Summary of The Hindu 6th JANUARY 2024

Navy thwarts hijacking attempt in Arabian sea

Indian Navy has thwarted a hijack of ship in Arabian sea on Friday .

Lila Norfolk a commercial ship that was headed to Baharin ,  some  5-6 armed pirates boarded the ship at 460 nm from off the coast Eyke ,Somalia . The Navy sent alarm signals .

“ INS Chennai which was on anti Piracy patrol diverted and intercepted the vessel at 1515 h .

 MV was kept under continuous surveillance using MPA  , predator MQ9B and helicopters “ India Navy said in a statement .

Navy further said that the Vessel has been secured and sanitised by Indian Navy Commandos .

This is the second hijacking incident in the region .

India’s GDP is estimated to grow by 7.3% NSO

India’s real GDP growth in 2023 24 is estimated at 7.3 % , compared to 7.2% ayear ago , as per the first advance estimates of income released a year ago by National Statistical Office ( NSO ).

Other key data released by NSO are

     Gross Value addition , in the economy to ease from 7 % in 2022- 23 to 6.9 % this year .

     Nominal GDP growth in 2023- 24 to be 8.9% as compared to the budget estimates of 10.3%.

     Fiscal Deficit this year to beeach 5.9% eadtomate and  reach around 6%.

     GVA growth in the farm sector to be more than half from 4% more than a year ago to 1.8% this year.


Real vs Nominal GDP – GDP means total value of all goods and services produced in a given year .

If GDP is measured according to current prices of Goods and Services it is Nominal GDP .

If GDP is adjusted with inflation , means a base year is fixed say 2020 , and prices of Goods and services is fixed according to this , if GDP is measured keeping a base year then that is Real GDP .

GVA – Looks at GDP without intervention of govt

GVA = GDP + Subsidies on Products – taxes on products

Gadkari unveils Greenfield Corridor in Kerala

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways , Nitin Gadkari on Friday announced Greenfield Corridor , aimed at enhancing road connectivity  in Kerala .

He virtually inaugurated three road Projects and laid the foundation stone of nine national highways .

Mr. Gadakari highlighted the importance of tourism sector in the state . The projects inaugurated are :

     Greenfield Corridor 121 km , NH966 , Kozhikode Pallakad stretch , eastoamted at ₹10, 977 crore .

     NH 744 Kollam Sangottai project and Thruvannathpuram outer ring road .

     Tuticorin to Kochi corridor. Covering 443 km .

EC writes to Ramesh dismisses concerns over EVMs , VVPAT

Election commission on Friday dismissed claims raised by Congress leader Jairam Ramesh over Electronic Voting Machine ( EVM ) and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trial ( VVPAT ) , saying there were “  no new  assertions  or reasonable and legitimate ,” ,doubts which require “ further clarification”  .

The poll body further assertted that it had “ full faith in the use of EVMs in election “ , and said that updated frequently asked questions ( FAQs)  answer “ adequately and comprehensively “ all legitimate and reasonable aspects on the use of EVMs  in the elections .

Cabinet gives nod to ‘ Prithvi’ programme for earth observation .

Union govt on Friday claeared a ₹4797 crore project called ‘ Prithvi ‘ that is expected to subsume five existing schemes off ministry of Earth sciences.

These programmes are to improve and increase long term observation of atmosphere , ocean , geosphere , cryosphere , to track changes in the planet ; develop models to understand and predict whether , ocean and Climate hazards , and understand the subject of climate hazards , and understand the Science of climate  change , explore Pilar and high seas region of earth to discover new phenomenon and resourcess  ; develop technology to harness ocean resources  for socialetal applications ; and translate knowledge from earth inshigts from earth system science into services for socialetal applications .

ISRO tests fuel cell based power system in space

ISRO has successfully tested 100 W class polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell based power system ( FCPS ) in its orbital platform ,POEM 3 . Which was launched onboard PSLV C 58 on January 1 .

The FCPS platform is significant as it has potential application in India’s space application , which is proposed to come by 2035 .


Trump firms got millions from foreign governments

Former US president Donald Trump’s businesses got at least 7.8 million dollars from foreign govt including China during his time in the white house , a congressional report claimed on Thursday .

Officials from China , Saudi Arabia , India , Turkey and Democratic Republic of Congo , were among 20 countries , representatives who paid money to Mr. Trump’s real estate and hotels during his Presidency , Democrats during his Presidency.

Israel puts forth post war plan for  Gaza as battle rages

Israel Defense Minister. Nkah Gallant made public the plan for the “ day after “ , plan after war with Israel ends .

According to Mr. gallant proposed outline  has following key points

     the war will continue until Israel has dismantled , Hamas’s.   “  military and governing capabilities “ and secured the return of hostages .

     After Israel achieves it’s objectives for which Israel sets no timeline – Palestinian “ civil committees “ will assume taking control of the twrritory’s governance .

     “ Hamas will not Governor Gaza , ( and )  Israel will not Governor Gaza civilians “ the plan said , while offering little concrete detail .

     “ Palestinian body will be in Charge , with the condition that there will be no hostile action against and the threat against the state of Israel “

North Korea fires artillery shells near border with  South Korea islanders

North Korea fires an artillery barrage , near two South Korean borders , islands on Friday  , South Korea’s defense ministry said .

Nepal bars its citizens from going to Moscow , Kyiv

Nepal has banned it’s citizens to go to Russia. or Ukriane for employement . The Notice released by Ministry of Employement said that many has been recruited by Russian army to fight for in  its troops in the conflict zone .

It is believed that at least 10 Nepalese has been killed in the fighting and four more has been captured by Ukrianian side .

It is also believed that many Naoaleses are fighting from Ukrianian side .

Russia used missile from North Korea to strike Ukriane, says UK


Russia recently used Short Range Ballistic Missile ( SRBM ) sources from North Korea to conduct multiple strike from Ukriane .

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