Summary of The Hindu 20th MARCH 2024

SC to hear petitions to stay CAA on April 9

The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to consider a question of staying CAA . It has a date of April 9 for hearing .

The petitioner’s argument that CAA is based on religious identity that violates Fundamental Rights .

SC issues summons to Ramdev in Patanjali misleading ad case

The Supreme Court ( SC ) has asked Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balakrishna to be present before it on April 2 in a case against Paranajali Ayurved . The court has also asked Swami Ramdev to file a response  over initiating contempt proceedings against him .


The case is about Patanjali Ayurved violating the drugs and Magic Remedies ( Objectionable Advertisement ) Act, 1954 . Patanjali Ayurved was accused of publishing misleading advertisements branding its products as permanent relief for diseases such as obesity , blood pressure , Asthma , etc .

On November 21 , the Court directed to not make any “ casual statements “ in Print or electronic media . However , the very next day Swami Ramdev held a press conference in which he claimed his medicines to be of  permanent cure .

On February 27 , The court ordered Acharya Balkrishna to file a show cause notice about violating Supreme Court directions . Acharya Balkrishan again failed to file show cause notice .

T.N startup to launch its first  rocket on Friday

Tamil Nadu based startup company Agnikool Cosmos will be launching its first rocket  from SDSC , Sriharikota .

Agniban ( Sun Orbital Technology Demonstrator  ) ( SOrToD )  from the Sriharikota Space Center .

There are several interesting facts about this particular launch , This will be India’s first laich from a Private Launchpad .

India’s first semi Cryogenic engine powered rocket launch and the world’s first piece 3D printed design and built indigenously .

Agniban will be India’s Second Privately developed launch after Vikram S .

27.6 million people engaged in forced labor in 2021 : ILO

The International Labour Organization (ILO ) has published a report titled “ profits and poverty : The economy  of forced labor .”

The report has following points

     There were 26.6 million people engaged in forced labor on any given day in 2021 . Meaning 3.5 people for every 1000 people .

     A study by the International Labour Organisation ( ILO ) , released in Geneva on Tuesday  has found that forced labor generated illegal profit worth 36 billion dollars per year .

     Illegal profits from forced labor are highest in Europe and central Asia followed by Asia and Pacific , the Americas , African and Arab states .

     Forced commercial sexual exploitation accounts for more than two third of the total illegal profit .

     said that forced labor generates 36 billion dollars of illegal profit  this year .


Israel may be using starvation as a ‘ weapon of war ‘ , says UN

The United Nations said on Tuesday that Israel’s severe restriction on aid in Gaza  coupled with its military offensive could amount to using starvation as a “  weapon of war “ which could be a “ war crime “ . UN human rights chief Volker Turk denounced this .

Mr Turk said  that “ the situation of hunger , starvation is a result of Israel’s extensive restriction on the entry and distribution of humanitarian aid and commercial goods “ .

Recently the UN backed World Food Program also said that Palestinian territory is facing  a famine .

Jens Laerke , UN humanitarian agency OCHA chief said that for weeks people in Gaza were reduced to eating bird seed , animal fodder , wild grass and weeds .


 Israel has blockaded Gaza from all sides.  The only few entry points are the Rafah border crossing . Aid deliveries take a lot of time in moving because of military intervention and Infrastructure related issues .

Blinken stresses ‘ironclad’ support for tht Philippines

US secretary of state Antony Blinken is on visit to the Philippines . He met Philippine counterpart Enrique Manalo and President Ferdinand Marcos Junior .

“ We stand with the Philippines and stand by ironclad defense commitment, ” Mr. Marcos said .

The Philippines is a US ally. In recent times the clashes between China and the Philippines in the South China sea have increased a lot .

Fighting on halt with border with Pakistan , says Taliban

Fighting has stopped at the Pakistan Afghanistan border , after the  Pakistani air strike caused tension between two countries .

Pakistan on Monday carried out air strikes in Khost and Patrika Provinces of the region early on Monday .0

Islamabad had said that it targeted militants who were responsible for air strikes on its soil .

But Taliban authorities said that eight civilians died in the attack . Afghanistan border forces  launched a retaliatory strike  targeting the Pakistan Military post

Russia to evacuate 9000 children from Belgorod amid shelling

 A Russian border force plans to evacuate 9000 children from the area after the border area is being continuously shelled by Ukrainian forces .

Russia gets new Navy Chief after black sea fleet suffers setback in Ukrainian attack

Russia has sacked  its Navy Chief for repeatedly losing black sea warships to Ukrainian attacks .

Nearly two dozen Russian ships has been sunk since the conflict began . This has forced Russia to move its boats from Sebastopol Naval Base in Crimea to Novorossiya Further East .




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