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ð  SCO calls for multipolar world order as Iran Joins grouping

On Tuesday PM Modi lead SCO summit which was conducted through video conferencing.

What PM Modi said?

PM Modi called for a “more representative” and multipolar world order in global interest he took sharp stance on Pakistan calling that member states should not favour terrorism in any form. He called china told that connectivity projects compromising sovereignty of other states note ok.

“Better connectivity not only enhances mutual trade but also for steps mutual trust. However in the efforts it is essentialy to uphold the basic principles of the SCO charter. Particularly sovereighnty and regional connectivity of member states.” Mr. Modi said.

Pakistan PM said that terrorism should not be “used as a cudyet for diplomatic point scoring”. Chinese president Xi Jinping mentioned 10 year completion of BRI (Belt and Road Initiative). He mentioned his new Global security initiative (GST) calling for “encouraging political settlement of International and regional hotspots so as to forge solid security shield in our region”. He called on SCO members to make foreign policies foreign policies independently.

Iran was made new member of SCO, now sco has nine members including Iran.

Joint Declaration/Agreements

“Delhi Declaration” was signed

Outlines areas of co-operation among sco nations.

“India offered to share expertise on digital payment.

Countering radicalisation, Digital transformation are some of areas of co-operation  in “Delhi Pedaration”

Joint statement – SCO members jointly criticised Non-UN sanctions as “in comestible with international laws” which have a “negative impact” on other countries. SCO members also agreed to explore the use of “national currencies” for payments within the grouping.

India refused to Join the members on paragraph relating to china’s Belt and Road Initiative.  India stayed out of Joint statement on “SCO economic Development strategy 2030”. As it talks on BRI of china.

About SCO India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and Iran are its members

Iran 0 Newly inducted as SCO member.

Belt and Road Imitative (BRI)

A Road, Railway, part etc connectivity project of china. India opposite as it passes through pak occupied there urged sympathisers to march to Indian embassy on July 8. The posters for Australia and US Carried Indian high   commission photos in  respective countries.

On Tuesday an attempt was also made to set fire Indian mission in San Francisco.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar was a pro Khalistani militant associated with passed organisation khalistan tiger Force (KTF).

He is chief of KTF in canada.

In June, 2023 Nijjar was killed by some unidentified persons.
ð  India lodges protest with CANADA over khalistan posters

The ministry of external affairs (MEA) launched a protest after campaigners of khalistan put out posters targeting Indian diplomats in Canada.

The Canadian ambassador in New Delhi. Was summoned by MEA.

The posters calls pro-khalistani sympathisers to assemble in Toronto on July 8 in protest against killing of a khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. The poster carried words “kill India” and displayed photographs of two top Indian diplomats in Canada with” faces of saheed Nijjar killer in Toronto”. The posters spread across the world via internet.

ð  In sa uddhav camp says speaker delaying disqualification process.

Amid tension in Maharashtra politics after NCP split. Shiv sena (UBT) has filed a petition in supreme court about delay in disqualification procedure of CM eknanath shinde by speaker of Maharashtra Assembly Rahul Nalwelkar. “It is imperative for court to direct the speaker to decide the disqualification petitions expenditins earlier SC had directed speaker to disqualify few MLAs including Cm eknath shinde. Eknath shinde was disqualified by MVA led speaker, when he tried to “(Mahavikas Aghandi) break then party. But later the decision was reversed by newly appointed speaker.

SC in its Judgement few months ago had directed the speaker to disqualify eknath shinde and some other MLAs in this context

ð  Banker clearing exercise to begin in Manipur today.

Manipu CM N. Biren singh has told after a meeting  on Monday

Bankers set up in hills and valley areas will be pulled down by security forces.

The bunkers are built by Meitei and kuki communities. Where settlements of two communities are adjacent to each other.

Disarming civilians is also a priority even after repeated requests many weapons has not been  networked by civilian. More than 4 lakh weapons and lakhs of ammunition has been looted from police only 1,150 weapons has been returned.

CM has told to start man frisking for weapons will be started.

Violence breaks out

On Tuesday one person was killed when security forces opened fire at a mob trying to loot weapons from police camp at thoubal district.

ð  BJP picks new chiefs in four states, rigger talk of shuffled in govt.
New state chiefs                       state

Babulal Marandi                      Jharkhand

Sunil Jaken                                      Punjab

D. Purandeshwami                  Andhra Pradesh

G. Kishan Reddy                     Telangana

ð  Customs of tribal populace will be respected, says union minister on UCC.

