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Aditya L1 lifts off to study the sun

About the Launch

Aditya L1 was launched by ISRO by ISRO on Saturday . PSLV on board with flight Aditya L1 took off from Satish Dhawan aSpace Center in Sriharikota at 11: 50 AM .

After 63 minutes from the take off , the separation from the satellite took place with PSLV launching the Aditya L1 aircraft in highly eccentric orbit around the earth at 12 : 53 AM .

Aditya L1 will stay in earth’s orbit for 16 days following which it will not undergo five maneuvers to gain the necessary velocity for its long journey towards the sun .

Following the launch the Aditya L1 will undergo Tand Lagrangian 1 insertion maneuver , marking the beginning of 110 day trajectory tongue destination of around L1 point .

 L1 point

L1 is a point where combined effect of earth’s and sun’s gravitational forces is zero .

It is about 1.5 million km away from earth . The distance is 1% distance between earth and sun.

What Aditya L1 will do ?

The mission has five year life . and it will study the problem of Coronal heating , Coronal mass ejection ; pre flare and flare activities and their characteristics ; dynamics of states whether ; and proportion of particle and fields.

Aditya L1 will make its first maneuver to lift it’s orbit on Saturday 11:45 am .


Orbit of Aditya L1


G20 sherpas to sit together  for final round of pre – summit negotiation from today

The Sherpas and Sous Sherpas who are the chief negotiators for the G 20 leaders will meet from September 3 to September 6  on the outskirts of Delhi  near Manieshar .

Voice of Global South

We will achieve the consensus on all growth and development issues and on all out priorities . We are positive , constructive , ambitious and will be balanced .Our declaration will speak of voice of global South where most of the global growth will come from next two decades , ”  G 20 sherpa from India Amitabh Kant told .

Multiple differences

There is differences in words in final documents of communique to be released after G20 .

Ukraine issue – West and US wants that Ukraine conflict  should be included , Russia and China are against it

Climate financing – words on climate financing ,like ” billions ” and ” trillions ” of climate financing is in debate .

China objected on Indian addition of millets , Lifestyle of Environment ( LiFE ) , and the use of Sanskrit word Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam .

There are differences between developed countries and developing countries over the language of increasing representation of the global South on the boards of international financial institutions like world bank .


India will be part of implementation of of Zelinsky’s , peace formula : envoy

India will be a part of implementation of 10 point peace formula proposed by Ukrainian President Vlodmyr Zelensky . and the details are being discussed , Ukrainian Ambassador Alexander Polkushiok told .

Mr. Polischuk has also welcomed Indian students to continue their education in Ukraine . He urged india to contribute in Post war reconstruction .


Three fourth of India’s irrigation  sources run on electricity : study

The latest edition of minor irrigation census ( MIC ) – a compendium of borewells , tubewells , and other privately owned irrigation sources by farmers conducted by Union Jal Shakti ministry has following findings

     Electricity is dominant source of power to extract power over diesel and wind and solar energy .

     ‘ dugwells ‘ or Ponds  capable of drawing water form a maximum 15 meter under ground , remain a dominant source of groundwater , their number has declined from 87 lakh to 82 lakh between fifth and sixth editions .

     The number of ” shallow ” tubewells , capable of drawing water from upto 35 m , have declined from 59 lakh to 55 lakh .

     ” medium sized ” Wells capable of drawing water from a maximum from up to 70 m – has increased from 31 lakh to 43 lakh .

     Deep wells beyond 70 m , numbers rose from 26 lakh to 37 lakh .

     Overall 23 .14 lakh minor irrigation scheme were reported from country .

     UP has the largest no of MI schemes in the country ( 17.2%) , followed by Maharashtra ( 15.4 %) , Madhya Pradesh ( 9.9%)

This is the sixth edition of MIC . It shows irrigation trends in 2017-18.


Pragyan completed its tasks , rover safely parked and set into sleep mode , says ISRO

ISRO said on Saturday night that Chandrayaan 3 ‘s rover rover Pragyaan had completed assignments and it had been safely parked and set into sleep mode .

” Chandrayaan 3 mission : The rover completed its assignments . It is now safely parked and set into sleep mode .APXS and LIBS payloads are turned off . Data from these payloads is transmitted to the earth via lander ” the space agency posted on X  ( formerly twitter ) .

” Hoping for successful awakening for another set of assignments ! Else , it will forever stay there as India’s Lunar  ambassador , ” ISRO posted .


Pragyaan has been parked 100 m away from Vikram


CBI files FIR against three arrested railway officials in Balasore train accident case

CBI has filed chargesheet against three railway official in Balasore train accident on June 2 , which led to death of 291 people .

A senior section engineer , a section engineer and a technician have been booked for the charges .

Section 304 ( Act committed with the knowledge that it is likely to cause death but without any intention to cause death or injury ) , and 34 ( common intention ) . 201 ( causing disappearance of evidence and giving false information ) of IPC and 153 ( endangering safety of persons traveling. by railway by willful act or omission ) .

CBI alleged that the three attempted to destroy evidence to evade detection of their role .

The accident occurred due to fault in wiring in Bahanga Bazar Railway station ,and it had gone undetected by signal and telecom staff .


Adhir declines to join ” One Nation , one election Panel

The Union law minister eight members of the committee headed by former President Ram Nath Kovind . They will examine issue of simultaneous elections of Lok Sabha , Assembly , Municipalities and Panchayats .

The eight memebers of the committee are former Home minister Amit Shah ,  Rajya Sabha Member Ghulam Nabi Azad , former Finance Commissioner chairman , N.K.Singh , Senior Advocate Harish Salve , Former Lok Sabha Secretary General Subhash C Kashyap , former CVC Sanjay Kothari .

Law minister Arjun Ram Meghwal will attend it as special invitee.









Over half of Sri Lankan People ” Vulnerable ” : UNDP

United Nations Development Programme ( UNDP ) has released a report about Sri Lanka citing that after economic crisis more than half of 22.16 million people are ” multidimensional vulnerable ” .

The report says that 12.36 million of 22.16 million people in Sri Lanka face multidimensional poverty .

IMF had given 3 billion dollar loan to Sri Lanka to recover from present economic crisis .

Multidimensional poverty sees 12 criteria a.k g three groups education , health and standard of Living .


No invite for Russia and Belarus Envoys to Nobel Prize ceremony

The Noble Foundation said on Saturday that it was reversing a decision to invite Ambassadors from Russia and Belarus to this year’s nobel prize ceremony in Stockholm .after the move sparked a backlash .

In 2022 , it had not invited Russia and Belaruss following Russian invasion .

Swedish foundation on Thursday had said that it is retaking to previous practice to invite all ambassadors . This has sparked a wave of angry reaction .

Norwegian Nobel Institute last year invited all Ambassadors and this time they said that the practice will continue .


Shopkeepers in Pakistan hold nationwide protest over inflation

Thousands of Pakistani traders shuttered their shops on Saturday ; striking over soaring energy and fuel bills .

Due to economic crisis , Pakistan had to sign deal with IMF , IMF had demanded that subsidies cushioning living costs be slashed .As a result Petrol , and Electricity prices has rocketed .


Australia will hold talk with China to ‘ stabilize ‘ ties

Australia will send a delegation of industry , government and academic , media and art representative to Beijing for dialogue with their Chinese counterpart next week to stabilize relations , Australia’s foreign ministry said in Saturday .


High level talk between the two countries had stopped in 2020 . After years of tension the two countries are helding high level talk.

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