Summary of The Hindu 7th JANUARY 2024

Aditya L1 reaches destination ,  in orbit around L1

ISRO has placed the Aditya L1 spacecraft in the Halo orbit of Lagrangian point L1 .

India’s maiden solar mission Aditya L1 reached the L1 point , after it was launched in September .

L1 point in 1.5 million km journey , the spacecraft was placed in the orbit after a first ng maneuver by ISTRAC scientist .

PM Modi congratulated ISRO .

Aditya L1 carries awcenoaykoads to observe the photosphere. chromosphere and the outermost layer of the sun ( corona ) using electromagnetic and particle detectors .

Law Panel examining various formulas on holding simultaneous elections

The Law Panel commission, which is  examining the issue of holding simultaneous elections in the country , is examining the possibility of carrying out the three tier voting exercise in two phases in a single year .

In the first  phase , Lok Sabha and Assembly polls can be held , and in the second local body elections will be organized .

A high level committee on “ One Nation One Vote “ under former President Ram Nath Kovinf has been tasked with recommending how elections for Lok Sabha , Assembly and Local body polls can be held together .

The Kovind led Panel has invited suggestions from the public over required changes in Legal administrative framework to carry out simultaneous elections .

Airlines told to inspect Boeing 737-8 Max aircraft

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) has ordered Indian airlines with Boeing 737-8 Max aircraft on the fleet to inspect the emergency exits of the aircraft .

The order came after an outer section including a window of Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 – 9 Max jet came off in the US , forcing an emergency landing on Friday .

The Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 turned back minutes into taking flight from Portland to Ontario . Alaska Airlines has said that it will temporarily ground all 737 Max B , and carry out safety inspection .

Boeing said it was aware of the incident and was working “ to gather more information “.

Govt to announce quality norms for 2500 products  items soon

Union Consumer Affairs minister Piyush Goyal said that center will soon bring Quality Control orders for nearly 2500 items .

Shah to take stock of generic drug plan

As Primary Agriculture Credit Societies ( PACS ) are set to operate as Jan Aushadhi Kendras ,cooperation minister Amit Shah will take initiative .

PACS were recently allowed to operate Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendras .

Jan Aushadhi Kendras provide 2000 types of generic medicine and 300 types of surgical items avaialbke through Kendras at 50-90 % of lower price .

There are 63,000 functional PACS in India , out of which 2300 has already given govt ‘s approval to open Jan Aushadhi Kendra .


Bangladesh goes for polls with Hasina poised for win

Bangladesh will go for polls on Sunday .

The key opposition Bangladesh National Party ( BNP ) began on Sunday a 48 hours nationwide strike against the “ illegal government “ amid sporadic violence . BNP is not participating in elections following call by BNP head Khalida Zia . Khaida Zia is under house arrest over corruption charges .

Bangladesh has 300 member parliament , over 119.6 million registered voters . More than 1500 candidates  from 27 political parties are fighting election  , 436 candidates are independent. 

N. Korea fresh salvo towards South Korea islands

North Korea military fired over 60 artillery rounds near Yeonpyeong  Island on Saturday ,Seoul military said.

On Friday both sides staged live fire drills in the same area near their contested maritime borders .

Yeonoyeong and Bengneyeong are two sparsely  populated islands just situated south of the maritime border of the two countries .

Residents of two islands were ordered to evacuate the border areas .

Seuol’s military issued a strong warning and urged North Korea to immediately stop such actions .

Israel Hezbollah exchange fire across Lebanon border

Israel’s Iranian backed Hezbollah group said that it fired 62 rockets as a “  preliminary response “ to the killing of Hamas deputy Saleh Al Aruri . Israel said that it blew up a “ terrorist cell “ in a retaliatory UAV strike .

Currently US secretary of state Antony Blinken and EU top diplomat  Josep Borrell both are visiting the region on separate missions to prevent war spillover in the region .

Myanmar rebels take control of key town near Chinese border

Myanmar’s Three Brotherhood Alliance has captured Lukkai town from the military , as the Junta army surrendered .

Lukkai is the capital of the Kokkai region of Myanmar , it is a gambling hub .

The surrender of Lukkai “ marks the first regional operation command to fall “ .


China had earlier told it’s citizens to leave Lukkai .

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