Minister of state for health and formar minister of state for law. S.P. Baghel singh told that BJP had the utmost respect for tribal communities and nothing will be done to hurt their social and religious customs.

According to reports, PM Modi during a panel meeting on UCC, had said that the northeaster states with large tribal population and which comes under Article 371 would exepted from UCC.

UCC – Uniform Civil code.

ð  Court seeks minor wrestler’s reply on police closure report

A court here has sought response from a minor wrestler on Delhi Police’s closure report in POCSO case.

A minor had alleged of sexual harassment an FIR was field under this but later it was withdrawn he minor as she changed her statement before magistrate. The father of minor had told that out of anger he falsly had filed such case.
ð  Govt to help child trafficking in border areas, set up rehabilation homes.

Centre has decided to build infrastructure in border areas to combact child trafficking.

Women and child Development minister will provide financial assistance to the states UTs along the border areas to set up homes fo protection and rehabilitation of trafficking victims from neghbouring countries.

These homes would provide shelter., food, clothing, counselling, primary health facilities, and other daily needs for the trafficking victims most of whom are children and minors.

Children’s, women man times trafficked to India from mostly Nepal Bangladesh Myanmar.

These will be done under mission vat salya and Nirbhaya Mission among others.




ð  META to introduce Twitter challenger app threads Via instagram this week.

Meta platform plan to launch Twitter rivalling microbloging app called thrads Twitter recently attracted critisim for applying Temporary cap on How many past users can read on the social media site.

In 2022, Elon musk has bought twitter for 44 billion.

Twitter’s alternatives like mastodan, and Blu sky o… though has seen upticks in their users but not been able to challenge Twitter.

‘threads’ represents a credible threat to twitter


META – chief Mark Jukerberg.


Facebook Instagram       Whatsapp




ð  Toll in Israel’s Jenism attack rised tolo Palestinian wounds eight in Tel AVIV.

On Tuesday a hames militant tore up into a crowded bus stop in Tel Aviv on Tuesday and began stepping people wounding eight. It is seen as response of military raids by Israeli forces in west Bank’s Zenim which has killed 10 so far.

Hamas praised the attacker of Telaviv as a “martyr fighter” and said the attack was “Horoic and revenge for military operation in Jenis.


Description: C:\Users\Anikesh Raj\Desktop\1.JPG


ð  Stoltenberg to remain at NATO helm for another year.

NATO secretary General jens Stoltenberg will stay in office for yet another, the 31 nation military alliance.

Mr. Stolen beg is a former  Norwaye PM and is heading NATO since 2014.

ð  Sudan fighter-jet shot down as battles rages :-

RSF has Sudanese army cam with heavy fighting.

In Khartoum RSF said it had shot down Sudanese armed forces jets.

ð  Peak of violence has passed : said Nacron

French president emanuel Macron has ordered officials to search for “Deeper reason”





Despite gains, the indirect tax regime is yet to become truly simple or efficient

ð  The editorial is about GST.

ð  GST (Goods end Services Tax) Performance

This month completes another year for GST. GST collection over the years has increased. This june GST collection crossed 1.6 lakh crore only 4th such occasion year on year increase in GST collection this year looks 12% high.

ð  Matters that remains unresolved and challengers ahead Dispute resolution remains a painful process for industry, though finance ministry has decided to set up a GST appellate tribunal to fast track dispute resolution, it has not been set up yet.

Electricity petroleum and real state still remains outside of GST ambit without this GST improvement remains anconstricted.

ð  Some features of GST

·         Five tax blocks

·         E-way bill for transportation.

·         Compensation to states will be given till 2026.







CGST          SGST          IGST for inter state

Collected by centre






ð  What the editorial is all about?

ð  Recently in a verdict Karnataka high court imposed a fine of 50 lakh on twitter for not complying with govt guidelines and filing petition as such.

ð  About twitter plea ion karnatka


Twitter INC has gone to court aftar govt’s order to block several URLs about 39.

Govt’s stand

Govt had ordered ban of some URLs citing public order and national security under Article 19(2).

Article 14 (2) says that govt can restrict speck and expression in some cases such as public order national security, decency etc.

The court ruled that Twitter cannot expouse the course of its curses who have not cited voiced no grievance and discouraged on intervener from among those who safferred account level suspension.

It ruled that foreign entity such as twitter could not invoke and exprassion. The court imposed a fine of 50 lakh for much clelayed “speculative litigation” despite not complying with the blocking orders.

The editorial however does not look happy with court orders. It cites freedom of speech and expression and tells that SC should father clarify that.





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