Ukraine to talks , hints at swap with imprisoned WSJ reporter

Russian President Vladimir Putin  had his first interview  with Western Media  since Russia launch strike on Ukraine .

Speaking to Fox News host Tucker Carlson he made following points  :

     On talk with Ukraine : –. Mr Putin argued that it was upto Washington to stop supplying weapons to  Ukraine , and convince Ukriane which he termed “ satellite “ state to USA to bring to the table of negotiations .

     WSJ Reporter Exchange – Mr Putin said that Russia was ready to negotiate a potential Prisoner , exchange with USA .

 wall Street Journal ( WSJ )  reporter Evan Gershkovich is under prison   in Russia on espionage charges . Moscow wants it to be exchanged for its agent imprisoned in Germany .

     Putin warned that West  will never inflict a strategic defeat on Russia in Ukraine , and rejected allegations that Russia was harbouring plan to attack Poland or any other NATO country .

White House spokesperson John Kirby commented on this as :

“ Remember you are listening to Vladimir Putin and You should never take anything he says on face value . “

Biden calls Israel military response in Gaza ‘ Over the top ‘

Israel’s military response in Gaza has been “ over the top “ and has “ got to  stop “ ,US President Joe Biden said on Thursday .

“ I’m of the view , as you know , that conduct of response in Gaza , in the Gaza strip has to be over the top “ “ There are lots of innocent people who are starving , lots of innocent people who are in trouble and dying , it’s got to be stopped . “

Mr. Biden said .

US support to Israel has resulted in increased attack on US military in West Asia also Biden govt has been criticized for supporting it .

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