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We saved economy from a crisis ,govt says in a white paper

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has released white paper on the Indian economy. The white paper talks about failure of UPA govt , and achievement of NDA govt. Some key points in this is

     Manmohan Singh Govt went not only for “ quick fixes “ like farm waiver but also failed to implement GST .Buy also moved the economy very slowly .

     The UPA government was marred by corruption but the current govt is cracking down hard on corruption .


     BJP govt invested in superstructures , it said that govt was not staying satspied as miles to go .

Congress releases ‘ black paper ‘ on Modi govt

Congress on other hand brought a “ black paper “ which tells that BJP govt was a period of injustice . The paper highlighted unemployment , inflation and subversion of institutions and the Manipur issue , and adds that India has become a “ electoral autocracy “ .

The paper also talks about the North South divide in distribution of central taxes .

Will scrap Free Movement Regime in Myanmar

Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday said that goverement  has decided to end Free Movement Regime (FMR ) with  Myanmar .

The Home Ministry has recommended immediate suspension of FMR .

Under FMR , any memeber of a hill tribe ( Kuki , Naga , Mizo ) , who is a citizen of either India or Myanmar  and who resides within 16 km of border on either side can cross border on production of border pass . The border pass is residents can stay upto two weeks per visit .

The purpose of FMR was that the communities living at border area were of same culture and many were of same family , but FMR told to be resulting in  smuggling , drug trafficking that has contributed to Manipur violence .

The cancellation of FMR is not supported by Tribal Hill Groups of Naga , Mizo and Kukis .

India’s Kaladan Project in Myanmar in Limbo as rebels control key towns

Currently the Arakan Army ( AA ) is fighting with the Military Junta in Rakhine state . The AA hacaptured key town of Paletwa township near Mizoram border .

A senior opposition leader talking to ‘ The Hindu ‘ said that the current fight has resulted in massive setbacks in the Kaladan  Project .

The project passes through Kaldan P

Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project –  The project aims to connect Kolkata with Sittwe Port in Myanmar . Through Sittwe Mizoram will be connected through Road and waterways .

500 million dollar project  has been in delayed even earlier due to Rohingya problem .

Center rejects accusation by Canada on Indian influence in its elections

MEA spokesperson turned down allegation by Canada that India was interfering in Canada’s election , he termed these allegations as completely “baseless “ . He said that it was Canada which was interfering in India’s internal affairs .


Pakistan votes as militants attack surge and Imran ‘s  party cries foul

Pakistan on Thursday voted to elect a new Prime Minister . The voting was marred by sporadic violence .

Tens of thousands of security forces were deployed at polling stations . Authiries suspended mobile Phone services across the country to prevent disruption and flash protests .

Five people were killed in violence in Dera Ismail Khan .

Referendum on Irish Unity this decade , says Sinn Fihn leadership

Nothern Ireland will conduct a Referendum on Uniting with Republic of Ireland in this decade , said , Sien Fein the party that heads Northern Ireland .

Party President  Ms McDonald told journalist at in London that referendum would be “ inclusive and “ planned , orderly , peaceful , democratic , constitutional “ .

In recent election Sinn Finn Party which is Pro Ireland has won majority . And Michelle O’Neil has become the new First Minister .

Nothern Ireland is currently under UK , Under Friday Agreement it has been agreed that , Nothern  Ireland could be part of Ireland if a referendum says that .

Bolsanaro targeted as Brazil police probe ‘ ‘coup attempt ‘

Brazil police has raised several location of former President Jail Bolsanaro . bolsanaro was ordered to surrender hai Passport , called it a case of relentless prosecution .

After election results Mr. Bolsanaro  supporters had entered Supreme Court  and Parliament and vandalized it .the investigation is going on over Bolsanaro’s involvement in this case .

Israel target kills 13 in Gaza town that could be the next target for in war

Israeli Air strike killed 13 people over night and into Thursday in Rafah .

More than half of 2.3 million population is currently in Rafah . Rafah can be the new focal point of fight now . Jabaliya , Khan Younis , Gaza City has already suffered heavy damage in war .

Till now 27,000 has died in  Palestinian.


Sportstar Aces Award

     Sports man of the year ( Team sports ) – Mohammad Shami , Hardik Singh (hockey ) 

     Sportseoman of the year ( team sports ) –Vandana Kataria (hockey )

     Sportsman of the year  ( Individual Category  ) – Satwiksairaj and Chirag Shetty

     Sportswoman of the year ( individual ) – Sift kaur Samra , Rameshbabu Vaishali

      Sportstar of the year ( male ) – Neeraj Chopra

     Sportstar of the year ( Female ) – Sheetal Devi

     International Icon – Mutthaih Murlidharan

     Ace of the Aces – Rohan Bopanna .

     Lifetime Achievement Award – Chandu Border , Karnam Malleshwari

Sportstar Award is given by The Hindu group .

Text / Context

The Paytm Payments Bank debacle

The story so far

RBI has disallowed Paytm Payments Bank Limited ( PPBL ) from accepting further deposits , top ups and credit transactions from it s operated wallet or accounts from favriary 29 .

This validates with Fastag and other National Common Mobility Card  ( NCMC ) . Present customers however will be allowed to use PPBL services .

Currently Paytm has 330 million wallet accounts .

Why RBI took this step ?

RBI in its statement has said that the present move was after an audit report had revealed “ persistent non  compliance and continued supervisory concerns in the banks “ .

What will Payment do ahead ?

Paytm further has told that to continue its services it will link it’s platform from some other bank ,

What are the regulation with respect to rice prices ?

The story so far

The Indian Government made it mandatory for all traders , wholesalers , retailers and wholesalers and Miller’s to declare their respective rice stocks . The government has also announced  the launch of “ Bharat rice “ , to bring down rice prices in the market .

What is the reason behind govt selling rice ?

The reason behind the government selling the rice is low production estimates in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka  among others . Rice prices have increased by 14.7 % in a year from 2022 to 2023 . There are other reasons as well such as higher retail rice  prices , MSP for rice going up , and increase in transport and storage cost and increased consumption of rice .


With CRISPER poised to revolutionize therapy , a pause to consider ethics

The  CRISPER Cas 9 gene editing technology can be used to treat illnesses like Sickle cell Anemia . Currently CRISPER is costly and Indian researchers are working on making it cheaper . Regulating such technology will be important as it can be misused . Once technology becomes cheaper people canuse this to irrelevent change their genes  to change their height , color , and other features . This requires  regulation .

CRISPER Cas 9 – CRISPER uses Cas enzyme to cut , delete , add DNA sequences at precise location . This opening gates for treating genetic diseases .

Sickle Cell Anemia – This is a genetic disease , in which Red blood cells has sickle shape.  The sickle red blood cells prohibits oxygen carrying to other blood cells and also slows and block blood flow .

Kyasanur Forest disease : the assault of the tick

Kyasanur Forest Disease ( KFD ) also known as monkey fever has caused 2 deaths in Karnataka . Out of 2567 tests conducted by the health department 68 have been found positive.

KFD spreads through ticks , primates that come into contact with infected ticks or primates .

History of KFD

The disease was first located in the Kaynasur Forest area in Shimoga district in 1956 . Six e then more than 560 persons have died of the Disease .

Symptoms and Treatment

There is no specific treatment of the disease however the government is looking to develop a vaccine for this.

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