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ð  NCP launches as Ajit Pawar Claims Party and symbol

Maharashtra assembly speaker Rahul Narwekar confirmed that he has  received  disqualification petition against Nine MLAs; and sad he was conqware of number of MLAs supporting the new NCP under Ajit Pawar.

Sharad Pawar announced expulsiom of Praful Patel announced expulsion of Praful Patel and Sunil Tatkare, MLs, for “Anti-Party activities”.   

Ajit pawar said he was appointing Mr. Tatkare as state3 party chief, replacing Jayant patil.

ð  PM to host Xi, Putin, sharif virtuall for SCo summit.

PM Narendra Modi will ‘Virtually host” Russian president Vladmir Putin Chinese President Xi Jinping, Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif, central Asian President fund SCO-council of Heads of state meet on (SCO-CHS) on Tuesday) “New Delhi Declaration” and two joint statements on countering radicalism and digital transformation; an agreement on nan Economic cooperation initiative is being negotiated, though it is unclear whether all countries, esp. India will sign it.

Iran is expected to be made new member of SCO this while Belarus can be inducted as new member from next time.

Reason behind making it through video conferencing

Though SCO meeting was scheduled to be in person meeting, but later India announced that it will be through video conferencing.

Some of the probable reason are uncertainty about president Putins, Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif and Chinese Pm Xi Jinping availability.

ð  Pending for two years, sc top take up plear against dilution of Article 370 on July 11.

SC. Constitution bench on July 11 will hear the a two year pending petition challenging govt’s move to revoke Article 370, in 2019.

The article has accorded special rights, and preview

Govt had revoked 370 under Article 35A.

351 A – parliament shall have and the legislature of a state shall not have power to make law on issues such as bifarication  of  states etc.

The petition says that – Parliament was not consulted while revoking Article 370 and bifurcating state in two UTS.

Govt through a Presidential order in 2019, abolished Article 370 and Bifurcated Jammu and Kashmir state in two UTs J & K and Laddakh.

Article 370 – Gave special states to J&K, J & K state govt and assembly had govt special powers.

No Indian from other state could bay land, settle their.

Aborting these govt. opened window for investment, settlement and economic progress for J & K.

ð  Indian refiners said to pay in Yuan for Russian oil.

Indian refiners have begun paying for some oil imports from Russia in Chinese Yuan, Earlier Indian oil companies like IOCL had also payed in ‘Dirhan (UAE).

US dollar has long been the main currency for these. Trade but after sanctions on Russia, Russia doesn’t take payment in dollars.

ð  Centre agrees to deploy additional armed forces for Bengal panchyat polls.

Ministry of Home Affairs has agreed to deploy additional 485 companies of central Armed police forces as well as state armed forces for the west Bengal Panchayat polls.

State Panchayat polls is scheduled on 8th July.

Earlier Home ministry had directed deployment of 337 companies of CAPF thus a total of 822 companies of central forces will be deployed in the state on polling day.

ð  Human errer’ led to Balasore train tragedy, reports says, pinning blame on signal department.

The commissioner of Railway safety (CRS) is its report on Balasore train accident in its 40 page report submitted to Balasore train accident has told that, multi level in the signal and Telecommunication failure hed to Balasore train collision  on june 21 which left 191 dead and over 900 injured.

Primary responsibility has been pinned on signal and Telecommunication (S&T) department and that “human error” in signaling circuit alteration” carried by North signal goomty (of the Bahanga Baraar) station led to the accident. It is till not clear whether the angle of “sabotage” was these.

Measures taken by Railway

Drive to update completion of signaling wiring diagrams and other documents, and lettering of signaling circuit at site.

Standard Practice to be followed for carrying out signaling medication work.

Standard Practice to be followed for carrying out signaling modification work.

Functional test’s of existing circuits, under alteration circuit to be done to ensure that the actual circuit is are in accordance with the completed drawings.

Any attention to signaling circuits should be carried out with an approved circuit diagram, and in presence of as officer.

A spate team should be deployed for competency and signaling.

ð  Two loco pilots removed from services following Adra  goods train accident.

On June 25, near west Bengal’s Adra railway station two goods train had collided. The collision was due to crossing of signals.

An enquiry committee constituted found that locopilots of the approaching trains were in “micro slip” condition, and hence could not control the train after in crossed the signal;

The two loco pilots have been removed from services following this.

ð  Centre announces scheme to support minor rape victims

The union govt has decided to provide medical financial and infrastructural support to victim in cases of sexual assault results in pregnancies.

The scheme announced by women and child Development (WCD), would operate the aegis of Nirbhaya fund an amount of 74% crore has been allocated.

“we have additionally leveraged the administrative structure of Mission Vatsalaya in collaboration with state govts and child are Institution (CCIs) to actualize this support to minor victims.

In 2021, MCRB recorded 51,6863 cases under the prtotection of children from sexual offences (POCSO) act,




ð  Israel targets west Bank with drones and troops killing eight Palestinian.

On Monday Israel conducted drone attacks on several sites in West Bank mainly in JENIV. This killed Palestinian and 50 people were injured, 1o critically.


