Summary of The Hindu 13 th OCTOBER 2023 Current Affairs

India reiterates call for a ‘ sovereign Palestine state ‘

India reiterated its call for the creation of a sovereign palestinian state on Thursday , with ministry of external affairs saying there was an “obligation”  to uphold  humanitarian principles .

” India always advocated the resumption of direct negotiations towards establishing a sovereign , independent and viable state of Palestine , living within secure and recognised border , side by side at peace with Israel ” He said ..

Operation Ajay , India’s mission to rescue its citizens from conflict hit Israel , will begin in Thursday evening .With first flight expected to evacuate 230 Indians .MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said at his weekly press briefing .

Mr Bagchi said that currently there are 18,000 Indians in Israel , about a dozen in West Bank and at least four in Gaza strip .There has been no Indian casualty till now in Hamas attack .

It’s a terrorist attack

Mr. Bagchi categorically said that India considers Hamas attack as   ” terrorist attack ” .There is a ” universal obligation ” to observe humanitarian law , but also emphasised the the requirement of fight against t international terrorism .

Mr. Bagchi however did not give a clear answer on whether India considers Hamas a terrorist organisations .


How palestine has changed over the years in map

India ranks 111 out of 125 countries in hunger index

India ranks 111 out of total 125 countries in the Global Hunger Index ( GHI ) 2023 .

India scored 28.7 in GHI score . GHI score is between 0 and 100 . The score points severity of hunger in India as ” serious ” .The GHI score is based on four indicators : Under Nourishment , Child Wasting , Child Stunting , Child Wasting , and Child mortality .

Global Hunger index is published by German NGO Welt Hunger Hilfe .

Indian govt has that the data released is based on flawed bases .

Retail inflation cooled from 6.83% in August to 5% in September

India retail inflation eased from 6.83% in August to 5.02% in September .breaking a two month tolerance threshold of RBI .

Rural inflation stood 5.33% in September , compared to 7% in August .

Nod to test vaccines on stray dogs revoked


A government committee tasked with animal welfare and protection has withdrawn a 2022 circular that allowed stray dogs to be used in vaccine trials .

SC urges woman to rethink plea to end 26 week pregnancy

A three judge bench headed by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud on Thursday urged the woman to reconsider her pregnancy ,  the decision tindinaway with her third pregnancy which has now crossed 26 weeks .

CJI said that the court is aware about women right to reproductive autonomy , but it also has to look into right of unborn child .

The court asked what she had been doing for 26 months .

The woman is undergoing depression and taking treatment at AIIMS . This is her third child .

In India  abortion is allowed till 24 weeks.

Saraswati Samman conferred to Tamil author Sibasankari –

Tamil writer Sibasankari has been with the ” Sarasawati Samman ” 2022 for her book of memories Surya Vamsam .

Sarswati Samman is given every year for outstanding prose or poetry literary work in the 22 languages of India in the .It has been instituted by KK Birla Foundation .

Under this an award and an Plaque and prize money 15 lakh is given .

Tamil Nadu launches ” Project Nilgiri Tahr ” to protect state Animal

TamilNadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Thursday launched ‘ Project Nilgiri Tahr ‘ to Promote the conservation of Tamil Nadu’s state animal Nilgiri Tahr .

The Project outlay is ₹25 crore aims to facilitate a better understanding of the Nilgiri Tahr population their distribution and ecology .

Reintroduction of animals to their historic habitats , increasing public awareness about species , and developing ecotourism at select sites are among the aims .

Nilgiri Tahr is an endangered species endemic to western Ghat , known for its ” gravity defying skills ” in climbing stiff cliffs .There are multiple references of Nilgiri Tahr in Sangam Tamil Literatures .


Nilgiri Tahr

Center’s campaign to immunization to end tomorrow

Aimed at routine immunization services reach children who have missed vaccine doses or who have dropped out their vaccination schedule as well as pregnant women across country , the Intensified Mission Indradhanush ( IMI 5.0) is scheduled to conclude all three rounds on October 14 .

The special focus was given to improve vaccination for Rubella and Measles .

As in September 30 , about 35 lakh children under age 5 and about 6 lakh pregnant woman had been administered vaccination .

Cracks on tracks could be cause for derailment in Bihar

On October 11 , 23 coaches of Delhi Tinsukia North East Superfast Express(12506 )  had detailed from tracks near Buxar in Bihar .At 9:54 PM near Raghunathpur railway station the accident happened killing four and injuring more than 70 persons.

The primary investigation have suggested that cracks in railway tracks can be the cause of the derailment , although railway officials  have denied this in record .


Israel Prepares for a possible ground assault

Israel which is continuing it’s airstrikes in Gaza , Israeli Military spokesperson said it was preparing for a ground invasion but has not received orders from political leadership  . Fleeing Palestinians have take. Refugee in UN run schools .The casualties have reached 2400 on both sides .

Palestinians in Gaza lined up in bakeries for food supply , which opened fro just few hours after spending their night in dark .

US secretary of state Antony Blinken reached Israel on Thursday .In a joint press conference with PM Netanyahu he said ” But as long as America exists you will never , ever have to , we will always be there by your side .”.

Israeli Air Force said that the current air strike is focussed on senior leadership of Hamas .

Netanyahu ‘let is down ‘ on Solemaeini killing , says Trump

Former US president Donald Trump has said that he was let down by Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu during killing of Quasim Suleimani  . He said that just the night before the attack Israeli President Netanyahu told that Israel will not participate in killing of Suleimani , while both the US and Israel has been preparing for months for this .

Quasim Suelimani was top  Iranian military commander , he was killed in 2020 in a ticket strike by US .

‘Reached a deal with China ‘s Exim Bank of debt

Srilankan Finance Ministry on Monday said that it had reached an agreement with the Exim Bank of China on key terms and Principles for restructuring its debt ., a key step towards unlocking a second installation of 2.9 billion dollar from IMF .

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