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THE HINDU 03-07-2023




ð  Ajit pawar splits NCP, returns as Deputy CM: 8 more joins cabinet.

In a dramatic turn of events Ajit pawar farmer deputy CM and nephew of nationalist congress party (NCP) led, split in the party.

Through Ajit pawar claimed that he has support of all 58 MLAs of party, sources says he has support of 36 out of 58 MLAs.

Among 8 other NCP MLAs who were inducted in ministries contain chheyan Bhujbal, NCP chief’s shared pawar confident Dilip wase-patil, Hasan Munsif etc. Praful Patel was also present in meeting Maharashtra now has two deputy CM as Ajit Pawar and Devendra Fadanvis.

Mr. Sharad Pawar, who is in Pune told that is is not new situation for him, when his MLAs has deserted him and that he will rebuild the party. He will take a tour of Maharashtra for this.

ð  NCP split may impact efforts to forge apposition unity.

Most of important leader in NCP such as chhagm Bhujbul, and Praful patel has left NCP.

ð  BJP engineered the split in NCP say opposition parties, say apposition parties.

ð  Four killed in fresh violence in Manipur

At least four men were killed in a fresh round of violence in Manipur . the police said that the and a village voluntar was killed when kuki-zomi. Village were attacked in retaliation.

The ITLF (Indigenous Tribul Liberation Forum) said that a church was ruzed a church was razed and the attack happened in its retalliufria.

ð  India china ramp up infra on north bank of Pangong lake –


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3 year after Gaiwan clash, massive hectic activity is going on both sides, while china is rushing to build a bride across pan gong Tso connecting north and south bank, India is building a black topped road on its side of north bank.


Indian side construction

Construction of block –topped road towards finger 4, is expected to be completed by 2025.

There is a major impetus on infrastructure road networks;  advanced landing grounds and so on” as officials said

Construction work is at advanced stays on the alternative axis to the critical, Darbak-Skyolc- Daulat beg oldie road through saser La, the source said.

Chinese construction

China is constructing a road, about from raod activity, large scale construction activity was observed on the north bank .

A 22 km turnel is under construction along the G-1077 expressway at yuli, connecting very important G-216 highway in Tibet.

Since 2020, over one lakh soldiers are deployed on both side. Depsand and Denuchcle are two remaining friction points commender level talk has remained in a gridlock.

India’s border road organisation has increased sharply its allocation over the pas few year from 3,500 cr in 2022-23 to 5,000 crore in 2023-24 this envisays India-china Border roads (ICBR) building plan for 1,400 km or strategic roads along the LAC.

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ð  Make older children in case homes legally free for adoption, says Irani.

Union women and child Development Minister Smt. Smriti Irani has asked child welfare committees to visit child cure homes and review the cases of older children who could be made free for adoption at the earlies.

Currently about 66,000 children reside in chid care homes across the country But fewer than 3,000 of the are legally free for adoption.

Child care homes had heped seven lakh children aross the country in the past nine years.

Mr. Irani was addressing a regional symposion on “child protection selects and child welfare”.

ð  Protests against UCC build up in three north-eastern states :-

Civil society organisation in Nagaland, Meghalaya and Mizoram and not happy with govt move to uniform civil code (UCP),.

These states constrains population of

74.59%,      86.97%,      87.93% population

Meghalaya  Mizoram Nagaland of Christian




ð  Fifth Night of rioting passes in France amid signs of subsidising violence.

Young registers classed with the police into early on Sunday and targeted a younged Masor and his family However, violence appeared to decline from previous night. The police made 719 nations wide arrests on Sunday.

ð  Russia launches first drone attack on Kyiv in 12 days.

After a relative full, Russia launched a drone attack early on Sunday on Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv . it was 1st such attack in 12 days.

A 13 year old boy was wounded in shelling of Ukraine partially occupied southern Kherosa province.

Shelling in Kherosan

Shelling of kherosan continued on Sunday morning,

ð  Iran holds off sending Ambassador to sweeden over KORAN incident.

Iran will not sand a new ambassador to sweeden to protest over the burning of a Koran outside mosque in Stockholm. Irainian foreign minister said on Sunday.

The sweedish police charged a man who burned the holy book nwith agitation against an ethnic national group

OIC – organisation of Islamic Co-operation, an Islamic grouping of 57 countries, said collected measures were meeded to prevent such act of discretion against Koran.

The sweeden govt, on Sunday condemnded boring of Koran outside a stock mosque, calling it Islamophobic.

ð  V.K. Police have new expanded powers to crack down on protests.

New and expanded powers for the British police took effect on Sunday including measures to target activists who stop traffic and major public work with protects.

ð  Recently environment protest like “Just stop oil” and extinction Rebellion blocked busiest highways roads.

ð  Israel approves paying 25 new F-35 stealth jets from locheed murtin. The deal will cost 3 billion.

ð  Biden will travel to UK, sammit white house.




Making it count


ð  What the editorial is all about?

The editorial is about govt’s decision to drop the question on disability from NFH5-6 (National family health survey) the editorial says that govt should include question on these in NFHS-6.

ð  About NFHS-6

NFHS-6 will start in July. It is conducted by Ministry of helath and family welfare.

NFHS last time ased a  sample of 6.1 lakh households to prepare its data.

NFHS questions include about Health and nutrition status, Access to health schemes, Insurance, Sexual behaviour Availability of family planning, use of contraption, household amenities and possession, lifestyle indicates, etc.

It is carried in energy 4 years.

ð  About question of disability in NFHS

NFHS-5 had question on disability included first time, which many had welcomed but this time govt. has decided to drop questionnaire abut these.

As per 2016 census these are about 2.68 crore disabled.

Govt’s response over why it choose to drop is

Questions on disability was already asked by govt as part of sample Registration survey (SRS) 76th round conducted b/w July and December 2018. And it is available in public domain also disability data “Will not change fast”.

ð  Editorial however tells that govt should train staff for disability question and it should be part in NFHS-6 in new form.


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