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Fiscally imprudent policies ; populism affect the poor : PM

PM Modi gave an interview to Press Trust of India , released on Sunday .He talked about several issues

  1. PM Modi cautioned against irresponsible financial policies and populism , saying these policies can give political results in short terms but will extract ” a great social and economic prices in the long term ” with most consequences for ” poorest and most vulnerable ” .He said that he had urged states the same to state govt and national conference of chief secretaries .
  2. On Pakistan and China not happy with G20 meetings  Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh respectively .” Such a question would be valid if we had refrained from conducting meetings in those Venus ” , ” isn’t it natural that meetings will be held in every part of the country ”
  3. On energy security amid climate change – ” Our principle is simple – diversity is our best bet whether whether in society or in terms of energy mix …. Given the different pathways the countries are on , our pathway for energy transition will be different . Despite 17 % of world population India’s historic share in cumulative emissions n has been less than 5 % ,yet we have let no stone unturned in meeting our climate goals .
  4. ” This is why you see an option nprecedented rise across multiple domains . By 2047 , I am sure that our country will be a developed country . Our economies will be even more inclusive and innovative . Our poor people will comprehensively win battle against poverty . Health  , education and social sector outcomes will be among the best in world . Corruption , casteism and communalism will have no place in n out national life . The qualities of life of our people will be at the par best countries in the world  . Most importantly , we will achieve this while caring for both nature and culture “
  5. On India’s  bid for UN Presidency – ” A mid 20th century approach can not survive the world in the 21 st century . So our international institutions , need to recognise changing realities , expand their decision making forum , relook at their priorities and ensure representation of voice that matters ” when this is not done on time regional forums like G20 start emerging and playing a key role .



Kharge calls meeting of floor leaders of INDIA ahead of Parliament special session

Ahead of special session of parliament Congress president has  called meeting of INDIA bloc floor leaders at his on Tuesday.

Opposition parties continued to lash on the idea of simultaneous elections .

” The idea of ‘ One Nation One Election ‘ is an attack on Indian Union and all its states ” , Rahul Gandhi said on X .

Congress President Mallikarjunna Kharge has also criticized one nation one election .


One Nation one election a bid to undermine federalism : Stalin


Assam govt forms panel to draft : anti polygamy law

Assam govt has formed a three member panel to end polygamy in the state , CM himanta Biswa Sarma said on Sunday .


Law ministry official brief Kovind on simultaneous polls

Top officials from law ministry held a preparatory meeting with former President Tam Nath Kovind .

According to a resolution issued on Saturday  elections to the Lok Sabha and legislative assembly were mostly held simultaneously from 1951-52  to 1967 , after when ch cycle got broken and now , elections are held almost every year too at different times , which result in massive expenditure by govt and other stakeholders .

Asynchronous election also lead to diversion of security forces .and other electroral officers .from their primary duties for significantly prolonged period , it said .



Aditya L1 healthy in New orbit : ISRO

Aditya L1 performed first orbit raising Maneuver on Sunday that raised its orbit from 245 km  * 22 459 km . The Aditya L1 will stay in earth bound surface for 16 days . The next maneuobere will be performed on Tuesday at 3 A.M. It will revolve in few ve orbits around earth before going  for L1 . The satellite was ” healthy ” and performed nominally ISRO told .


‘Study Australia fair ‘  beigns in Chandigarh , will be held in five cities .

The ‘ study Australia FAIR ‘ is an annual event to attract Indian students to Australia , will begin n Chnadigarh on Monday .Organised by Australian Trade and Investment Commission ( Austrade )  , the Australia. govt agency for international trade promotion and attraction ng investment , the fair will be held in Delhi , Ahmedabad , Hyderabad , Bengaluru and Chennai .

As of June 98,000 India. students are studying in Australia .

” The Australian govt is also working on a program for scholarship to Indian students ” A high ranking official involved in this said .



Center’s Diksha e education platform to offer AI help

Diksha is a e education platform where students can learn from text and video material . It is for students of different boards from class 1 to 12 .

Govt is trying to integrate Diksha with Artificial intelligence , it will prove to be very beneficial in learning .







Ahead of talks on grain deal Russia attacks Ukraine port

Turkish President Erdogan is in Russia to talk to putin to revive grain deal between Australia and Ukraine .

