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Central security forces flood crisis hit Manipur

On  Friday central deployed additional 12 companies , comparing around 1000 personnel of BSF and airlifted anti-riot vehicles to Manipur .

                Since Tuesday around 3200 CRPF personnel , as well as IAF team have been deployed .

Manipur DGP  claimed that center has invoked Article  355 to address state’s security concern ;. However minister of home minister of affairs has denied it.

HM Amit Sah cancelled  his Karnataka poll visist and is closed monitoring the situation .

  “situation is more or less under control  the state. Minor incident
were reported from a couple of police station” said MHA officials. Curfew and
internet shutdown continue in eight effected  districts.

Centre and state is yet to release information on number of
person killed or injured since may 3.

Article 355:- 
it empowers state govt to take necessary steps to protect a
state against internal disturbance and external aggression .

 IAF carrying out sorties from Assam airfields to water over Manipur .

Indian Army and Assam Rifles have  so far shifted 13000 from effected area to
state place.

Meghalaya has prepared special flight and released helpline
number to bring back those from Meghalaya studying in Manipur.

Congress has demanded, President’s rule in state

Why violence is taking place in Manipur? Who Is attacking

March 27- Manipur High Court ordered govt. to submit proposed
to centre to give MEITEI community ST states.

        Hill areas committees which is a group of mainly ST community filed Special Leave Petition(SLP)  in Manipur challenging march 27order in
Supreme Court.

ST community organized March in many district against ST
states of MEITIE. This  led violence by

In most cases MEITIE community is targeting st community


According to
2011 census

PM Uses The Kerala Story
to attack congress poll campaign in Karnataka

Addressing a rally in Bellari Karnataka PM Modi accused congress of “nurturing terrorism to appear and safeguard its vote bank” citing the controversial film the kerala story  to bolster his tirade against congress . Mr modi said  citing the controversial the kerla story to bolster against the congress . modi said “in changing times the nature of terrorism is also changing .the sound of guns , pistols could be ahead . but terrorism of a new kind , which undermines society from within, makes no sound. The Kerala story is a film based on  such incident in kerala see….the bad luck of this country ,the congress is seen hand in glove with this terrorism . it is  from the back door doing politics  and deals  with people such mindset”

Pakistan minister is a promoter of terror industry : Jaishankar

Eam S Jaishankar talked to speaking  to media person   after completing SCO Foreign Confrence (SCO-CFM) Mr Jaishankar  targeted Pakistan over cross border terrorism and 370 he said  “As a foreign ministers of SCO members state mr Butto Zardari was treated accordingly. As a promoter , justifier and spokesperson Of terrorism industry , which is the  mainstay of Pakistan , his position were called and counteral including the SCO meeting itself” On Bhutto’s statement in SCO meeting calling members not to weaponise terrorism for diplomatic point score “ And “unilateral and illegal measures taken by state in violation of international  law and UMSC resolution”Mr. Jaishankar responded that 



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