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Chinese President will not attend Delhi G20 summit

China’s Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that President Xi Jinping will  for the first time skip G 20 summit , with the Chinese  Premier and second ranked leader Li Quinag instead will attend G 20 summit .,m” As the world experiences more downward pressure and challenges grow for global sustainable development , it is important that G20 , being the premier forum for international cooperation , strengthen partnership and rise up to the big challenge fact ng economy and development so as to contribute to world economy recovery and growth. and global sustainable development ” Chinese Foreign ministry spokes person MaO Ning .

Looking forward to my trip to India , says Biden  

Ready to assess capacity of the 13 hill states , govt tells SC

The.  center has proposed forming a 13 member technical committee to evaluate the ” carrying capacity ” of 13 Himalayan states .

The carrying capacity is the maximum population size that an ecosystem can sustain without getting degraded .

Frequent landslides and destruction has led Supreme Court to direct for re-evaluation of load carrying capacity of hill towns and cities .

Article 370 case : SC asks Petitioner – MP to file affidavit pledging allegiance to  constitution

The supreme cou rr said on Monday that it wants National Conference Party leader Mohammad Akbar Lone , a petitioner in Article 370 abrogation challenge case , to file an affidavit stating that he ”  unconditionally accepts ” that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and he owes allegiance to the constitution .

A constitution Bench headed by CJI DY Chandrachud asked Mr. Lone to file an affidavit by Tuesday .

Mr. Lone is a National Conference MP , and a petitioner in Article 370 abrogation case . He was alleged to have sloganeering as ” Pakistan Zindabad ” in Jammu and Kashmir assembly . Solicitor General Tushar Mehta informed court that Mr. Lone had links with secessionist groups in Jammu and Kashmir .

CJI asks Petitioner if Article : 370 is above basic structure and amending powers of parliament .

Advocate Kapil Sibbal was  emphasizing  that Article 37O is of permanent nature and that after dissolution of constituent assembly it can not be abrogated .

” So there is out constitutional provision to which even amending power available in respect to the rest of the constitution under Article 369 is unavailable ” This provision lies even above the basic structure ” .CJI  questioned his logic .

Mr. Sibal cited that the abrogation was a ” political process ” .

” In other words , you are saying there is no solution to Kashmir within the constitution …. That we have to look outside the constitution … Is that your hypothesis ? Mr. Sibal , all sibal have to be within the constitution , ”  the chief justice said .

Macron to raise risk ‘ of partitioning of the world ‘ at G20 meet

French President Emanual Macron will speak against ” partitioning of the world ”  in the G20 summit to be held here on September 9 and 10 . and focus on deepening French engagement with Indo Pacific region during his September 10 Dhaka visit , the French govt said on Monday .

Mr. Macron will visit Dhaka on 11 september after G 20 . Few weeks ago he had visited Sri Lanka . Mr. Macron had visited Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu this year also .

Vikram lander does a hop , goes to sleep , goodnight till sept 22

After Pragyan rover was slept over the lunar surface . ISRO on Monday said that it had put Vikram into sleep mode around 8 A.M. on Monday.

” Vikram lander exceeded its mission objectives. It successfully underwent a hop experiment . On command it fired the engines , elevated itself about 40 CM as expected and landed safely at a distance of 30 CM to 40 CM away . Importance ? The ‘ kick start ‘ enthuses future sample missions and human missions .ISRO posted on X ( formally Twitter ) .

It added that all systems performed nominally and are  healthy .


ISRO hopes to ” wake up ” lander and rover when lunar day dawns again .

On November 17 , 1967 , NASA’s surveyor 6 carried out a lunar hop , becoming first aircraft to do so .


Animated– hopping over lunar surface  


No deal until west meets Putin’s demand : Putin

Turkliye President Erdogan is in Sochi( Russia ) in order to convince Putin to revive grain deal .

Russia had withdrew from a deal brokered by UN , through which it had told not to target Ukarainian ship exporting wheat and other grains and travelling through Black sea .

Russian President on Monday said that the deal won’t be restored until west meets Moscow demands on its agriculture export .

Restrictions has been imposed by West and US on Russian shipping and insurance on agriculture products and fertilizer exports .

” I believe that we will reach a solution that will meet the expectations in short time ” Mr. Erdogan told .

Russia and Ukraine  are major supplier of wheat , barley , sunflower  oil and other goods to developing nations  mainly African Nations .

Last month Putin promised free grains to Burkino Faso , Zimbabwe , Mali , Somalia , Eritriea and Central African Republic

Putin told that an agreement to provide African countries free grain is underway . 

Looking forward to India trip , ‘ disappointed ‘ Xinisnnit attending G 20 meet .

US president has said that he is looking forward to his trip to India this week but is ” disappointed ” that his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will not attend G20 meeting .

“I am disappointed ( that Mr. Xi is not attending G20 ) , but I am going to get to see him ” Mr. Biden said answering a question .

Mr. Biden will travel to India on September 7 and will have bilateral meetings with PM Narendra Modi on September 8 .

Last time Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met was on the sidelines of G 20 , where they pledged to restore channel of communication and prevent tensions spilling into open  conflict .

Gabon’s coup leader moots amnesty for dissenters , ‘ free’ polls

Gabon’s coup leader vowed on Monday that civilian rule will be restored through ” free , transparent and credible elections ” after transition and amnesty prisoners of conscience .However he has not given a timelimit.

 In a speech general Brice Oligul Nguema told that right now a constitution is being prepared that will be adopted only after ” referendum ” .

France evacuates five Afghan women who faced Taliban threats

France on Monday was due to receive five Afghan women ” threatened by Taliban ” after respected request it create a humanitarian corridor for women shut out of public life .

Taliban govt in Afghanistan has banned girls from attending schools and universities., Barred them from visiting parks , fairs and gymnasiums . They have been banned from working in UN agencies and NGOs  with thousands banned from govt jobs .

French Immigration authority said that Special attention was being given to women who were threatened by Taliban for holding important position.

Attacks on Christians in Pakistan set off by bid to falsely implicate them for blasphemy : police

Police in Pakistan has told that last month attack on Churches and Christian homes erupted after 3 Christians threw the pages of Islam’s holy book outside the houses of two others to falsely implicate them in blasphemy cases due to personal feud .

The three has been detained .

At least 17 churches and nearly 100 homes had were damaged in August 16 mob attack in Jaranwala , a city in Punjab province . 

UAE creates federal authority to monitor ‘ commercial gaming ‘

The UAE has created a federal authority to potentially run a national lottery and what it describes as ” commercial gaming ” .

On Sunday creation of General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority has been announced .

Casinos long have been rumoured  to be as a way to raise money in the UAE and boost it’s tourism industry , particularly in Dubai .

Ukraine forces claim gain in the south and near Bakhmut 

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