Russia drone targeted Ukraine southern Odessa region in the early hours in Sunday , with Moscow hitting a Danube port on the border with NATO member Romania .

Bucharest ( Romania’s capital ) condemned ath attack .

Ukraine said Russia had hit Odessa region with barrage of Iranian made Shahed drones ., saying tit downed 22 of them.

Russian Army said that it had targeted ” fuel storage ” facility in the Ukrainian port of Reni , which lies in Danube river that separates Ukraine from Romania .

Moscow has targeted the Danube port Reni and Ismail both near Romanian border several time sover last weekend .


” Bucharest defense ministry said the attacked were ” unjustified ” .

Neighboring Moldova called the attack ” brutal ”

Ex President and Security Council Chairman Dmitry Mendvedev has told that Moscow had recruited 2,30,000 people into army since start of conflict .



G20 meet. visit by , Macron add to diplomatic buzz by in Dhaka

Bangladesh will see several important foreign visits in September . Among the two important are visit by Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on September 7 and French President Emanual Macron visit on September 11.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina will be Participating in G20 as ” guest member ”   on 9 th and 10 th September .

Servey Lavrov visit — It is first time in history that any Russian Foreign minister will visit Bangladesh . Russian state energy company RoSATOM is building Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant in Rooppur , and it is being expected that power plant will be completed soon . The cost of nuclear plant is 12.55 billion dollar .

Emanual Macron will visit Dhaka on 11 September , it is after 33 years that a French President is visiting Bangladesh .

These visits are important as elections are coming in Bangladesh .

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will visit



Colombo mulls converting Adani Power Project to G2G deal : Srilankan media

Srilankan media has published that Srilankan’s energy Minister had sought to convert the contract of Adani Green Energy Limited – to a government to government deal .

Leading Colombo based newspaper the Sunday Times reported on September 3 ,2023 ” A 400 million dollar project with India’s Adani Green Energy Limited for 500 megawatt energy project has been elevated to be a govt to govt basis ”

Govt of India has not told anything about it yet .



Iran sentences two women journalists to jail time


North Korea test fires missiles as part of mock ” nuclear attack ”

North Korea staged a ” simulated tactical nuclear attack ” drill at the weekend with mock atomic warheads .It is in response of joint military exercise by US and South Korea in the region.


Pakistan’s interim PM kakar terms May 9 violence  ” attempted coup ”

On May 9 , supporters of Imran Khan had attacked military sites .

He called it ” an attempted coup and civil war ” .


Activists say Air strike in Sudan’ s Khartoum kills 20 civilian






Uniting front

Opposition to the BJP alone not enough to form a national alternative

about the editorial

The editorial is about recent meeting of INDIA bloc in Mumbai . Some decisions has been taken but conflict remains .


INDIA meeting in Mumbai

The meeting happened in Mumbai. The parties has decided to immediately start and finish seat sharing in ” collaborative spirit of give and take ” . A fourteen member coordination committee will double up as an election strategy committee .while four other committees will co-ordinate social media. Media , campaign and research . Decison to held five rallies in Patna. Guwahati , Nagpur , Delhi and Chennai has also been taken .

Rahul Gandhi can start second leg of Bharat Jodo Yatra .


Conflict within these parties

 The parties has come on just a common ground and that is agianst BJP . Conflict remains in  West Bengal where left and Congress is together against TMC . In Kerala Congress will be against Left . How this will be resolved and why people will  not say the alliance a hypocrite is still to watch .


Onward,  Sunward

Aditya L1 gives India’s space program one more boundary to push

The editorial talks about Aditya L1 mission that was launched on Saturday .

About Aditya L1

It was launched by PSLV . It will take 125 days to reach Halo orbit at point L1 .L1 is 1.5 million away from earth . The payload at this point will have an unobstructed views of sun . Carries seven sensors that will study Coronal heating mainly .

Corona is outermost part of sun . Sun’s corona is about hundred times hotter than inner part . And studies are going on why it is so .


Chandrayaan 3 completion

After more than two weeks the rover Pragyaan has been switched off and parked safely at lunar surface .  It performed experiments and detected sulfur on lunar surface .


Missions like Adtiya L1 and Chandrayaan will be boost to ISRO and it will be able to go for more complicated missions[1]  . 




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