Summary of The Hindu 21th MARCH 2024

In SC , center defends appointment of new ECs

·         In Supreme Court, the Union government refuted allegations that it had rushed to fill vacancies with ‘favored ‘ persons .

·         It was regarding filling of Election Commissioners ( ECs ) vacant posts recently by new Laws .

·         Center cited that the General Election was scheduled to take place and manpower in form of EC was required .

·         On petitioners demand that CJI be included in the committee that chooses ECs was “ fundamentally fallacious “ .Center reminded that ECs were chosen entirely by Executive before 2023 .

CCI rejects pleas against Google play store’s billing policy

·         Competition Commission of India ( CCI ) on Wednesday dismissed four petitions by Indian app companies filed against Google’s new play store billing policy to levy 11% to 26% charge on app payments .

·         Indian origin app firms alleged that Google’s play store payment policies are anti competitive .

·         Recently Google had banned a few apps from its Play store for not complying with payment rules . However after Government intervention these were restored .

Lok Sabha election procedure kicks off as EC notifies first phase nomination window

·         The nomination process for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections began on Wednesday , with issuance of notification by Election Commission .

·         A total of 102 seats in 21 states and Union territories will go on polls in first phase on April 19 .

TamilNadu CM released manifesto ; pledges more autonomy for states

·         TamilNadu’s CM M K Stalin on Wednesday released his party’s manifesto for the Lok Sabha Polls .

·         Among the key poll promises are : Granting more autonomy to states , Appointment of Governor after consulting chief ministers , Abolition of Article 356  and Article 361 , establishment of a branch of Supreme Court in Chennai  ; statehood for puducherry ; Reduction of prices of LPG ,Petrol and Diesel to ₹500 ,₹75 and ₹65 respectively .

Modi cancels visit to Bhutan due to inclement weather

·         A day ahead of his planned departure , Prime Minister Prime Minister Narendra Modi put off his visit to Bhutan due to “ inclement whether, MEA Announced .

·         PM was scheduled to land on Bhutan’s Paro Airport on 21 March . But due to heavy rain and possibility of snowfall mutual decision to cancel the visit took place .

·         New date is being finalized .

·         The information was  given by MEA .

PM speakers to Putin , Zelensky , calls for dialogue diplomacy

·         Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday spoke to Russian President Vladmir Putin and Ukrainian President Valdmir Zelensky and called for early “  end to the ongoing conflict “ .

·         Mr Modi first called to the Russian President and congratulated him for recent election wins .

·         Later he called Mr. Zelensky and reinterated India’s commitment to “ do everything within its means to support a peaceful solution “ .

·         Mr Zelensky has called upon India to participate in Inaugural Peace Summit in Switzerland .

·         Ukrianian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is also expected to visit later this  month .

Don’t use counseling to turn LGBTQ persons against their identity , says SC

·         The Supreme Court has cautioned judges against using Court ordered counselling for members of LGBTQ+ community to turn them against their own identity .

·         “ judges must eschew the tendency to substitute their own subjective values for the values which are protected by Constitution “ CJI DY Chadrachued observed

Center notifies fact check unit to screen online content

·         The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ( Meity ) has notified the Press Information Bureau’s ( PIB ) as a fact checking unit as a designated body to flag misinformation .

·         Now if PIB flags certain content on social media platform as ‘ misinformation ‘ , the social media sites will have to remove that content .

·         This is in accordance with IT rules ,2021 .

Zomato scraps  green Uniform for ‘veg fleet ‘

·         Zomato recently launched a “ pure veg fleet “ .

·         For “ pure veg fleet “ delivery the delivery was to be done. from a restaurant that served only Vegetarians . The dresses under “ pure veg mode “ were kept green , away from Usual red by Zomato .

·         Zomato however has done away with Green clothing for delivery persons after a huge uproar on social media that it will result into discrimination based on caste , religion ..

BEML conducts maiden test firing of indigenous 1500 HP engine for main battle tanks

·         BEML has successfully conducted maiden test firing of indigenously built 1500 HorsePower engine for main battle tanks .


IMF to release 1.1billion dollar from bailout fund to Pakistan

·         Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) reached an agreement for the release of 1.1 billion dollars from the 3 Billion dollar bailout following days long talks with Islamabad , the IMF said on Wednesday .

·         The agreement was signed last year between Shahbaz Sharif govt and IMF .

·         In a statement on Wednesday , the IMF said that “ Pakistan’s economy and financial position has improved “ in recent months .

·         Recently Imran Khan had wrote a letter to IMF , saying that the elections were rigged and IMF should look into audit report of elections before making an agreement with Pakistani govt .

Irish PM Leo Vadakar announces resignation

·         Ireland President  Leo Vadakar  on Thursday announced his retirement citing “ personal and political reasons “ .

·         “ After seven years in office , I am not longer the best person for that job “ , he said .

·         “ My reasons for stepping down are personal and political , but mainly political “.

·         Earlier this month ,Mr Vadakar was widely blamed for a twin defeat , including the biggest ever referendum loss by government.

Australia hosts China FM sees ‘stability ‘ relations despite evident tensions.

·         Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Australia for the first time since 2017 . He met his Australian counterpart Penny Wang .

·         The two sides shared warm words .

·         Mr. Wang saying that the two sides had “  broken the ice “ and that “ mutually trust “ and “ good momentum “ are slowly building .

·         Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong praised renewed “ stability “ in relations and said it was crucial to recognise “ how much progress we have made in short period of time “

·         Australia being a member of five eyes and close to US is having a tensed relation with China  . Still there are lots of issues including South China Sea , Taiwan and Hong Kong over which Australia is not in favour of China .

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Why has Karnataka banned certain coulori f agent ?

·         Karnataka became the third South Indian state to ban the use of certain colouring agent in Cotton Candy and Gobi Manchurian that are found to be harmful .

·         TamilNadu and Goa has already banned these .

·         The harmful chemicals used as added colors were : Sunset Yellow , Tartrazine  mainly . These are found to be carcinogenic and harmful for health .


NASA craft that diverted space rock also diverted it .

·         In 2022 NASA sent its DART spacecraft to slam into the asteroid Demorphous.

·         NASA recentlu said that the collision not only changed asteroid’s path but also it’s shape.

·         DART ( Double Asteroid Redirection Test ) collided on September 26,2022 at a speed of 22, 530 kmph .

·         The shape of Dimorphous was about 25 km wide , roughly 11 million km from earth .

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