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‘Bharat’ replaces ‘ India ‘  in G20 invite for president

The official invite to the head of states and chief ministers for an official blanket at G20 in New Delhi has been termed as ” President of Bharat ” instead of ” President of India ” .

The opposition has questioned the move , and it is specualting thta the special Parliamnet session can change name of of country form ” India ” to ” Bharat ” .

” The INDIA bloc of countries havw tried to reduce the name of country to their alliance , which is not good , and therefore the use of term ” Bharat ” both as decolonising nomenclature and to bring name of country out of this reductive exercise was required ”  a senior union minister said .

In constitution it is written : ” India,  that is Bharat , is a union of states ” .    And so many experts believe that Bharat can be used interchangeably in place of India .

SC reserves verdict in Article 370 abrogation challenge

The hearing over abrogation of Article 370 ended . And court has reserved its verdict .

The hearing went for 16 days . Govt has following points

     Article 370 was imposed in exceptional circumstances . And it was necessary to abrogate it to do complete integration of Jammu and Kashmir with India .It cited development in Jammu and Kashmir . Also it cited  reduction in terrorist , secessionist , stone pelting activities in Jammu and Kashmir .Center told that elections will be conducted in Jammu and Kashmir at right time . 

The petitioner had following submissions :

     They argued that abrogation took place to gain political gains . After  dissolution of Jammu and Kashmir Cisntitutional assembly the it and become a permanent feature and could not be abrogated .

Indo Pacific , China map on agenda as PM leaves for Jakarta

PM Modi will leave for Jakarta to participate in ASEAN – India summit and East Asian Summit that is to be held on September 7.

Indo pacific , trade issues , situation of Myanmar and China recently rel asked map is going to be the points of discussion .

PM Modi will attend ASEAN India meeting in morning where all 10 ASEAN countries have issued concerns regarding China’s depiction of their territories in ” standard map 2023 ” .

After this East Asia. Summit meeting will be held which will see participation of ASEAN10 + Kamala Harris ( US ) , Sergei Lavrov ( Russia ) , Li Quiang ( China )



What is the agenda for special session India parties asks govt

Opposition  parties of India group held a  meeting a meeting at Residence of Congress president Mallikarjuna Kharge i . Floor leaders of INDIA bloc participated in meeting . Discussion on strategy about coming session of Lok Sabha was taken .  Sonia Gandhi is to write to PM seeking debate on continued violence in Manipur , price rise , unemployment and Chinese transgression .

‘ Xi Jinping skipping G20 a deliberate signal to India  , West ‘

Experts are interpreting that Chinese President Xi Jinping not participating in G20 in India is a clear signal about China’s displeasure over some issues and discomfort  with certain context .

About India – Absence of Xi signs that China is not happy with the way boundary issue is being dealt . It is also not happy about India’s stand that until border issue gets resolved ties cannot improve .

Signal to world – China is more comfortable in meetings where it is at dominant like SCO and BRICS . Xi attended BRICS . SCO was hosted by India but was conducted virtually , experts say that had India planned SCO to be physical meeting Xi  would have participated .G 20 is a forum where China cannot play to be dominant , as most of the countries are from West . 

Center signs MoU with abode to train children in classroom

The Union Education Ministry signed an agreement with global software major Adobe to help children develop creative expression in classrooms using the application Adobe Express. Training and certification in creativity and digital literacy will be provided to about 20 million students and five lakh teachers by 2027 using Adobe Express-based curriculum. The partnership was signed here on Tuesday.

Adobe Express is a Graphic designing platform

In second action by ISTRAC , Aditya L1 enters new orbit

ISTRAC on early hours of Tuesday performed second orbit shifting maneuver on Chnadrayaan 3 . The third maneuvers will be performed on 10 September . The new orbit obtained was 282 km * 40 , 225 km .

After performing a total five orbit changes Adtiya will leave earth’s orbit and move towards L1 . Aditya L1 has attained second orbit .