Description: C:\Users\Anikesh Raj\Desktop\1.JPG


Hundreds of troops remained inside JENIN refugee camp, it was one of targest operation.

West Bank is divided  b/w ISRAE and Pakistani settlement  with mostly Palestine.

ð  Mayors hold anti-riot rallies in France as arrests fall

The demonstration-called a “mobilization of citizens for a return to republic order”- came after the home of the mayor in paris was rammed with flaming car,

Prompting widespread outrage.

Interior ministry has deployed 45,000 across country.

On  Monday police arrested a total of 157 protesters.

ð  Ukraine claims to have made gains in south and east after ‘difficult’ combat.

Ukraine on Mondew reported making gains in south and east over the past week in difficult Ukraine’s defence minister revealed figures as 158 km2 of Ukraine area it captured since start of counter offensive.

Kyiv however has urged its western allies for more military spport.

Ukrainian PM  Zelassley said” last week was difficult on the frontline but we are making progress”

Russian FSB

Russia’s security service said it had foiled assassination attempt of CRIMEA’s head.

Shoigu’s remark

Russian defence minister sergei shoigus told that Russia forces have destroyed all the leopard tank, kyiv procured from Germany, Poland and Portugal.

ð  China to stay out of Srilanaka’s creditos’ platform.

China “will not join” the official creditor’s platform negotiating a comman debt treatment plan for Srilanka. But Srilanka’s defence minister said that he is confident about Beijing’s Biateral support. Srilanka’s foreign minister said.

Official creditor committee

It is formed after Srilanka’s request for debt treatment. 17 Countries are part of it.

It is co-chaird by India, Japan and France china has attended it as an observe Srilanka is racing against time to restructure both its nforeign and domestic debt, ahead of September deadline.






Ajit Pawar and minister can rains tension with shinde group for the BJP.

ð   What the editorial is all about?

The editorial is about Nationalist congress party (NCP) leader Ajit Pawar splitting the party. It talks about new challenges for both BJP-NCP-Shiv sena and NCP.

ð  About Ajit Pawar and his split with NCP

On Sunday, Ajit Pawar split with party from his uncle and NCP patriarch shared Pawar.

Currently NCP has 58 MLAs

2019 seats in Maharashtra Assembly

Total seats – 288

BJP             Shiv Sena   Shiv Sena (UBT)             NCP   Congress


105               40                   16                              56           44

Ajit pawar while splitting has said that all NCP MLAs from his side.

Ajit pawar was deputy CM in a short period govt formed under BJP CM Devendra Fadanvis in 2019.

Later Maha Vikas Aghavdi (Congress+NCP)+Shiv Sena) came to power.

Eknath shinde split in 2022 taking away 40 of 56 MLAs. He got party name and symbol. But by supreme court orders, speaker will have to start disqualification proceeding against ekrath shinde. Soon ekrath shinde can loase CM post. And there is chances that Ajit Pawar be made new CM of Maharashtra.

Ajit Pawar must be playing with this opportunism.

The mother faction of NCP has initiated disqualification proceedings for the MLAs and Ajit pawar that splet.

About BJP’s Dilemma

BJP earlier had accused NCP and its leaders of corruption and promoting dynastic rule.  There are several casus of corruption on different BJP leaders these ideological differences may start new tussle between BJP and shiv sena lead by eknath.






India must give a bigger push to scheme to deliver portable water.

ð  What the editorial is all about?

The editorial discusses tap water system in India “Har Ghar Jal” scheme progress is widely discussed.

ð  About “Har Ghar Jal” scheme.

It is flagship programme of ministry of Jal Shakti the purpose is to connect every Rural Household (Around 25 crore) with tap water connection.

Tap water connection that delivers 55 litros per capita every day of tap water every day.

Progress of scheme

ð  Progress of “Har Ghar Jal” mission.

The aim of the programme launched in 2019 was to connect every rural household by tap water by April 2024. When is started only 16% had tap water connection in rural areas which has increased to 64% nor.

It is expected that 19.5 crore rural households will have tap water by April 1 2024.

Only 1,681 15% village has been reported by states as “Har Ghar Jal” and only 54,000 has been ‘certified’ means their gram Panchayat has formally acknowledged compliance.

Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab are among eight big states that are fully connected. Centre should accelerate and give it




ð  The legality of the Delhi ordinance

ð  About the ORDINANCE.

Just after SC in a Judgment said that Delhi  CM will have the power to transfer and recruitment of executive officers.

Govt passed an ordinance by which such power has been shifted to Governor for finalily. Governor can yeto state govt’s decide.

ð  Question :- Does legislative have power to avoid SC Judgment and make a new law.

The SC has held in a large number of casus that since parliament does not possess Judical powers, it can not negate decision of the court without changing the basis of the decision. The ordinance doesn’t give constitutional ground.

ð  Article 239 AA (3) (a) vs GNCTO Act (1991).

Article 239 AA (3) (a)

It says that the legislative assembly of Delhi will have all powers of to make laws in state list and concurrent list except hand, police, and public order.

GNCTD ACT (1999)

It tells

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