President Murmu honors 75 teachers of National teachers award


Varsities , colleges will be denied funds in they follow governors order

Tussle continues between  West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee and Governor CV Ananda Bose over appointment of vice Chancellor in Universities .

Earlier Governor CV Ananda Bose has unilaterally without consulting state govt appointed Vice Chancellor to 16 universities .

CM Mamta Banerjee on Tuesday told that it will impose an economic blockade by restricting funds to universities if they follow governors orders .


 North Korea’s Kim may meet with Putin in Russia this month ‘

A US official on  Monday said that North Korean President Kim Jong Un can visit Russia soon in which deals for Russia importing weapons and ammunitions in Russia can be signed .

Earlier Russian military Chief Sergei Shoihuebhad visited Pyongyang . US National Security spokesperson at the time has said that Letters from Putin for arms has been given to Kim through Shoigu .

Myanmar won’t be allowed to lead ASEAN in 2026 , in blow to generals

ASEAN annual meeting is comes on revolving basis , Myanmar was scheduled to host ASEAN summit in 2026 , but the hosting has been given to Philippines instead . The decision was taken in a meeting of ASEAN countries on Tuesday .

Myanmar has not been invited to this year’s ASEAN summit as well .

Since military takeover in 2021 ,Military junt is facing pressure from West and other ASIAN countries . There is demand to release Aung San sui kyi.  Recently Myanmar Junta increased  schedule for election by 6 months . 

UN warns Israel that expelling eritreans enmasse is unlawful

UN has urged Israel against mass deportation of Asylum seeker Eritrieans .UN warned that forced deportation would ” contravene international law ” and could have dire human consequences .

On Saturday in Tel Aviv clashes occurred between asylum seekers and those against Eritrieans govt . It injured 200 people .



Cuba uncovers human trafficking for Russia’s war in Ukriane

Cuba has unearthed a trafficking ring that was recruiting Cuban citizens to fight in special military operations from Russian side .

Cuban authorities has told that further investigation is on . Russian has not commented over this. 

Partial win for same sex groups in Hong Kong

Hong Kong top court recognised same sex partnership but fell short of giving right to marriage to same sex couple .

The court gave govt two years to come with legal framework .

French school send back dozens of girls wearing Muslim robe

France has banned Abayas in schools .

Abaya is worn by Mulsim girls mostly .


Time to decide

Infrastructure development in hills can not be same as in planes

About the editorial

SC had called government to form a committee to look into infrastructural development in hill areas . CJI DY Chandrachud had told expert committee to conduct a ” complete and comprehensive ” study on the carrying capacity of himalayan region .Center has proposed a 13 memeber committee to study ” carrying capacity ” in 13 hill areas .

Carrying capacity means how many people can live in that particular hilly region . If more people live it can be catastrophic and cause environmental disaster .

Concern from recent incidents

Subsidence of Joshimath ,  and recent flash floods in Himachal Pradesh has highlighted need for such study .

The editorial says that  forming committee is not the solution , infrastructural development in hilly regions must be limited and should not be as done in palnes .

 Coup in Gabon

African Nations ate facing pressure from risk taking generals

The editorial is about Coup in Gabon though it also talks about coup in other places as well .


Coup in  Niger and other countries in Sahel region

Countries in Sahel region like Mali , Burkina Faso has seen coups in recent times . In July Niger saw coup . Niger faces international pressure , but  the democratic give was not established . In Niger , Burkina Faso and Mali there is problem of  Islamic terrorism ,these countries are very poor . One of the issue was presence of French forces in Niger , citizens of Niger seem not happy with presence of French forces . The military regime broke diplomatic contact with France over this . Russia through Wagner seemed consolidating itself here .

 Coup in Gabon

Army in Gabon abducted newly elected President , reason that is being shout is corruption , and unfair elections .


Gabon is a OPEC member and mineral rich nation . Economy is relatively good from other African countries . Despite this there is high time unemployment .Newly elected military president has told that elections will be conducted at  proper time .

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